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Since most of us need to travel to school, office, or other places, the thought of getting stuck in hour-long traffic often annoys us. At this time, most people either curse city life or wish to have an alternative that can solve the hustle and bustle of urban mobility.

Well, your search for an efficient and exhilarating commuting solution is the new frontier- the electric skateboard –that not only let you navigate city streets but also makes your travel worthwhile. With high speed and easy maneuverability, you can travel every corner and reach any destination without any delays.


Introduction: Popularity of Best Commuter Electric Skateboard

As urban mobility and recreation have increased, electric skateboards have reshaped how people used to travel for everyday commuting- even for the short morning commute or trips around the neighborhood. These e-boards, or ESK8, are a technological modification to traditional counterparts that offer skateboarders fresh, energetic, and adventurous riding vibes.

This electric system is run by a remote control and a pair of motorized wheels that enable users to ride with ultimate convenience. This means no need to kick and push your way through the city anymore—just set a speed on your remote, cruise to your destination, apply your brakes with the push of a button, and be the coolest person around.

Once you step up on these electric longboards, they efficiently bridge the gap between transportation hubs and final destinations, providing enhanced ride quality and overall performance.

Electric skateboards that were once newcomers to the industry are now available in all shapes and sizes and cater to a wider consumer segment. It was all after other electric variants such as electric vehicles, hoverboards, and e-bikes grabbed the consumer interest.

Moreover, with the cultural shift prioritizing social media showcasing user experience and product diversity, your electric skateboard can stand out as a unique and attractive option.

Not just that, but in an era where environmental concerns take the lead globally, electric skateboards' zero carbon emission aligns with the growing ecological preference. Thus, it’s a unique selling point for electric skateboard manufacturers.

Key Features to Look for in a Commuter Electric Skateboard

Generally, for most people, a good commuter electric skateboard is one that looks visibly appealing and has creative artwork and embossed graphics.  Or maybe some would associate a high-prized skateboard with a quality one. That's what the common interpretation of consumers on many products.

When it comes to e-boards, their authenticity and worthiness come down to the following features. If your electric skateboard fulfills all these, just like the Veymax Roadster, pat yourself on having this prized possession.

- Battery Life and Range:

The soul of the system that lets you embark on the exhilarating journey and mobility freedom through city streets is the battery and its lifespan. Just imagine a rider cruising in excitement, and suddenly, the dreaded low battery anxiety creeps in. How would that feel?

This recalls the significance of robust battery life and impressive range. A lithium battery with a 13/18 miles range on a single charge and a 2-3 year lifespan is considered reliable.

The Cejour longboard's incredible range not only translates to extended joyrides but also reduces the need for constant pit stops at charging stations. This feature is quite useful when commuters have to cover long routes and want non-stop travel.


- Speed and Performance:

While speed is the most apparent specification for riders opting for electric skateboards, it should be balanced with safety and rider skills. This electric system must have a minimum speed of 12mph to be true.

Though the speed parameter speaks about the authenticity of these models, the performance also matters. Some boards just take you from one point to another, but some are pure pleasure. Assess the quality of trucks, wheels, deck material, and motor capacity because all these contribute to the overall riding performance.

Decks must be of solid wood with a powerful motor capacity in the range of 200W-500W. Wheels and trucks must be sturdy and robust to take the rider's weight and slide it through routes.

- Board Weight and Portability:

Board weight and portability count as two significant parameters in the narrative of convenience and seamless mobility. The board weight is the foundation that defines the overall user experience. This must be lightweight so that when you’re gliding through bustling streets, navigating through pedestrians, or ascending stairs, you can lift it easily with just a flick of your wrist.

Portability is its trusty companion that complements the weight of this dynamic duo. A well-portable e-board that can easily be carried adds a layer of practicality and provides you with an effortless transition from skating to walking.

- Durability and Build Quality:

Durability and Build quality aren’t mere features; they’re the undefined characteristics that grab the rider's trust and a board's resilience. If your electric skateboard can well pass through pavements, tackle the occasional urban obstacles, and conquer the cityscape, they’re a true testament to a well-crafted, durable model.

The sturdy decks with solid trucks assure that they can be your reliable companion through long-haul journeys, irrespective of the terrain or other challenges. 

This durability aspect becomes more prominent when you need to navigate through cracked pavements, unexpected potholes, and uphill slopes.

So, next time you buy an electric skateboard, look beyond the flashy features and focus on durability, as it lays the foundation for countless adventures ahead.  

- Wheel and Deck Size:

While wheel and deck seem to be the technical side of the eskateboard, they’re the main architect of your riding experience that directs how well you can carve your routes in the urban landscape.

The wheel size determines how your board interacts with the terrain. Sensibly, larger ones can glide gracefully over imperfections in the pavement, resist the shocks, and transform the bumpy rides into smooth travel. Also, they can cover more space per rotation, contributing to a highly efficient mode of travel.

Smaller wheels offer quick acceleration, so it is ideal for settings where a rider needs to stop and go commuting.

Deck size directly impacts your performance, stability, and manoeuvrability. A wider deck means you’ve more platform to stand on, which is good for riders with larger shoes. A narrow deck allows a more agile and responsive ride to carve tight maneuvers and quick turns.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

The investment in an electric skateboard isn’t something that solely allows you to cruise the streets with style, but it’s also one of your responsible moves toward a greener and cleaner environment. That refers to the remarkable feature of electric skateboards to emit less carbon footprint.

Operated on electric motors, the high-tech device emits zero tailpipe emissions and provides a breath of fresh air into the cities. By relying on electricity, they contribute to the overall reduction in air pollution associated with personal transportation. This significant feature aligns with the struggle to combat global climate.

Not just that, but these motorized skateboard operate quietly and cause very little sound compared to the ones we’ve been hearing all day. This effective aspect contributes to a more pleasant and less noisy urban environment.

On top of it, this commuting system merges both the physical and technological aspects in a way that you avail the convenience of motorized travel and together keep your physical engagement involved; thus, it’s more of an active and healthier commuting option. 

Despite its operational benefits, the production and disposal of batteries are major concerns. These and many other components are manufactured by using raw material extraction, which, if not disposed of properly, can pose serious threats to the environment.

Top Picks for Commuter Electric Skateboards

With each passing time, many brands and electric skateboard models have emerged, competing on distinct features, specifications, ranges, quality, design, and intended use.

Here, we’ve outlined three broad categories for your convenience.


- Compact, Budget-friendly, and Portable Commuter

Characteristics: These small electric skateboard are generally lightweight, simple, and compact in design and offer higher portability while at a budget price. These are good to go for small everyday commuting.

Features: You can find these commuters with short deck sizes and wheels with average battery range and reasonable speed limits. 

Utility: These models are feasible for short- to moderate-commuting in urban areas, where riders face crowded traffic while navigating streets. Plus, it’s good for newcomers.

Option: Veymax Mini Nano Electric Skateboards

- Long-Range Commuter

Characteristics: These models are built with the aim to provide ultimate convenience by offering powerful motors, good battery range per charge, and an efficient wheel system that allows for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

Features: They commonly have larger wheel sizes, spacious decks, great battery range, and powerful systems to let riders travel long-haul distances with ease.

Utility: It’s a practical option for those who need to cover larger distances or regular commuters who rely only on electric skateboards as a mode of transportation.

Option: Veymax Cejour Longboard

- Premium All Terrain Commuter

Characteristics: They’re built to tackle the scariest surfaces, such as cracked pavement, uphill slopes, gravel paths, and even grass. The sturdiest board construction and solid wheels make these riding paths easy to cover without damaging the rider or the board.

Features: These models offer pneumatic wheels with great shock absorption and vibration controls, offering a smooth ride on rough paths. The durable build quality withstands off-road challenges.

Utility: These models work best for commuters who often need to cover diverse terrains or adventures and love exploring off-road paths during the commute. 

Option: Veymax Roadster X4 Longboard

Safety and Legal Considerations

If it’s your first time steeping on an e-board, know it’s a different rush from traditional skating that will be fun to ride and transverse. This all comes true when your head, knees, and elbows are safely covered.

Electric skateboards can go extremely fast and unstable if you haven't had any prior experience on a board. Even pro skaters must buckle the safety measures to perform major stunts and adventures.

Protective Gear: As common as it appears, protective gear is the least minimum safety requirement for skaters to begin with their ride. The helmet is a non-negotiable essential that protects the delicate part from hitting, falling, and being prone to accidents. Knee pads, well-gripped shoes, and proper clothing define your concern with this sport.

Skill level and Training: Before hitting the streets, a rider must be confident enough to tackle turns at high speed, comprehend the technicalities of the board and the remote control, master acceleration, brakes, and navigation through congested areas. If these are all check-marked, he can enjoy endless riding experiences.

Surrounding Awareness: An eye on the surroundings and constant vigilance is essential for riders to anticipate potential obstacles, road conditions, and pedestrian traffic to react promptly and actively before something big happens.

Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow-covered surfaces are dangerous to ride on as they may impact the stability of the board and could harm the rider in a bad way. It’s recommended to approach these places cautiously or avoid them altogether.


Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance is core to optimal and secure riding journeys. Adopt a habit of checking brakes, wheels, and other components periodically for any sign of wear and tear or damaged parts so that you can avoid any inconvenience during the ride.

As far as the legal regulations are concerned, the usage of electric skateboards varies by region, city, and even country. These are usually defined by age restrictions, helmet requirements, traffic laws, and other enforcement. Every rider must familiarize himself with these sets of parameters to have hassle-free commuting.

Helmet Requirement: Many jurisdictions mandate the use of helmets for riding electric skateboards, regardless of age and level of riding experience. It’s safe to be aware of this requirement to avoid legal consequences.

Traffic Laws: Some places impose traffic laws similar to those implemented on bicyclists. This may include designated lanes for them to ride, traffic signals to follow, and speed limits in high-traffic areas.

Age Restrictions: Places that impose age restrictions prevent young riders from operating their electric skateboards. View these age criteria of the state and make sure you fall within the permissible range. This is just to secure the health and safety of riders.

Maintenance and Upkeep

If you dream of riding your favorite e-boards for a long time, the secret to that is maintenance and upkeep. This little bit of proactiveness keeps up the electrifying momentum of these e-boards so you can have a smooth glide every time.

After all, a well-maintained electric skateboard isn’t just about getting an unforgettable ride but it shows up with a statement like “I'm ready to take on a thrilling adventure to the urban jungle”. Adopt these maintenance practices to highlight sustainability aspects.

Everyday Inspection

To make the most of your Motorised skateboards for everyday use, a basic and fundamental rule is to conduct a quality-check test often. This simply involves steps such as wiping away dirt, debris, and residues from wheels, trucks, and the inner side of the deck and assessing each component on the functionality aspect.

While you do the scrutiny, make sure the wheels are spinning smoothly or the brakes are performing well, ensuring the bolts are snugly fastened, and not to mention, give the bearings a fresh cleanse–these are all you can do to show your love for these sports masterpieces.

Above all, the most crucial power source must not be neglected in the process. Keep an eye on the battery life, connectors, charging cables, and motors to ensure the soul of your ride is in pristine condition.

Repairs and Replacement

Obviously, every product has an end, which also applies to electric skateboards. Regular and rough use can cause the parts to deteriorate, but fear not; this doesn’t stop your adventurous juggling across streets.

The notion of repair and replacement is where the true essence of innovation unfolds. The rider can fine-tune the parts or replace the components by investing in a high-quality Veymax accessory. From worn-out bearings to upgrading to more robust wheels and swapping fresh batteries, the repair/replacement journey gives you endless riding possibilities.

These transformational steps are not just a fix; they're a chance to evolve, ensuring your electric skateboard stays not just a ride but a continuously evolving statement of style and resilience.

Commuter Electric Skateboard Accessories

The commuter electric skateboards are fantastic; they maximize your rides and make you feel like you’re standing over on a magic carpet of Aladdin since a motor and not your foot propel the board.

However, If you want to make the skating experience more enjoyable and fulfilling, you'll need to purchase some essential accessories.

 Helmets: These may include a necessary helmet built to keep your head safe whenever you fall at high speed. It has got a perfect air vent that allows an easy flow of oxygen while you ride.

Lights: The next amazing yet stylish accessory is the lights that are bound to give you clues about your ways, especially when it’s cruising past your neighborhood at night or on dark routes.  Some LED Underglow Lights don't possess a particular life-saving feature, but they're an attractive option to make your ride more unique and illuminated. 

Carry Bags: Bags are another indispensable accessory that acts as a shield from outdoor devils such as dust, dirt, and moisture.  Investing in these bags ensures you’ve put an added layer of protection from damages and dents on decks, wheels, and other components. The significance of carry bags is prominent to riders who often need to walk as part of the commute or ascend stairs.


Electric skateboarding has been making waves in alternative transportation, and it’s not hard to see why. The compact size, smart technological features, diverse product offerings, and a focus on individual empowerment, these e-boards have revolutionized the mode of transportation in urban landscapes.   

Not just that, but electric skateboards let you carve the paths with confidence while contributing to a cleaner, low-carbon footprint for the world.

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