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Explore unknown, Pursue freedom, Making everything possible. VeyMax provide cooler, reliable, convenient, fun travel and lifestyle for users living in cities.

The founder of the VeyMax Eileen, is a lover of X-sports, whether surfing or skiing, the feeling of flying freely is always fascinating. Eileen loves everything related to nature, which make commuting fun and easy are enjoyable. After much research into electric skateboards, VeyMax founder Eileen, design background, wants to produce both reliable and cooler boards such as commuting and outdoor exploration, make products in love and find fun in products, a cooler board brand VeyMax was born.

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VeyMax is committed to industrial design and technological innovation, under the both of dual carbon emission reduction and global environmental protection with green travel, we devotes to innovation on the material, provide reliable and green riding products to users. Meanwhile, users is the inspiration of our design, we want our electric skateboard to work perfectly and best on the market.

Create a better way, VeyMax will continue to explore the unknown, pursue freedom, and bring superior quality products and services to our users. With the iteration of technological innovation, we aim to become a reliable brand in the world.

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