Veymax Nano Mini Electric Skateboard Shortboard

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  • 8 MILES RANGE --Tested In Real-life By 50kg Rider
  • 30 KMH TOP SPEED ---Fastest In Its Class
  • 90.72 Wh 4.2Ah Battery Capacity--Travel Friendly
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  • 9-MONTH WARRANTY—Our support is always here to help
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VEYMAX MINI Electric Skateboard

Unleash your passion, Surfy like a pro!
What is Mini Electric Skateboard? NANO!

The VEYMAX Mini Nano electric skateboard allows you to throw down carves like never done before!
The perfect last mile vehicle with a range of 8 miles brings an exceptional experience on your journey.

30kmh Top Speed

Fastest In Its Class

8 Miles Range

Tested In Real-life By 50kg Rider

90.72 Wh4.2Ah

21700 Molicel P42A Cells

Beginner friendly

Easy to Master


Control Smoothly and Precisely

4 Riding Modes

Low to Pro

Dual 200W Hub Motors

Power Quietness and Efficiency

Up to 30% Hill Grade

Easily conquer Steep Hills


With 29"" long only 5.6 kg weighted, Mini nano is one the most light skateboards from VEYMAX. The procket-rocket sized designed features the use of dual 200W motors and Taiwan Molicel battery, the range up to 8 miles(13km tested in real-word) per charge, you can ride it to campus, the corner store,workplace when you want to have fun or wind down.

Small Electric Skateboard

With smooth acceleration and braking performance, it is easy to ride or turn tightly. There are four ride speed modes allow beginner to master themselves step by step. No matter your skill level, the Mini nano will let you ride like a pro!

Powerful Performance

Mini nano is the longest mile range in its class, equipped with the lithium-ion of Molicel P42A cells provide you with a real-life tested range up to 13km(8miles) per charge and a top speed of 30kph, meets your campus and street surfing well.

Small But Powerful

The dual 200W motors equipped with updated LY-FOC speed controller driving your adventure with fun. Pocket-size remote designed with 4 speed modes in your liking, relax just enjoying the ride of your life.

Light and portable

This small electric skateboard weighted only 5.6kg enable you to handle the board well when going out, It a great option for your daily commute and fun.

Take It Anywhere

Equipped with the battery capacity of 90.72 battery power that is complied with FAA and other international guidelines for li-ion batteries. Be attention, while all airlines allow batteries up to 100Wh and most allow up to 160Wh, that is depends on different airlines specific regulations and requirements for the transport of electric devices. Before traveling, check with your airline.