Earth Day Sale

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Commutes

Protect the earth with us! Go the eco-friendly route with Veymax electric skateboard and contribute to a greener earth while embracing Green Commuting Options.

Exclusive Surprise Gift - April 22nd

Electric skateboard orders will receive a random gift!

Special offer on April 22nd, buy an electric skateboard and get free random accessories or peripherals! Let's work together to Reduce carbon footprint and choose a Renewable Energy Commute!

105x65mm Jelly Wheel

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90x60mm PU Wheel

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Veymax Backpack

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Veymax Helmet

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Veymax Tail Lights

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Earth Day Sale FAQs

Let us move towards a sustainable future together and enjoy an Environmentally Friendly Ride with Veymax electric skateboard. Don't miss this limited time sale - act quickly!

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