UGC Program

Veymax electric skateboard

Welcome to the Veymax UGC program, where we honour our incredible riding community which includes you! We like following your excursions on your electric skateboard and witnessing how Veymax boards have incorporated into your way of life. We will develop a 20% off code that can use to buy the electric skateboard accessories that reward you for posting your Veymax moments on social media as a way of saying thank you.

Step 1: Make UGC
Go for a ride with your Veymax board and record your favourite moments on camera or video. Use the hashtags #Veymaxboard and #esk8 when posting your user-generated content (UGC) on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can also post on our Facebook group, you will find some friends here and don't forget to mention our official account @veymaxboard.

Step 2: Present for evaluation
Send us your UGC once you've posted it so we can review it. You can send us a direct message on social media or send an email to Your submission will be examined by our team to ensure that it complies with our UGC requirements, including showing the Veymaxboard in action and following our community norms.

Get Rewarded in Step 3
You can use the discount coupon we'll offer you if your UGC is accepted to buy accessories from our online store(including the electric skateboard remote controls and more). It's our way of expressing "thank you" for joining the Veymax community and spreading the word about your love of electric skateboards.

Principles of UGC: Putting the Veymax board on display: Your UGC should show the Veymax board prominently in action, whether it is being used to ride, show tricks, or discover new places.

Community Standards: Your UGC should observe our community standards, including respect for others, obeying local laws and ordinances, and promoting safe and responsible riding behaviour.

Ownership: By submitting your user-generated content (UGC) to us, you certify that you are the correct owner of the content and permit us to use the content for promotional use on our website and social media channels.

We can't wait to see your incredible Veymax moments and honour your imagination and zeal! Let's continue to ride, continue to give, and work together to promote the joy of electric skateboarding.

Come join in us, tell us something about you and

Become an Veymax lover

Send us your link to your UGC contents, and we will check it and give you the feedback!