Veymax Merlin Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

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  • 22 MILES RANGE --Tested in Real-life by 75kg Rider
  • 48KMH TOP SPEED ---Fastest in Its Class
  • 750W*2 BELT MOTORS--Powerful Performance
  • 345Wh 8Ah BATTERY CAPACITY --Travel-Friendly
  • BATTERY CELLS: Samsung 40T(Long Battery Life)
  • 270 DAYS WARRANTY—Professional Technical Team Service
Version: Belt Drive

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22 Miles Range

30Mph/48kmh Top Speed

SAMSUNG 21700 40T

Dual 750W Belt Motors


330 Pounds

96x60mm Wheel

30% Hill Grade

Go fast Go far

Making the best electric skateboards with high quality and performance is VEYMAX’S mission, Merlin is one of the most groundbreaking skateboards from VEYMAX. Merlin uses high-efficiency Samsung 21700 4000mah battery cells, and dual 750W 5055 belt motors with 78A 90mm PU wheels. With a reliable power combination, Merlin provides high speeds and enhances your riding performance.

Upgraded performance for speed

With its 1500W belt motors of power performance, Merlin can reach speeds of up to 48Kph/30Mph (tested by 75kg rider weighted ). you can experience faster acceleration and need of thrills than other boards with the same price. Take it for your daily commutes or adventurous rides is the perfect choice.

Advanced ESC technology

Equipped with LY-8.0 ESC designed and programmed by VEYMAX and Lingyi TECH in collaboration together, the ultra-precise control optimizes for maximum power output and makes acceleration braking smooth. The latest programme used in Merlin provides an electrifying ride that defies its budget-friendly price.

Powerful Motors With Battery Monsters

Merlin utilizes 750W*2 5055 belt motors, this board packs a punch with a maximum output power of 1500 watts. with a tuned gear ratio by little, provide higher power and faster acceleration than the others in the same class.

With its 345Wh of 12S2P Samsung 40T, single-cell battery discharge 8 rates can make excellent thermal stability of battery and outstanding battery cycles. With high-quality branded battery cells our advanced battery management system provides reliable performance. It helps to take a sufficient and long range of 35km for your street surfing and daily community.

Custom deck with high-quality

Comfortable widened and foot stance designed with the user in mind provides an excellent ride. An 8-inch RKP truck makes riding comfortable and stable for riders, even in complex terrain. The deck of Merlin is made of layered Canadian maple and fibreglass, with its strong and flexible support of up to a maximum load of 150kg/330lbs.