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Commuting By Veymax Skateboard? What You Need To Know

Commuting by Veymax E-boards

Getting to work every morning shouldn't be a battle, but too often commuters have to deal with rush hour traffic jams or crowded public transport where personal space is a luxury.

Meet the new whizz kid on the block generating a lot of buzz - the Veymax electric skateboard .

Electric longboards are highly convenient, easy to transport, and environmentally friendly; three things that the average commuter looks for to make their journey easier.

Now is the perfect time to learn about commuting with Veymax Roadster X4, if you're considering a change in your commute.

But first...

The rules surrounding private electric skateboards

In the USA, riding e-skateboards on public roads are legal in most states. The general rule is that the electric motor must be lower than 750 Watts, with the skateboard speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour.

Of course, this is just a general rule, and each state has its own laws.

Saying that, as of 2022, 38 states define e-skateboards as 'street-legal', and most of these states allow people to use their skateboards on public roads without any restrictions.

Bear in mind though, that in some places an electric skateboard can only be ridden on private land. Check your local laws before you use a commuter skateboard, just in case.

Rider age limits

If you're commuting to work, it's likely you won't have to worry about the minimum age limit to ride an e skateboard on public roads.

But it's worth keeping in mind that while some states allow riders as young as 12 years old on the roads, this is very rare. Most states set the legal bar at 16 years old, with a legal requirement of anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet when riding.

As an aside, in our opinion, everyone should wear a helmet, regardless of what the law says.

Understanding your rights and obligations as an electric skateboard user

The best way to make sure you're staying in line with your state and city's laws is to find out for yourself. As different states make their laws, you might find yours has stricter regulations than others.

So, are privately owned electric boards the best way to commute?

We think so, here's why:

Saves money on public transport

As living costs continue to rise, necessities such as commuting costs can begin to feel like luxuries. Depending on where you live in the USA, you could contribute a significant chunk of your monthly income to travel.

While people with larger incomes can afford public transport, the fact is that the least affordable cities are also some of the most popular places to live in the USA. Meaning many commuters spend a lot of their monthly income on trains and buses.

Cheaper than an electric car

PEVs (plug-in vehicles) are changing how people commute and serve as a welcome alternative to cars and motorbikes. The term PEV means any vehicle that can be plugged into an electrical outlet, and there are plenty of modes of transportation to choose between.

Electric cars for commuting are popular, but their average cost of $56,000 means they're not an affordable option for many people. Another alternative is the electric bike, but again, it's an expensive option.

A decent e-skateboard however, starts at $500, with the more advanced models priced at north of $3000. How is that an affordable price, you might wonder.

Running a car is expensive

For decades, motor vehicles have been the gold standard for transportation. Whether it's cars or motorbikes, having unlimited freedom to travel is something many people appreciate.

However, it's not all sunshine and roses because cars and motorbikes require maintenance and a significant outright investment.

Buying an electric car is the best way to benefit the environment, but they usually cost an average of $56,000. Even a gasoline car comes with a lot of extra costs, including monthly insurance, tax, and general maintenance.

Compared to electric skateboards, which can cost as low as $500 for a premium model, cars are an unnecessary investment.

Say goodbye to traffic jams

There's nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic jams on your way to the office, and people in busy cities usually set off earlier to avoid being late. With an Electric Skateboard, you're good to go whenever you're ready and never deal with traffic.

These machines are so compact and maneuverable that they can easily weave their way through traffic, meaning you can cruise to work and leave frustrated car drivers behind you.

You don't break a sweat

It's great that more people are taking the initiative and getting their daily exercise during the daily commute, but really, do you want to arrive at the office a sweaty mess?

E-skateboards are ideal for your daily commute because they require no exertion. All you have to do is hop on, press go, and enjoy your commute.

However, if you feel compelled to break a sweat on the way home, you can use the skateboard manually and get the best of both worlds.

Most electric skateboards have a good range

With the advancement in lithium ion batteries, most e skateboards have a good range.

The more expensive models have a better battery meaning you can take longer rides, but even the more economical models will typically allow you to travel at least 10 miles on a single charge.

And seeing as most commuters use their e-skateboard as an alternative to walking or public transport, it's a pretty convenient alternative.

E-skateboards are more portable

If you've ever tried to store an electric bike, you'll know how difficult it is. Most models are bulky, difficult to transport, and anything but convenient.

Electric skate boards on the other hand are lightweight and also easy to carry around, the premium versions are made from lightweight material meaning they're much easier to move around and store inside, making them popular for commuters.

Commuting by e-board will become the new norm.

Electric skateboards are fun, convenient, affordable and with global warming, they're an excellent way to personally contribute to safeguarding the environment. Plus, with the ongoing cost of living crisis, people looking to save money on everyday expenses will find using an e-skateboard a great way to cut commuting costs.

Whatever skateboard you choose, we can guarantee that the sense of freedom you'll get will be totally worth it.

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