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Forget ordinary electric skateboards. The Veymax Merlin is your perfect partner and can make your dream a reality. With their unmatched reliability and speed, the Veymax Merlin is a whole new level that sets standards in the world of electric skateboards.

Forget those boring electric skateboards; the Merlin is a total game-changer! This electric skateboard uses fancy new tech and a super strong design to give you a ride that's both thrilling and reliable. Plus, the dual 1400W motors mean serious power – you'll be leaving other electric skateboards in the dust! Let's ditch the ordinary and redefine your ride together!

Understanding Belt Driven Electric Skateboards

Imagine carving up hills with ease on your electric skateboard! Belt-driven technology makes it possible. Belt-driven technology is the secret weapon! You get a smoother ride thanks to the belt system transferring power from the motor, not the wheels themselves. Plus, this design gives you more power to tackle hills and keeps things quiet, letting you cruise stealthily through the streets.

  • Keep Your Cool (Literally): All that riding can make a motor hot and bothered. But belt-driven motors have better heat dissipation, keeping things cool and preventing overheating.
  • Fixing Up is a Breeze: Say goodbye to wrestling with a stuck motor jammed inside the wheel! Belts are easier to access and replace if needed, keeping your board rolling smoothly for longer.

Advantages of Belt Driven Systems

Thinking about acquiring a new electric skateboard with belt-driven capabilities? Here's why belt-driven electric skateboards are the perfect choice for many riders:

  • Hill Climbing Hero: Tired of pushing your board uphill? Belt-driven motors provide extra torque, letting you conquer those inclines with ease. No more getting left behind by your friends!
  • Your Ride, Your Way: Craving a change? Belt-driven systems are all about customization. Swap out belts easily to personalize your ride for different riding styles or preferences.
  • Future-Proof Fun: Belt-driven technology makes maintenance and repairs a breeze. You can focus on the joy of riding, knowing your board is easy to keep in top shape.

Speed and Performance of the Veymax Merlin

Have you ever desired an electric skateboard that satisfies your love for speed? Look no further than the Veymax Merlin! With its 48km/h (30mph), the Veymax Merlin is one of the fastest skateboards in existence today. With a top whack of it's one of the fastest out there. Dual 1400W belt motors combine to unleash 2800W of pure power, giving you the ultimate high-performance ride.

Real riders, real results: the Merlin delivers! We tested the Merlin with a 75kg rider in the real world, and the performance is outstanding. The board offers instant acceleration that gets you moving fast, and the tight handling lets you maneuver with confidence, making it perfect for urban commutes or exhilarating adventures.

Upgrade your ride (without upgrading your budget) – choose the Merlin! Looking for serious performance without the usual hefty price tag? The Merlin is the answer! Its advanced belt drive system delivers a smoother and more powerful ride than many hub motor alternatives in its price range. Serious riders on a budget can finally experience top-notch performance with the Merlin.

Reliability and Battery Life

Reliability is a cornerstone of the Veymax Merlin’s design. Adventure awaits, and the Merlin's ready! Packing a 432Wh battery and top-tier Samsung 50S cells, the Merlin boasts a stellar 27-mile (45km) range. Explore new territories or conquer your commute – the Merlin keeps you rolling, worry-free.

Our advanced battery management system guarantees consistent performance and safety. By utilizing branded battery cells, we ensure that each ride is as reliable as the last, providing an outstanding battery cycle and excellent thermal stability.

Advanced ESC Technology

Level up your ride with the LY-8.0 ESC! Developed with Lingyi TECH, this next-gen control system is the secret weapon behind the Merlin's belt-driven magic. It optimizes power for seamless acceleration and braking, making every ride smooth, responsive, and safe.

The LY-8.0 ESC is packed with features that enhance the riding experience. Experience "butter-smooth" acceleration! The Merlin's LY-8.0 ESC, boasts incredible control over your belt motor's power. This translates to smooth, predictable acceleration, preventing sudden jerks that could throw you off balance. Enjoy a comfortable ride that lets you focus on the fun of gliding.

Ride in control, ride with confidence – the Merlin difference! Our LY-8.0 ESC sets the Merlin apart as the best belt-driven electric skateboard on the market. This advanced control system delivers smooth acceleration and braking, making every ride safer and more enjoyable. No more worrying about jolts or power loss – the LY-8.0 ESC optimizes power output for consistent performance, no matter the incline. Conquer any terrain with confidence!

Build Quality and Design

Carve through corners with comfort and control! The Merlin's deck is your stable companion. Engineered for both comfort and stability, it features a wide stance that inspires confidence, even on challenging terrain. High-performance materials ensure this long-range electric skateboard can handle the wear and tear of extended journeys, while keeping your ride smooth and enjoyable.

We've equipped the Merlin with top-notch 8-inch RKP trucks for ultimate maneuverability. Sharp turns and a stable ride are a breeze, giving you total control of your belt-driven adventure. Plus, the 90mm PU wheels soak up bumps, keeping your ride smooth and comfortable.


Looking for effortless rides, endless comfort? Discover the Merlin difference. Carve through streets or explore new landscapes in ultimate comfort. The Merlin's innovative design prioritizes stability and a smooth ride, making every adventure a joy. Go further, explore more: The Merlin's your electric chariot. Conquer long commutes or embark on epic adventures with confidence. The Merlin's impressive range and powerful battery keep you rolling, worry-free. Ready to conquer your commute and beyond? The Merlin awaits.

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Craving an electric skateboard that thrills? Tame the power of the Merlin. Unmatched speed, exceptional control, effortless performance, long-lasting battery - experience the future of electric skateboarding today. Visit our website to see why the Merlin is #1!


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