How to Properly Charge an Electric Motorized Skateboard

lithium battery of eskate

How to properly charge the Motorized E-Longboard's battery is probably one of the biggest concerns of new users of this stylish gadget when starting out and choosing a future friend.

These days, almost all e-bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries—they usually have enough charge for an hour and a half of riding. This indicator means that if you are actively using the vehicle, you will need to charge it.

Awaiting the user's first question here - if you do it wrong and make a mistake, the maximum battery capacity will most likely be reduced.

Factors affecting the performance process such as charging time

Typically, the charging time for a standard Electric Skateboard battery is two hours at most — that's how long it takes the battery to fully charge. But keep in mind that this is standard time - for example, for an Ethon bike with a powerful 38 AH battery, it takes twice as long.

Unlike your phone, it's best not to charge this unit below 85% - after all, it's precautions like this that will prolong its life.

Charging from an Outlet - Regular or Special?

One of the most common requests from users of these gadgets is whether it is possible to charge an Electric Longboard from a normal outlet?

You can charge from the simplest household socket - but on one condition: use the original charger. The battery will then protect the device from power surges and other voltage issues.

This is the most important requirement you can read in any instruction manual - first of all, it has to do with safety issues. And don't get complacent about generic devices—after all, they weren't designed specifically for your scooter.

Charging process charging Motorized Skateboard

There is no particular difficulty when charging the battery of an Electric Motorized Longboard - the usual scheme applies here:

Before starting the procedure, check the dryness and cleanliness of all live parts and elements.

Initial connection of the battery to the network (the green sensor on the case will light up).

Connect the charging to the gadget itself (you shouldn't do the opposite - it's fraught with failures).

Wait for the required time to charge. It is necessary to maintain an optimal charge level and not allow overcharging.

Good devices always have built-in protection against things like overcharging: but you shouldn't wait for it to work when it's supposed to - it probably won't happen.

It is important to maintain the charge level outside of the season when the device is being sent for storage - the battery must always be charged to 50%. It is best to store batteries at room temperature.

There's nothing special about the process -- but its observance keeps the battery and the entire device safe. And your Motorized E-Skateboard will last for many years.

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