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Tips for the Summer of Electric Skateboards

Tips for E-skating in Summer

Summer is the perfect season for e-skateboards, and it is definitely the part of the year where skateboards are much more useful and entertaining.

Still, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, both to improve the overall performance and life of your skateboard, and to increase your safety.

Do's and Don'ts While Electric Skateboards in Summer?

These are some of the most useful summer tips for motorized skateboards that I found through my own experience, but also through a lot of research and discussion with other skateboard riders.

  • Wear a helmet with good ventilation and that protects against sweating
  • Wear polarized lenses
  • Do not travel in flip flops or other light shoes.
  • Check your skateboard's maximum performance temperature and you may not ride if it's too hot
  • Don't push your skateboard's performance too hard
  • Do not load your skateboard right after riding
  • Do not leave your skateboard in the sun for too long
  • Check the brakes and tires much more often
  • Reduce tire pressure by about 2-3 PSI
  • Don't trust the screen enough

Besides this, there are a few other things to consider when getting an Electric Skateboard you plan to use during the summer or when the weather is hot:

  • The skateboard should not overheat easily
  • The performance temperature of the skateboard must have a prominent upper limit
  • There shouldn't be any popular issues of battery or skateboard overheating regularly
  • The e-skateboard must have a capable BMS (Battery Management System) that will prevent it from overheating while charging, especially in higher temperatures
  • The screen should be bright and have enough contrast to be apparent on bright days

Wear a helmet that protects against sweating and has good ventilation

The best helmet is the one you never hesitate to put on.

This means that, in the summer, the ideal skateboard helmet, which tends to be more securely a bicycle helmet but also less comfortable, may not be the ideal helmet. If you're sweating all the time and the helmet doesn't have ventilation in the slightest and just makes your rides miserable and makes you lose focus on the ride itself, then that's not a perfect helmet for that situation.

At this point, I'm not saying this quickly, as I always like to err on the side of caution, so if you can keep your regular motorized skateboard helmet, then great, go.

But if you find that your regular helmet, something much safer, is still doing you a lot more harm than good, then go ahead and check out some much lighter and more summer-ready options.

Wear polarized sunglasses or other protection from the strong sun

Naturally, you'll want to shield your eyes and stay alert in traffic on bright days.

Your helmet probably now comes with decent eye protection that does a decent job of keeping light out of your eyes. If not, consider buying yourself a few polarized sunglasses.

The requirement of solid shoe during the summer will be one of the main disadvantages for e-skateboards in general.

I am well aware of the temptation to simply ignore some electric skateboard safety guidelines during the hottest days and not walk around in boots or other heavier foot-friendly shoes in the event of a fall.

Avoid that temptation. At least he uses much heavier shoes. And don't even think about riding in flip flops, as foot injuries are very common that way and one of the most frequent ways that skateboarding can put your health at risk!

Check your skateboard's maximum performance temperature (and Consider not riding if it is too hot)

Most skateboard manuals detail a perfect performance temperature range for the skateboard. For example, it is advised not to use Veymax Skateboard if the temperature is below -10°C/14°F or above 40°C/104°F. Most skateboards have similar temperature ranges.

It's quite possible that most electric skateboard's warranty won't cover damage related to improper use, which probably includes riding in extremely damaging conditions, so that's another thing to consider as well.

Accordingly, check your manual, know your motorized skateboard's temperature limit, and if it's hot enough outside, consider not riding that day.

Don't push your skateboard's performance too much

If it's too hot outside and you still choose to ride, at the very least try not to push your e-skateboard to its performance limits.

The motor, the battery, all the other electronics, and even the brakes and tires, will have to work a lot harder when used in incredibly high temperatures, so the chances of a defect will be greater and its useful history will probably cut sooner.

This means not going up high or avoiding going up much steeper hills, not driving at full speed all the time, not driving for a long time, not completely draining the battery, and not hitting the brakes too hard.

Do not charge your skateboard right after riding

This is just part of battery charging best practices, but I've forgotten about this multiple times, and I suspect many of you might as well.

But also, while some manuals do talk about this advice, I've felt that it's often missing from most manuals, and many owners just don't know it.

In general, batteries do not perform well in heat, and especially do not charge well in heat. Not only do they charge much more slowly, but they can also take damage if charged while still warm from traveling in the blazing sun, and doing so constantly will ultimately shorten their lifespan.

So after you're done riding, give your motorized skateboard's battery time to cool down before plugging in the charger. You should try to wait at least 30 minutes if possible before charging, but even 10 minutes is better than nothing.

Do not leave your electric skateboard in the sun for a long time

While it's usually best if you never leave your skateboard outside for long, I know that sometimes it is simply the best free option. And you should always lock it with a suitable skateboard lock when you're using it, by the way.

If you do it on a very hot or sunny day, know that you are doing your skateboard a disservice. A few minutes in the sun won't melt it, but just an hour or 2 now has a chance of overheating or damaging the battery or other electronics, damaging the paint, or even getting the glue between the rubber mat and the interface.

Just try to bring your skateboard inside, you will avoid heat damage and the danger of theft.

Check wheels much more continuously

Surely now you know that each and every one of the rubber parts of the electric skateboard wears out over time, but you should also know that in summer or on much hotter days, they wear out even faster.

The heat increases friction, so both the wheels and the brake pads will begin to deteriorate and possibly require replacement sooner.

In most cases, I suggest a quick and quick cleaning and care routine once a week, and a much more difficult routine once a month. Throughout the hot summer days, I suggest doubling that continuity.

Get ready to ride without reading the screen enough

Most electric skateboards have displays bright enough and easy to read even on partially bright days.

But when the sun is pretty bright (think 1pm around July), almost no e-skateboard screen is going to be easy to read. In truth, most of them aren't going to be intelligible at all and you'll need to make some kind of cover over them to get them to read.

While driving, you shouldn't have your skateboard's information to be easily free. So if you need to make sure you are not riding over the speed limit for skateboards in your country, perhaps set your speed mode to a much lower level and also make sure you know your battery level and perfect speed mode in advance.

Electric skateboards have become an increasingly exciting way to get around cities and have fun. You now have the 8 dos and don'ts you need to know about riding your electric skateboard this summer. By learning these tips, riding an electric skateboard better will be an exciting and fun experience. The key is to ride smart from the start. As the journey begins, keep danger and responsibility in mind even as freedom calls. Adventure awaits, but patience and precaution are the way to get there.

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