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What is the Grip Tape of Electric Skateboards?

grip tape of veymax

Motorized E-Longboards have been popular for several years, and they are a more fashionable and convenient way to travel, but do you know how to keep your balance without slipping while standing on an Electric Skateboard driving at high speed?

Anti-slip stickers about skateboards

Skateboard grip is a grainy, sandpaper-like sheet with a very sticky underside that you adhere to the surface of your Electric Skateboard deck to provide grip or traction. No matter your style of skating, grip tape is a must if you want to stay on your board. There are no scales for measuring grip quality like bearings or wheels; most riders rely on brand preference. While buying and applying anti-skid tape is fairly simple, it's one of the most important steps in getting your skateboard street-ready. Skateboard grips have the following four characteristics:

ULTRA GRIP: Special grained grip strips will stick like crazy to your shoes and won't slip in dry, wet and dirty conditions. The hard particles on this grip are sharper for maximum friction. Riding barefoot is probably a bad idea...

Shock Absorption: Rough Roads? no problem. Cushioning absorbs impact to help you stay on the board and prevent foot fatigue. This material, taken from industrial engineering, was dedicated to the best shock absorbers for high-tech machines... until now.

Pressure Sensitive: Adapts To Your Ride By Creating A Temporary Micro-Drop Around Your Shoe, Locking You In As You Turn. Its low-rebound formula responds to the high pressure applied while cornering and returns to its original shape immediately after the turn.

Dirt and moisture resistance: grab it and rip it! When other entrainments give up, we're just getting started. Most grips stick to your shoes no matter what weather conditions you face, and individual Electric Longboard grips are designed to provide maximum grip when soiled or wet.

Plus, in addition to providing traction, Motorized Skateboard grab straps can brighten up your board and show off your personal style. While non-slip tape is usually black, it is also available in clear so you can show off your company logo. You can also find die-cut Electric Motorized Longboard grab straps in the design and/or color of the skateboard shown below. Applying the cleats is usually the last step when you want to make a complete skateboard.

Motorized E-Skateboard grips are a one-time use component, so whenever you buy a new deck, or whenever you feel the grips start to slip, you'll need new E-Longboard grips. When to replace your E-Skateboard grip straps depends entirely on your traction and texture preferences. Warehouse Skateboards carries a complete stock of skateboards in a variety of colours, patterns and brands.

How to choose the size of Motorized Longboard grab strap

Skateboard grips and longboard grips are made from the same material, but it is sold in different sizes to accommodate different sized skateboard panels. Non-slip tape is usually sold in 9" X 33" for short boards. Longboard grips measure up to 12" X 4'. If you're gripping a longboard, cruiser, or vintage skateboard, be mindful of the size and make sure you have enough grip to fully cover the board.

How to apply non-slip tape

First peel off the bottom sheet from the grip tape, then carefully place the grip tape sticky side down on the surface of the skateboard deck. Once attached to the skateboard, use a utility knife, razor blade, or sharp scissors to cut the grab strips to fit perfectly on the skateboard deck or cruiser deck. For optimal grip, apply grip tape to the edge of the skateboard board.

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