What Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Electric Skateboards?

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Buying an Motorized E-Longboard is no longer complicated. Just check the options you need and find the most suitable board. There are a few mistakes buyers can make when purchasing an Electric Skateboard. If you don't know about these mistakes, you could be scammed. Beginners also make a lot of mistakes when riding. If these errors are not corrected, various accidents may occur. In this article, we discuss common Electric Longboard mistakes you need to avoid when buying and riding.

There are two common Motorized Skateboard mistakes. One is when they buy Electric Motorized Longboards. The other is when they ride. Let's talk about these two types of errors. take a look.

mistake in purchase

Buying an Motorized E-Skateboard is not an easy task if you are new to it. Sometimes, even professionals can make mistakes, if they don't realize it. So, be careful not to make the following mistakes when buying an E-Longboard.

Cheap Skateboards - Never buy an E-Skateboard made from cheap materials. Motorized Longboards should be durable. There are some skateboards that break or crack with the slightest knock. Always avoid boards made of cheap plastic. Although Electric Motorized Skateboards made of high-quality plastic are better. The best, however, is bamboo. Bamboo skateboards have great flexibility and won't break easily. Try to choose Motorized E-Longboards made of bamboo and carbon fiber. It will give you a better riding experience.

Too heavy and too big - The size of your Electric Skateboard matters. When choosing, avoid choosing ones that are too large or heavy. A heavy skateboard can be difficult for you to carry. If it's light, you can take it home quickly when the battery dies or the motor fails. Most portable skateboards should weigh between 10-15 lbs. However, for heavier riders, around 35-40 lbs is usually fine.

Research the motor when shopping for an Electric Longboard. How far a skateboard can take you depends on its motor. You need to buy a powerful motor. You can buy a motor depending on the nature of the terrain you will be riding. If you live in the mountains, you're going to need a super strong Motorized Skateboard. The more powerful an Electric Motorized Longboard is, the bigger and heavier its motor will be. There are two main types of motors used in Motorized E-Skateboards, one is hub motor and the other is belt drive.

Hub motors are very popular these days. A 400W belt motor will never put out the same power and torque as a 400W hub motor. An E-Longboard with a 300-400W hub motor is enough to take you on flat roads and even up hills.

During the process of skating, all kinds of pressure will act on the wheels. Compared to regular skateboards, E-Skateboards are heavier, so there is more pressure on the wheels. So a durable board, as well as durable wheels, are just as important. If your Motorized Longboard's wheels are too small, you won't be able to use it freely on many terrains. On the other hand, big wheels will give you a smooth and stable ride.

Polyurethane wheels are the most durable on the market today. So when shopping for an Electric Motorized Skateboard, choose wheels that are durable and last for a while

You need to buy an Motorized E-Longboard that is strong enough to hold your weight. Especially if you are a heavier rider, the weight capacity of your board becomes important. If your Electric Skateboard doesn't have carrying capacity, you may encounter some problems, such as

1. Boards get super lazy

2. The battery power decreases in a short time

3. Possibility of breakage or cracking

4. Duration is shorter than normal

So, invest in an Electric Longboard designed for your weight range.

Poor Customer Support - Avoid brands that don't offer customer support. Also, there are a lot of people who talk about support in the first place but don't get it when they need it. To avoid this, you should buy Motorized Skateboards from a proper website with a reputation for customer service. You can visit Base Bamp's official website. Here, you get the very rare lifetime customer support.

No Warranty and Return Policy - Always choose a skateboard by looking for a longer warranty. A good warranty is important when buying an Electric Motorized Longboard. A long warranty shows that the company believes in its products. You never know when your Motorized E-Skateboard will stop working and you will definitely need to fix it. A warranty can save you extra money for a limited time.

If you want to choose the right product, our Base Camp F11 E-Longboard will be your best choice. Our boards are state-of-the-art in every way, backed by the best customer support and an exciting warranty.

errors while riding

Riding an E-Skateboard is safe, but it is important for you to follow certain rules. Users, especially beginners, may make some mistakes when riding an Motorized Longboard. If you want to stay safe while riding, avoid the following mistakes.

Skip the Basics - Once you unbox your new Electric Motorized Skateboard, there are a few basics to keep in mind. The first step is to read the manual. Through the manual, you'll learn the basics of your skateboard's speed limit, dead man's switch, wheel settings, and trigger settings. So, don't skip learning the basics. These will make your riding easier and safer.

Don't check the board - for safe riding, you need to check the entire Motorized E-Longboard at the start. Check that its motor and battery are working properly. Also, watch the board carefully, look for breaks or cracks and fix them. Check your Electric Skateboards and remotes. Make sure it can brake when needed. If you don't do these checks beforehand, you could have bad problems riding.

Do not wear a helmet - the head is the most important organ in the body. Therefore, wearing a helmet is essential. It is very effective in preventing brain damage. This helps prevent head bumps after falling off the board.

Riding too fast - Riding fast or running full speed is fun and easy, but it shouldn't be done at first. Even for advanced riders, this is something to be aware of. As a beginner, you need to start riding at a pace that is comfortable for you. As you progress, you will gradually increase your speed.

Riding in the Rain - Try to avoid riding an Electric Longboard in the rain. When the road surface is wet, its grip is greatly reduced, which makes it difficult for you to control the board. Water can get on the metal parts of the circuit board and cause rust. Therefore, it is best not to ride Motorized Skateboards on wet or rainy days.

Using the wrong stance - Your stance is important for finding balance and a comfortable ride on your skateboard. It allows you to stand on the board safely. It will give you more confidence to ride the board. Proper stance has the feet spread apart and the knees slightly bent. Keep your body straight and your feet perpendicular to the skateboard position. Your shoulders should be in line with your legs, keeping your back straight and looking forward.

So, it's helpful to know the common mistakes people make when buying their first Electric Motorized Longboard. With all the options in the market, it is natural to make mistakes and choose the wrong product. To avoid wasting time and money, you need to understand mistakes. This article will help you shop for the right skateboard. Now you can easily avoid the common Motorized E-Skateboard mistakes you make when shopping for a skateboard. Also, here you can find the mistakes you make while riding an E-Longboard.

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