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Best Electric Skateboard Under $500: Balancing Quality and Price

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

Often associated with a highly convenient mode of transport and a part of fun sporting activities, skateboards are adopted by a large population. A wide demographic adopted it for commute and to learn different skateboarding tricks. However, the elements that remain key in an electric skateboard are its affordability and durability.


Where many electric skateboards might come at an eye-catching price from shady manufacturers, they will show signs of breakage and wear and tear in the first few weeks of use. Prioritizing sturdy construction and reliable components minimizes the risk of many accidents during skateboarding on all terrains.


Well-built electric skateboards bring stability allowing the user for easy skill development in the activity. If we want to find the sweet balance between getting a good price without compromising quality then only a reliable provider like Veymax can come through. Premium technology and an excellent built together in their electric skateboards now come under cost-effective prices.


To further explore which things you should consider to buy the best electric skateboard under $500 and the best options in this regard, we have crafted a wide-ranging article for our readers below.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard Under $500

Finding the perfect electric skateboard to hone your tricks and skills might be a thrilling experience. But to maintain budget-friendliness along with looking for top-notch gadget functionality you need to be vigilant about a few features and factors as elaborated below.

Motor Power and Performance

The first thing to be concerned about is the wattage offered by the motor of the skateboard. Usually, dual-powered motors are ideal as they provide more acceleration which can come in handy during hill climbing and skating tournaments, etc.

 Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

Single-powered motors are usually preferred for flat terrains such as daily commutes. To keep the budget under check, look for motor power that is more than 1000W, 500W, or above If dual-powered for more responsive acceleration and enhanced performance.

Battery Life and Charge Time

The next important feature of an electrical skateboard is its battery which directly translates to how much the charge time will be. For covering more grounds, casual cruising, or practising your tips and trips for skateboarding events consider skateboards that give +10 miles of range.


Bumpy roads, hills, or mud drain battery life as they require more power. To keep this and budget in mind, opt for a skateboard that gives over 3 hours of charge time. Ensure that the battery capacity is over 200WH for a longer riding experience.

Deck Material and Durability

Deck material influences flexibility and strength which impacts the riding style and responsiveness of the skateboard. The material of the deck provides durability and longer usage. Look for materials that can stand the test of time.


Maple plywood, bamboo, and carbon fibre offer more endurance towards varying impacts. At least 7 plies should be considered as they equate to more strength and grip. These materials are also budget-friendly along with providing safer riding.

Weight and Portability

For sharp turns and tricks, lighter skateboards are ideal. Compact and light skateboards fit into backpacks and are ideal for public transportation. But to track hills and for longer rides, slightly heavier skateboards must be considered. Heavy boards are not easy to carry.  High-quality plywood provides a good balance between weight, functionality, portability, and cost-effectiveness.

Safety Features

Highly responsive brakes are the first thing that must be considered when buying an electric skateboard. Dual brakes along with high-quality grip tape are some safety features that avoid accidents and abrupt halts. Illumination modes for safer nighttime rides should also be kept in mind, which can offer a secure riding experience at night.

 Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

Speed control and different braking modes to shift easily between the ride provide optimum control which should be present in the skateboard.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Last but not least in guiding a decision to buy the right electric skateboard, brand reputation and customer views play a big role. Proven track record in the skateboard industry elaborated the brand’s credibility such as Veyamx’s superior line of electric skateboards. They comply with all industry-level safety standards and provide at least 9 months of warranty which guarantees the high quality of their products.


They also contain many licenses such as being FCC 、UN38.3 or UL certified which adds to their reliable nature. You should also look for customer reviews online. These can give in-depth knowledge about the long-term functionality of the skateboard. It helps understand parts that need to be replaced as well as describe the longevity of the skateboard.

Top Picks for Electric Skateboards Under 500$

Now that we have discussed the critical things to keep under consideration when purchasing an affordable electric skateboard, we want to elaborate on a few options available in the market for your convenience.

Veymax Roadster X4

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

The first electric skateboard we want to suggest is the Roadster X4 electric skateboard with remote and dual hub motors and a mileage of 13/18 for a 75 kg rider. This is made of the highest grade materials and provides smooth controls ideal for rough terrains and long usage. It is considered the fastest in its class with high shock absorption that comes from 105mm Jelly Wheels that offer support. It comes under a price bracket of $439 which is a steal deal for the quality it offers.


  • Excelllent stability
  • Long battery life
  • High efficiency
  • 105mm jelly wheels
  • Dual taillights with six modes


  • A little heavier in weight
  • No handle on the board

Veymax Cejour

Best Electric Skateboard Under $500

The next electric skateboard on our list is the highly portable Cejour small electric skateboard. It is ideal for beginners and due to having small weight, it is highly travel-friendly. It offers 28Mph/45Kms top speed which is excellent for flat and steep surfaces. It offers a hill grade of up to 30% which can come into play during hill climbing. Overall it comes at a great price of $379 and a 5-star rating which makes it a great option.


  • High durability
  • Minimum wear and tear
  • Powerful motor
  • Portable
  • Long battery life



  • No smart app connectivity

Veymax Nano

Another option we want to mention is the Veymax Nano mini electric skateboard which comes in their mini range and boasts a high rating. It has 4 ride modes which is great for beginner to pro level players. It weighs 5.6 kgs which comes under some of the lightest weight electrical skateboards designed for optimal performance. The user can easily carry it anywhere and make use of its long-lasting lithium-ion battery and advanced features. The price range of this electric skateboard is $279 which gives it a great edge along with all its great features.


  • Different riding modes
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Powerful performance


  • Limited power range
  • Small wheels and less shock absorption

Additional Considerations

After all this, we also need to look at a few additional steps and tips that can help you opt for the ideal electrical skateboard and keep it in pristine condition for a long.

Maintenance and Care of Electric Skateboards

For long-lasting performance and smooth rides maintaining the electric skateboard is essential.


  • Thoroughly cleanse the board and its bearings every few months.
  • Rubbing alcohol or a bearing cleaner can be used to remove the dirt and grime on the skateboard.
  • With a soft brush, you can clean the deck and trucks as well.
  • After that, you can also buy new grip tape and replace it with an older one for more traction.
  • Alongside this pay attention to not overcharging the battery and keep it charged 40-50% at all times for maximum efficiency.
  • Lubricate the bearings with the proper oil and tighten all the loose parts which ensures that your electric skateboard stays in good condition for a long.


Always look for electric skateboards that come with a warranty which means you can claim at any time within the determined duration. The Veymax electric skateboards come with a 9-month warranty which is enough time to check the performance and durability of the products easily.


Moreover, great customer service provides around-the-clock support that responds to your queries as soon as possible. It enhances the brand’s reputation and gives customers more satisfaction.


The skateboard should have the ability to be compatible with accessories and upgrades such as wheels, new trucks, tail lights, etc. These added features improve the overall performance of the skateboard significantly. If the skateboard is incapable of this, then it limits its approach which makes it not a good option for consumers.

Making the Right Choice

Always consider the purpose you want to get an electric skateboard for. Skateboards with bigger batteries support hill climbing and rough terrain while smaller batteries support flat areas. If you are a skateboard enthusiast and take part in yearly tournaments then a pro-level electric skateboard such as Veymax Roadster X4 is ideal.


However, if you are a beginner and want it for travelling and learning new tricks, then the Veyamx Nano is the best choice and comes under a great budget. Opt for an electric skateboard that resonates with your style rather than give you a hard time understanding its parts and functions.


For years, skateboarding has become an activity that brings an adrenaline rush as well as convenience for people from different walks of life. Whether you are a student, adolescent, pro-level adult, or child, an electric skateboard is a tool that can take your skills to another level.


Bringing high-quality materials and affordability under one umbrella when choosing an electric skateboard can be challenging. This article includes several electric skateboards under $500 with top-quality components at a reasonable price. And we hope you get all the details you need to make an informed decision regarding this.

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