9 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Buy an Electric Skateboard

Eco Friendly Electric Skateboard

Over the past 100 years, the world has witnessed a huge boom in new technologies. In the past few decades, we have seen more and more vehicles switch to electric power instead of fossil fuels. We've even seen skateboards improved with electricity. Today, traditional skateboards are now powered by small motors to assist while riding. These are often called electric skateboards or electric longboards. The extra power means you can use the board longer and go further, but, I know what you're thinking, is this okay for the environment?

Are E-skateboards good for the environment?

Overwhelming, yes! Motorized Longboards are 100% good for the environment. Some Electric Longboards can still use human power, and the human power that propels them forward. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average fuel economy of a fossil fuel-powered passenger car on the road today is about 22 miles per gallon, driven about 11,500 miles per year. From those numbers, the agency concluded that for every type of gasoline burned, 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide would be produced annually.

Clean Energy for Eboards

Considering the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment itself, let's not forget that it is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, we want to reduce these numbers. Motorized E-Skateboards have been developed so that they can be used in an environmentally friendly way, they release zero carbon emissions. This can be achieved simply by charging the skateboard batteries using green or renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.

Generally, an Electric Skateboard will not be stuck in traffic, and some areas allow Eboards to take bicycle lanes, and they can get from point A to point B in no time. This way, you don't release too much CO2 when you're stuck in traffic, and your mental health benefits too. Speaking of traffic and roads, e-scooters don’t tax roads too much, which means they can help preserve roads in the long term, greatly reducing the amount of pollution created by repairing damaged roads. You'll also save time, which means you'll have more time to do good things for the environment. Plus, they don't cause noise or air pollution. Motorized Skate Boards have many benefits. They are beneficial, mainly to the human body, society and of course the environment. They help improve circulation, promote stress relief, and are great for helping families bond.

Motorized Skateboard are also great for commuters or those who commute between home and work on a daily or weekly basis, as they are relatively fast, offer cyclists the opportunity to exercise, and don't get stuck in traffic. They are also a true reflection and evidence that electric transport is taking over, and should be for a variety of reasons, most of which have a positive impact on the environment and passengers.

What are the environmental benefits of riding an electric skateboard?

1. Eboards Offer Zero Emissions

Unlike other powered vehicles like cars, trucks and motorcycles, Motorized E-Longboards don't use gasoline or diesel, and they don't emit harmful carbon into the atmosphere. Electric Skateboards rely on electricity and human power to propel them.

Power is provided by rechargeable batteries. This means they do not release any emissions when in use. If you use clean and green solar power to charge the batteries on your skateboard, you will actually be using 100% environmentally friendly energy, which means you will have a zero emission footprint every time you ride.

On the other hand, a typical passenger car emits 6 metric tons of CO2 per year, and larger vehicles, especially those that run on diesel, emit more. In addition, Electric Motorized Longboards make almost no sound, so they don't contribute to the noise pollution that is a nuisance to many people, especially those who live, go to school or walk by the side of the road.

2. Eboards Have Long-lasting Batteries

Of course, E-Skateboards rely on batteries to generate electricity. So the problem becomes disposing of these batteries, especially in landfills, causing environmental waste. Fortunately, Motorized Longboards use batteries that last a long time. Plus, these batteries can and should be recycled, which means they don't end up in landfills yet. Electric Longboards also use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead batteries, which, like in cars, have very dangerous effects on the environment. Reducing waste is one way to reduce your carbon footprint, and owning a Motorized E-Skateboard goes a long way toward achieving the same.

3. Eboards Save the Road

Compared with other modes of transportation such as cars, Electric Skate Boards are very light. Therefore, they do not cause damage to the road like other vehicles. When roads are damaged, heavier vehicles need to be used for repairs, which will cause more pollution to the environment, therefore, riding E-Longboards will have a positive impact on the environment as they will not be responsible for damaging the roads.

4. Eboards Peak Staggered Charging

When you charge any device, you're drawing power from the grid, and in some cases it can be a struggle. To avoid this strain on the grid, you can choose to charge your e-Skateboard during off-peak hours when electricity demand is lowest. At times like these, Motorized Skate Boards put less pressure on the grid and prevent it from being overwhelmed by heavy use.

It also reduces the risk of blackouts or blowouts. It also means that individual consumers will benefit from lower rates associated with off-peak usage, reducing the overall environmental impact.

5. Eboards Use Sustainable Energy

We must acknowledge that in order to protect the environment from ourselves and our actions, we must turn to sustainable options. These are primarily guided through the use of renewable, clean and sustainable energy sources and the use of appliances and equipment that consume such energy. Solar energy is the preferred sustainable and clean energy source as it comes from the heat of the sun and is infinite and renewable.

Motorized Skateboards can consume or run on solar energy, making them 100% eco-friendly and very good for the environment. The introduction of electric vehicles also means that the entire transportation industry is switching from gasoline and diesel products to renewable alternatives, and Electric Motorized Skateboards are leading the way.

6. Eboards Can Go Far

Motorized E-Longboards can take you places other vehicles can't. They're small and light enough to handle rough terrain with ease, making them perfect for off-roading on short trips. Some national parks now allow visitors to use Electric Skateboards, which are essential for exploring new places and connecting with nature. This increases people's love for nature and the environment, inspiring you to find new ways to protect the environment.

7. A Healthy Environment for Healthy People

Veymax recommends that you cycle for two and a half hours per week. Any bike, skateboard, traditional or modern, can help make this happen. Going to work on an Electric Motorized Longboard every day can help meet or even exceed the recommended quota. In doing so, you will be contributing to a healthier life, which means a healthy environment.

8. Can Reduce Your Personal Carbon Footprint

As overwhelmingly pointed out in this article, E-Skateboards produce zero emissions, can rely on 100% renewable energy, do not pollute the air and have very little impact on roads. Therefore, switching to riding a Motorized Longboard will reduce your carbon footprint compared to someone using traditional transportation. Electric Longboards produce far lower emissions than driving a car, although charging them does create carbon byproducts. Therefore, owning and using a Motorized E-Skateboard will undoubtedly reduce one's carbon footprint.

9. Can Provide Energy Efficiency

Compared with traditional transportation, Electric Skate Boards have very impressive figures. A recent study in the US showed that E-Longboards are 18 times more energy efficient than SUVs or 4x4s, 13 times more energy efficient than cars, and 6 times more energy efficient than railways. With car travel accounting for about 65% of travel, it's time to take those numbers into account and move to Motorized Skate Boards or other electric vehicles.

If you want to help reduce emissions, stay healthy on your commute, and lower fuel costs, look no further than our product - Motorized Skateboards.

Electric Motorized Skateboards have many benefits for the environment, they reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and produce less waste. In addition, in order to maximize the environmental advantages of Motorized E-Longboards, some regions have begun to take measures to strengthen safety standards and supervision. Today, Electric Skateboards are rapidly becoming popular, and we all hope that this product can help human beings do better in environmental protection.

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