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Best Protections for Riding an Electric Skateboard

Best Protections for E-skating

Skateboarding has always been a sport loved by young people. The electric skateboard is not only smooth in speed, but also handsome in action. However, if there is an accident, it will not be handsome at all. In severe cases, you may be injured, and you will not be able to continue to skateboard for a long time afterwards.

Therefore, you should still wear protective gear when playing an Electric Skateboard. Especially for novices, they are immature in skateboarding skills and movements, and they will fall if they are not careful. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a complete set of electric skateboard protective gear.

How to choose the right e-board protections?

Skateboard protective gear generally includes helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and shoe protectors, which can well protect key parts of the body. The helmet can well protect the practitioner's head and prevent head injuries. Wrist pads and knee pads protect the arms and legs of practitioners and reduce the chance of limb injuries. Sneakers or sports shoes can increase the friction with the skateboard surface and maintain the balance of the body.

Here are some tips for not making a mistake in your choice of equipment.

wear protective gear while skateboarding

What are the essential parts of the body to protect?

In order to avoid buying everything and anything, you must first define which parts you must protect at all costs.

You can therefore choose the most appropriate protective equipment.

The head:

Being the most sensitive part of the human body, the head deserves optimal protection. Especially since it will be exposed to a high risk of shocks when practicing an electric skateboard. And to protect the head, there is possibly the helmet.

Be careful though, not just any type of helmet will be suitable for a skateboarder!

You should choose robust models of reliable quality, ideally offered by well-known brands in the field. Do not be tempted to put on your bicycle helmet when you get on your e-skateboard, this first one will not be robust enough, and will not guarantee you protection against shocks.


To properly handle and stay balanced on your skateboard, you need to use your joints. They are therefore also at risk of injury in the event of a fall. Indeed, to protect your head, you will tend to use your hands to cushion the shock. This is why it will be essential for you to protect them well as well. You have dedicated protections for the ankles, wrists and knees in order to ride as safely as possible on your motorized skateboard.

Of course, other types of protection are available, such as clothing, gloves, or thigh protection, etc. But, if you do not yet have helmets or protections adapted to your joints, there is no need to buy them first.

So, in priority, the helmet then the protections wrists, knees and elbows!

What are the best protections according to age?

Electric longboarding is not just for adults, children are also getting into it. Therefore, the choice of protective equipment for skateboarding can be made according to the age of the user.

Children will be more motivated by colorful accessories.

colorful esk8 protective gear

For children, they only need to choose protective gear according to their favorite color. But, the hardest part for parents would then be to find a sufficiently resistant accessory capable of offering optimal protection to their child.

Ideally, opt for accessories made of strong but elastic fabric. This will make your child more comfortable in his movements. Also find protections in the right size. Because if the little skater will not feel comfortable in what he wears, he will lose confidence and can easily fall.

Seniors can choose from several sets of protective equipment that suit them. It's not just about bigger, stronger armor. It is also necessary to consider whether the fabric of the protective gear is breathable and provides a certain degree of wearing comfort. Wearing protective gear for a long time, skaters will sweat profusely, resulting in physical discomfort.

Wear protective gear when playing X-sports, take care of yourself, and take responsibility for yourself. This reduces the risk of injury and less worry for family and friends. Wearing protective gear when playing electric skateboards can focus on improving skills, so that you can learn to ride faster.

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