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Electric Surfboard Accessories to Buy: How to Choose Surfing Mats?

electric surfboard mats buying

From a novice to an advanced surfer, it is inseparable from owning a piece of surfing equipment of his own. Compared with how to buy, it is more difficult to choose the equipment that suits you. Julang players set up a series of shopping articles to share more knowledge about equipment purchases, so as to prevent you from stepping on pitfalls and thunderstorms.

What is a surfboard traction pad?

Surfboard foot pads, also known as traction pads, are textured foam blocks attached to the tail of electric jet surfboards to prevent surfers from slipping off their rear feet and increase friction. At the same time, the surfing foot pad can guide the surfer to maintain the correct position.

A similar product to surf mats is called surfboard wax. A clean Electric Surfboard has no friction and grip. Standing on the surfboard in the water has a feeling of skating and is difficult to stand on. Surfers need at least one friction-increasing product placed on the electric foil surfboard, or both combined. However, surf mats don't need to be reapplied and replaced like surfboard mats.

How to install the surfing mat?

Before installing, we need to know that once the foot pads are glued to the electric powered surfboard, it is difficult to move, so we must do it well at one time.

Step 1: Clean the tail of the surfboard. If it is a new board, just wipe it with a towel to remove dust. If it is an old board, the old wax on it needs to be scraped off.

Step 2: Unpack the package and place the mat on the tail of the efoil electric surfboard to simulate the placement position. You can use a pencil to draw the outline of the mat without tearing off the glue.

Step 3: Tear off the glue paper. Start tearing off the front part of the foot pad, slowly pull it back, and check if the position is shifted while pulling. When you've confirmed the position, press down harder, from the center out, to push the air out.

How to choose the surfing mat that suits you?

1. The tail of the surfboard

We need to choose the foot pad according to the width and length of the tail of the electric hydrofoil surfboard. The edge of the surfing foot pad should not exceed the edge of the board, or be too far away from the edge of the board. Especially single-piece pads, if the size is not selected correctly, it will hinder the surfer's movements.

2. Single-chip & multi-chip

Surf mats are available in one-piece, two-piece, three-piece or multi-piece styles. The single-piece mat is easy to install and durable, but it is difficult to fit the surfboard, while the multi-piece mat can be customized according to the shape of the surfboard to provide better grip and friction, but the multi-piece mat is easy to drop.

3-piece mats are the most common and fit all electric Jet surfboard types. The 5-piece builds on the 3-piece with the addition of 2 pieces above for extra grip in stronger surf conditions.

Different ways to place the same pad on the same surfboard: If the pad is too far from the edge of the board after being placed at the tail of the efoil electric surfboard, you can properly pull the middle apart so that the pads on both sides are close to the edge. The gap of the foot pad will not be too large, which will not cause the resistance and grip of the foot pad to be reduced, and will not make the surfer feel uncomfortable when surfing. The same foot pad is facing different sizes of electric foil surfboards: the foot pad is in the right position on the left surfboard, not too far from the edge of the board, and the gap is just right for this surfboard. The foot pad is on the electric powered surfboard on the right. If the gap is too large, the grip and friction will be cut. It should be replaced with another larger size or model of foot pad.

3. With or without raised arches

The tails of surf mats come in different styles, some flat, some arched, and there are different degrees of slope. Surfers consider pad slope based on the size of their feet and the type of surfing action they want to do. In general, the bigger the surfer's feet, the higher the slope.

This is also related to the state of the surfer's feet. Some surfers have bigger feet and don't like high-slope pads.

4. Groove & Hole

The groove is the uneven surface of the foot pad, which is used to provide grip and friction. At present, the grooves used in the foot pad include double diamond grooves, double square grooves, and strip grooves. In addition to the grooves, some foot pads also have round holes of different sizes to increase grip.

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