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Reasons Why Electric Skateboards Are Perfect for Commuting?

why commuting with e-boards

The main reason I decided to get an electric skateboard was for a much more efficient movement solution. I used to walk a lot and had to change 2 bus lines. Right now, I ride all that trail with just my motorized skateboard.

Most of the people who think about getting an Veymax Skateboard plan to use it for their commuting. The question of whether e-skateboards are good for traveling has a very simple and direct answer.

Electric skateboards are the best movement option for most cities today. They are very cost effective and never get stuck in traffic. They have many virtues over public transport, vehicles, bicycles, other cars for riding and walking. Any journey of up to 8 miles one way can be easily accomplished with virtually any motorized skateboard today.

That's a bold statement, but one that's not hard to gauge. Electric skateboards are simply the ideal option to go to work, light years away from anyone else. The virtues they provide are unmatched and they have few if any downsides.

Why e-boards are perfect for commuting?

1. Electric skateboards are very portable and practical

Most of the time the only time you will be taking your skateboard will be outside of your house and into your building or work area and vice versa. If you have a mixed commute or last mile scope, you will also need to fold up your skateboard and get on and off a bus or train.

In most cases, those will be the only 4 to 6 times you will have to carry your skateboard in your hands.

Fortunately, each and every one will be very short distances.

And most transport skateboards are designed to be portable. Sure, there are skateboards that are heavier than 66 lbs, but these are usually racing or off road skateboards. Your regular commute skateboard is not going to weigh much more than 33 lbs.

In addition to this, most regular skateboards fit easily through entry and elevator doors, in the trunk of a car, and through the doors of a bus or train.

2. Electric skateboards have the possibility of being really fast

As we now discuss, you will rarely be traveling much faster than 28km/h / 45km/h, and in most cases close to 15km/h / 25km/h through town streets.

Much faster than that, it increases the danger of an incident, collision with a pedestrian or vehicle, and injury. Without mentioning that you are going to be transgressing the law.

You may be interested Guide to flat wheels for e-skateboards

Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that electric powered skateboards are pretty fast. Traveling at 15km/h / 25km/h with virtually no stops will get you to your destination pretty quickly.

This is especially true if you have bike lanes or long stretches of straight, unbroken roads for walking.

3. Electric skateboards are immune to traffic jams

skateboards not only save you money, but they also save you time. And frequently, time is even more precious than money. The biggest problem of vehicles and buses are traffic jams. Even if we somehow justify the value, there's still no explanation for all that time wasted waiting for the 40 cars in front of you to start moving.

E-boards are the cure for traffic jams because they offer the best of both worlds.

In traffic, they are practically the same size as a pedestrian. This allows them to circulate on all kinds of roads: motor lanes, bicycle lanes and, if required, sidewalks. They can mix and match all of that to cut down on time in traffic.

On the other hand, they can go almost as fast as motor cars. I personally don't suggest driving much more than 28mph in any situation. And while you're in a dense urban environment, you should probably limit your speed to 15mph.

Still, keep in mind that vehicles and buses rarely go much faster than 25mph in cities. In fact, most of the time they are probably moving at speeds of 18mph, having to do several starts and stops. While I haven't measured this precisely, I think I still shaved 3-5 minutes off my commute by the time I switched buses.

A previous car trip to my office may or may not be much faster than a trip with my skateboard. All I know is that the stress I accumulated while waiting for the cars in front of me to start moving, while watching the green light count down, ultimately wasn't worth it.

Besides this, it's not like you're going to get there by sightseeing in part time. A car ride has probably been only 3-5 minutes much shorter than a skateboard ride, and that's only on a day when traffic isn't bad.

Ultimately, each individual who chooses to use an electric skateboard instead of a car or taxi is one less individual who disables the lane and merges with traffic. The more people use motorized skateboards, the less traffic jams we will have.

In short, e-skateboards are great for avoiding traffic jams, and may even fix that problem completely any day.

4. Electric skateboards save you money

If you love saving money, thought, saving money is not the main reason you decide to get an electric skateboard, but it's the reason that would make you think.

Motorized skateboards vary quite a bit in price. Some cost as little as $250, but the more expensive skateboards can be worth well over $7000. Regardless, there are great skateboards in all price categories. Of course, there are going to be certain “you get what you pay for”. But that doesn't mean you can't find amazing cheap skateboards.

In most cases, a good e-skateboard costs at least $600. It is going to be an initial investment for your transportation needs. But the costs practically but end there. The cost of recharging your electric skateboard is very low.

If you choose a good skateboard, you rarely have to worry about urgent repairs. With most of the good skateboards today you will be able to ride them for at least three years. In most situations you are likely to get at least 5, and maybe a very solid 8 years out of your skateboard. That's about 6 years of transportation expenses gone this way!

In most large cities, your electric longboard will pay for itself within the first year. Public transport tickets per month cost around $60, and fuel for your car would cost you at least that. That's at least $700 for just one year. And for $600, you can now get some of the most popular, most reliable and time-tested electric skateboards around. Without naming what you can get for $1000.

Motorized skateboards in the long run are a huge investment.

5. Electric skateboards are entertaining

Sometimes I get so caught up in the value aspect of e-boards that I forget the main reason why many people buy them in the first place.

Electric longboards are a hoot! Even when they are traveling, they surely surpass being stuck in a car or a bus. There is simply no comparison here.

6. Electric skateboards do not fatigue you

The only real challenge to motorized skateboards for the best ride option is the good bike.

Even so, on occasions when you just want to go to work or home, without pedaling without brakes, the bicycle is useless. And for experts and businessmen, this is most often the situation.

We want to proceed to work and be productive there. We don't feel like exercising, followed by having to change clothes at work (or even shower!), followed by being tired for the rest of the day. The bikes are spectacular, but for any ride more than 1 kilometer, they are going to make you sweat.

With motorized skateboards, you just push a button. You practically do not spend your own energy in the least. For that reason they have the upper hand here.

When are motorized skateboards not good for commuting?

Of course, electric powered skateboards aren't exactly ideal for really every level of travel out there. There are some use cases where you may want to think about other resolutions for your trip.

A common sample case is if you have a very long bus or train journey, and the stations are so close to your home and office that walking is preferable. It doesn't make much sense to carry your skateboard just to ride it for 1-2 minutes.

Another area of travel that is not ideal for electric skateboards is if you already have a car and getting to your office with it is just special. However, these levels will not be very recurring today, since they will require:

  • Live in a locality that has little or no traffic jams
  • Have a free parking space for you at your office
  • Travels less than 2 miles (there is no point in starting a car for such a short trip)

There could be other levels like this, but frankly, I can't meditate on any of them. I suspect that if you have a commute of about 1 mile or less, you can consider walking. But that's all. If you want to find an electric powered skateboard, become one. They aren't used exclusively for travel, and you'll get quite a bit of value and fun out of those levels.

But if you're just thinking about your trip and your scope fits among the above, then there are probably more popular travel options for you.

What are the best skateboards for commuting?

This is easily a finished product itself. Maybe even a sequence of products. And we'll be posting one of those very soon! After all, the best commuting skateboards will have at least the following features:

  • Long range (or long enough)
  • Good for climbing hills if required
  • Waterproof if required
  • Portability: you may need to carry your longboard around a lot
  • Easy storage: your longboard shouldn’t be too bulky for commuting
  • Smoothness: a comfortable ride even on rougher terrain

I think the Veymax board is a very solid travel option. If you have a last mile type of travel, where you might need to hop on and off buses or trains, and you need a long-range portable skateboard, then the veymax e-board will suit your needs.

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