Electric Surfboard Allow You Surf Without Waves

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Ready to sail the seas as if you were traveling on Aladdin's magic carpet? Well, congratulations. The new electric surfboards that are conquering the water sports market allow that and much more, simply by pressing the button on your remote control.

Water sports lovers, always so open to new and surprising activities, are therefore in absolute luck. They will no longer have to depend on the wind, or the weather, to be able to execute their turns and stunts on a simple surfboard. From now on they just have to be able to keep their balance and they will be able to surf whenever and wherever they want, even if there are no waves, in the sea, rivers, swamps...

Electric boards use the technology of electric motors so fashionable today. And they are getting more and more sophisticated. Veymax surfboard is made of super resistant fiberglass and its aerodynamic design and its engine are capable of providing strong emotions even supporting the weight of two surfers at the same time.

These e-surfboards allow surfers to navigate the water and execute their pirouettes with guaranteed stability.

The best Electric Surfboard has a hydraulic wing made of carbon fiber, attached to the bottom, formed by a propulsion system with a motor and a propeller.

When turned on, it pushes the board forward, lifting it completely out of the water so that it appears to fly like Aladdin's magic carpet. The propeller is made from a solid block of hand-polished aluminum and the motor has been expertly engineered to be extremely quiet.

The table is controlled with a remote control that works via Bluetooth. It is an ergonomic control that allows you to choose the navigation speed among numerous programs and that, in order not to take risks, if it touches the water or the board tilts more than 45 degrees, it stops.

Brief history of surfing

The origins of surfing are in South America, specifically in Peru, where the remains of pre-Inca ceramics show a man gliding over the waves on a piece of wood. Centuries later it was the Polynesians who brought it to Hawaii, and it was discovered there by the English explorer James Cook.

In the middle of the 20th century, surfing jumped to the Californian and Australian beaches and from there to the rest of the countries. Until then, the boards were always made of wood, but little by little, as it became a complete sport in which athletes included new maneuvers, movements or risky acrobatics, the boards became more sophisticated, being made of other materials, until give rise to the very modern electrical boards of today.

With electric surfboards it is possible to surf in the sea, in a river or in a swamp. The waves are the least of it. No more waiting hours and hours, sometimes without success, or having to travel kilometers looking for a beach, or a favorable wind. With these tables the problem disappears to give way to a refreshing activity that can be practiced at any time of the day. A plus of ideal activity to enjoy the summer and the holidays.

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