How Can I Improve My Electric Skateboard?

improve electric skateboards

When you own a Motorized Skateboard, you want it to be better in every way, like running faster, looking better, and more. The point is, do you know how to change and what materials are needed?

Does this first step stump you? However, if you follow the steps and tips in this article, it is also very simple. First, document the current performance of your Veymax Long board, what are its advantages and disadvantages, based on this information, you will be able to better grasp the method of removing or optimizing certain functions.

Make a list of what you would like to change on your Electric Veymaxboard, and then you can start changing parts of your Motorized Skate board. In this article, I'll tell you why you should upgrade your motherboard and how to do it right.

Upgrade the Appearance of Boards

Replace Dedicated Cabinet: If you don't like your current cabinet, or it's been scratched by flying rocks, throw out the old container and replace it with a beautiful and stylish Esk8 enclosure. Make your Veymax Skateboard look more distinctive.

Add Board Light: Add lighting to increase production value while improving safety. You can mount a set of LEDs to your board using a variety of mounts on the back and front. Lights are essential if you live farther from the equator and want to be able to commute on an Electric Long board in the winter. They help you see the road and make you visible to passers-by.

Upgrade Speed

Reduce Weight: Removing unnecessary weight from your Motorized Longboard can increase your speed as it will require less power to move.

Improve the Aerodynamics: Minimizing wind resistance by using a streamlined deck and body can help you achieve higher speeds.

Adjust the gearing: By changing the gearing ratio, you can alter the torque and speed of the Veymax Skate board. A higher gearing ratio will provide more speed but less torque, while a lower ratio will provide more torque but less speed.

Use a Larger Wheel Diameter: The bigger the wheels, the faster the board can ride. If so, upgrade the 80mm skateboard wheels to about 97mm. The top speed will be increased by 2-3 mph compared to the current top speed. Be sure to buy the correct wheel pulleys for your new wheels.

Also note that larger wheels can also cause some unintended issues, such as reduced hill-climbing ability or sluggish acceleration. If you don't mind those shortcomings, then this method is worth a try.

Increase Battery Voltage: If you switch from a 10s battery to a 6s battery your top speed will increase from 16-18mph to 20-25mph. However, this method is not recommended as a preferred lifting solution, as batteries are very expensive.

If you want to increase the voltage, you must definitely check the ESC of the Electric Skateboard. If the ESCs don't match, i.e. your Eskate's ESC can only use the current of the battery it's currently carrying, you'll have to buy new ESCs all over.

Use 2 Motors: Not sure if a second motor will help you get to top speed. But using dual motors also helps spread the load. But also because of this uncertainty, I wouldn't really recommend it. Please decide according to your personal preference.

It's important to remember that increasing the speed of your E-Skateboard can also increase the risk of accidents, so make sure to wear proper safety gear and always ride within your comfort level and ability.

Upgrade Mileage

Check Your Tire Pressure: Make sure that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. Underinflated tires can create more friction and resistance, which can cause your Motorized Veymaxboard's battery to drain faster.

Optimize Your Riding Style: Smooth and steady acceleration and braking can help you save energy and extend your skateboard's range. Avoid accelerating and braking abruptly, and try to maintain a consistent speed whenever possible.

Adjust Your Speed: Riding at high speeds can drain your battery faster, so try to maintain a moderate pace when you're riding your Veymax Longboard.

Limit Your Weight: The more weight your Electric Skate board has to carry, the faster its battery will drain. Try to keep the weight you're carrying to a minimum, and avoid carrying unnecessary items.

Ride On Smooth Surfaces: Rough surfaces can cause more resistance, which can drain your battery faster. Try to ride on smooth surfaces as much as possible to maximize your skateboard's range.

Charge Your Battery Regularly: Make sure to charge your Motorized Long board's battery regularly, and avoid letting it run down completely. Keeping your battery charged will help it last longer and provide more consistent performance.

Consider Upgrading Your Battery: If you're looking to extend your Electric Longboard's range, consider upgrading its battery. A higher-capacity battery can provide more power and help you go further on a single charge.

Improve torque, acceleration and gradeability

Upgrading the Battery: A more powerful battery can provide more current to the motor, resulting in better torque and acceleration. Consider upgrading to a battery with a higher voltage or more amp-hours.

Upgrading the Motor: The motor is the heart of an E-Skate board. A more powerful motor can provide better torque and acceleration. Consider upgrading to a motor with a higher wattage or more RPM. in addition, the larger the size of the motor, the more torque you will have. Torque increases automatically with the size of the motor. You don't need to use any complicated techniques to achieve this.

Use Small Wheels: Changing the wheels can affect the acceleration and torque of the skateboard. If your Motorized Skateboard has small wheels, this will improve the grip of the wheels and increase torque.

Reducing Weight: A lighter skateboard can accelerate faster and handle hills better. Consider using lighter components such as a carbon fiber deck or lighter trucks.

It's important to note that modifying a Veymax Long board can be dangerous and may void any warranties. Always exercise caution and consult a professional if you're unsure about any modifications. Have we covered everything? Do you still wish your skateboard could get better? Now, getting your hands dirty, there are tons of different things you can do to your Electric Veymaxboard to make it better, faster, and more.

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