How far can you travel with your e-skateboard?

Long Range Electric Skateboards

If you're trying to decide if an electric skateboard is right for you and your travel needs, it's important to know how far they can travel before they need a recharge. How far you can travel on your e-skateboard will depend on loads of factors, most of all which skateboard you are riding on.

There are other factors too that will affect the range because each ride is different in terms of terrain, gradient, and distance. The rider's weight will have an impact too, as will the weight of the Electric Skateboard and even whether or not they're wearing a heavy backpack.

In this article, we'll look at how much distance you can expect from different types of electric longboards based on what they're regularly used for, whether that be more for commuting or recreational purposes.

We'll also look at the different types of skateboards available out there as well as how the battery life impacts the max speed and indeed the max range that you might be able to achieve on your e board.

How long does it take to go a mile on a veymax e-board?

When you're trying to work out the range of your motorized skateboard, you might first want to know how long it takes to ride a mile.

Distance of electric skateboarding

It's something you can quite easily calculate, but of course, depends massively on how fast you choose to go and if there is any traffic that might impede you.

The average speed of an electric skateboard can be anywhere between 10 and 20 mph, which means it would mean, unimpeded, it would take you between 3 and 6 minutes. And the top speed of veymax x3 is 29 mph, which means that if you ride at top speed, it only takes 2 minutes to go a mile.

Most popular e-skateboards and electric bikes will travel a mile in under ten minutes even with light traffic, whereas a kick skateboard would probably take this amount of time as a minimum.

How does the size of the electric skateboard battery affect range?

The size of the lithium ion battery pack is one of the most important factors in determining how far you can travel on an electric skateboard. The larger the battery pack that your model has, the farther you can expect to go with just one charge.

However, larger batteries also take longer to charge and weigh more than smaller ones. If you're looking for a skateboard that can cover large distances without needing to be recharged, then you'll still want to opt for one with a large battery pack.

This will also mean that you'll be able to travel further without having to plug your charger in to recharge the battery. Some electric longboards actually have an eco mode, which is an option that uses less battery power in exchange for providing weaker performance.

It doesn't sound as fun, but if you have a smaller battery and are running out on the way home, it might be a really helpful option to have.

The main takeaway here is for those who value efficiency and need to travel long distance, a larger battery with more power is a necessity, so double check your model before you buy.

The battery life of your electric skateboard

First of all, for clarity, it is worth pointing out that in this section when we refer to battery life, we are referring to how long the motorized skateboard battery will last on one charge.

Battery life of e-boards

This is different from the shelf life of the entire battery, meaning how long it will last before needing to be replaced.

Battery life will be affected by the terrain, the weight of the rider, and how much throttle they use.

For example, a hilly ride will require more battery power to climb hills than a level ride would. Also if the hills are steeper, naturally your battery will need more power to get up them, just like a vehicle uses more gas on steeper inclines.

If you weigh more than average, that will also affect how far you can go before you need to recharge your electric skateboard battery again. More weight, whether that's rider weight, skateboard weight, or otherwise, will affect the range of your e board.

You'll want to keep track of how much battery life remains as part of your daily charging routine so that it doesn't run out when you're not expecting it and leave yourself stranded somewhere far from home!

This could have a relatively large impact on your day-to-day routine because whether you fast-charge or slow-charge, refilling your electric skateboard with charge can take time.

How far can you travel on an Veymax?

To answer this question, we're going to take the popular model of Veymax Skateboard, which is the Veymax X3 Series.

The first thing to note here is that our electric longboards are designed with longevity and reliability at the forefront of their design. The battery's life in each of these will be many years even with daily use.

We design all of our e skateboards for optimum portability too, so low weight is a priority feature, in case you need to carry it the last hundred yards into the office. This does however mean a lighter battery, with enough storage to power a pretty strong motor.

The Veymax X3 Series comes in two variants, X3 and X3 PRO. The range on our x3 electric longboard is up to 13 miles. In comparison, on our more powerful x3 pro model, you might expect to get anywhere within 18 miles.

As mentioned, the range is based on many factors outside of the model including rider weight, speed mode, and terrain.

So, the electric skateboard range is all trial and error

As you can see there is no universal answer as to how far an e-skateboard can go on a single charge because it depends on many factors such as terrain, the rider's weight, the type and age of the battery, and even the tire pressure.

Most motorized skateboards regardless of the price point will have a baseline range that you can expect to achieve regardless of outside factors.

If you're looking for a cheap e-skateboard then expect to get up to 10 miles on a good day, so if your commute is a bit further it might be worth investing in a second charger to use at your destination. If you're looking for something more powerful then expect to do your research, pay more money, and get anywhere up to 40 miles per charge.

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