How to Hang a Skateboard on the Wall


Being a passionate skateboarder, if you’ve collected way too many electric skateboard decks over the years, you must be facing the boxes stashed away here and there.

What If you can turn them into a perfect wall fixture and better merge functionality with style? Isn’t that something fascinating? Putting our motorized skateboard on the wall can be a great exercise to keep them out of the way. 

Not only does it save your space, but it’s also a source of contributing to the room's aesthetics. 

Now that you’re unsure about “How to Hang a Skateboard On the Wall,”? Well, you’re lucky to be here because this guide will let you explore options to transform these electric longboard into something of functional art.

Let's learn the simple steps of securely hanging the skateboard onto the wall so that you’re ready to be admired by all who visit your space. 

Introduction: Why Wall Mount your Electric Skateboards

Skateboarding is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a form of self-expression, and a testament to your passion and attachment. 

So, whether you want to hang up those retired electric skateboards or the mini electric skateboard you use regularly, there are some cool ways to make them a part of your wall decor more creatively, conveniently, and, after all, attractively.

The main idea of displaying these motorized skateboards on the wall is all about upgrading the space's aesthetics and freeing up some floor space in your house–so there is less clutter and no chance of tripping hazards.

Instead of putting them away under the bed or storing them in a closet, you can better save them from deterioration. Not only this, but your best electric longboard on the wall would remind you of your favorite spots you discovered, and that, of course, could be a conversation starter for you to recall all those memories with friends and family. 

More onto this, these fantastic wall mount ideas let you open your creative side where you can customize them the way you want by choosing the mounting angle and position or inserting additional elements to create unique and personalized aesthetics. 

Collectors have devised all sorts of ways to hang and display these decks, but this all depends upon the wall you’ve and the size of electric skateboards you own.

Choosing the Right Location

Ideally, placing your skateboards is all about considering the practical and aesthetic analysis of the space, which may include—a space that’s easily visible, something that elevates and compliments the room aesthetics, and offers enough space to exhibit the board's design.

To begin with, choose the spot, measure and mark the area, install, and hang it securely. All you need to do is put in a little effort and the right tool to get started. 

Obviously, this only comes down after you’ve ensured all other important factors are carefully checkmarked. Here is the list of them for your reference. 

Accessibility: A passionate skateboard cruiser won’t like to put his favorite thing at high or hard-to-reach places unless he has a convenient way to bring it down. Placing them at such places would be an added burden if the rider plans to use the skateboards regularly. More ideally, a space easily accessible ensures quick grabbing and smooth flow.

Visibility: To let your electric skateboards serve as a piece of art is only achievable when you choose to put them in a place that’s quite visible to everyone or somewhere the guests usually sit and chit-chat.  This could be your room where you spend a lot of your time so that you can appreciate the beauty of the board most often.

Wall spaces: If you want to see your eskateboard show like a perfect home decor, there’s no better way to put them on a spacious wall. If you’ve got limited spaces or walls that are not too wide, move to a space with good space availability. In an attempt to adjust things, you don’t only overcrowd the space but also ruin the beauty of the skateboards. 

Aesthetics Considerations: If you’ve got such amazing graphics engraved on your skateboard, don't just assume it to be the perfect skateboard to mount on the wall. First, This requires you to conduct a detailed analysis of the existing aesthetics– The color schemes, the design of the room, and other decors that are already in place so that your electric skateboard can match them all. 

Safety and Protection: Despite proving to be a form of art, your ESK8 boards can look like a disaster if they’re no longer protected from outdoor elements such as sunshine, moisture, and extreme temperatures. To keep it safe, avoid putting them on walkways, pavements, and walls close to windows and doors. 

Board sizes: Now, come to the main part, and that is measuring the size of the electric skateboard relative to that of the wall. Remember, not all electric skateboards are made to look good on every wall. More generally, a large wall can accommodate an electric longboard deck more beautifully, and a narrow wall with mini electric skateboard. So before you drill holes into the wall, just roughly calculate what makes a sensible selection. 

Lighting: It’s pretty obvious that to enhance the look of your skateboard display, the space should have adequate lighting. A combination of skateboard-appealing graphics and good lighting makes it more noticeable and highlighted.

Types of Skateboard Wall Mounts

Different types of skateboards wall mounts are available to cater to the rider's display preferences or creative needs. From bare hooks to proper racks, wall hangers, and floating brackets, e-commerce platforms are full of varieties. It depends entirely on the size of your skateboards, the desired number of boards to showcase, and the display orientation. Look what each type of skateboard wall mount has to offer.

Floating Mounts

If you’re a minimalist person and want a cleaner look, floating mounts are the best options to go with. It offers a sleek, sophisticated, modern appearance while giving an illusionary image of your electric skateboard floating mid-air.

These brackets made the deck fully visible, allowing for a prominent appearance of its artwork and graphics display. This seems like a good idea for those who want others to appreciate the beauty of their wonderfully crafted electric skateboards.

Even a beginner with no clue about wall mounting can make use of this system simply by using a drill and a screw. The easy installation makes it accessible for people with varying levels of DIY experience.

Their versatility to accommodate various display orientations makes floating brackets the most preferable option to many wall mount systems out there. Whether you prefer to display your electric skateboards vertically or horizontally, these float wall mounts can do it all so perfectly.

Though floating mounts seem to be well-suited for all wall surfaces using anchors and studs, they’re limited in their weight capacity. Too bulky and heavy-weight electric skateboards may likely fall off, so never forget to check their specifications.

Wall Rack

If hanging your skateboard on the wall is not an option, a skateboard rack is all that you need. It’s the most convenient and space-saving storage solution that allows you to store multiple skateboards in an organized manner, keeping them securely in place. 

Choosing wall racks for skateboards shows your concern by giving each skateboard a designated spot so there won’t be clutter or tripping hazards. Additionally, it's very easy to grab and go, making it quite simple for the rider to get their hands on their favorite motorized boards without moving other items.

The most highlighted feature is that it comes in various configurations, including single or multiple wall racks. So, all those passionate riders with a huge collection of electric skateboards can showcase them aesthetically.

These racks come in metal, wood, and plastic materials so that you can choose according to the room layout. Moreover, When properly installed, they provide the best stability, and above all, they can fit in any living space you want.

Horizontal and Vertical Wall Mounts

Horizontal deck Mounts offer a display style that keeps the skateboards parallel to the ground. Electric skateboards in these orientations typically rest on two brackets or arms that hold the trucks in place.

Clearly, this display style offers a complete picture of your deck and maximizes the wall space, especially when you’ve narrow spaces or limited floor area. So ideally, for all skateboard sizes–Electric longboard or mini electric boards–you can keep them well in place.

The vertical wall mounts are the ones that secure the electric skateboard by its trucks or nose, so you may see them either facing upward or downward. These include prongs, brackets, or arms that support the skateboard system.

It’s like hanging your skateboard on the wall in your entryway as quickly as you hang your coat on its coat hanger. 

Because they protrude far from the wall, you get enough spacing between the wall and the skateboard. This truck mounting system allows the skateboard to rest on the support with its sturdiest part, protecting the delicate artwork on the underside from scratches.


Preparing Your Skateboard for Mounting

In an effort to display your skateboards the right way, you need to undergo a few of the preparatory steps that are mentioned in detail below.

Thoroughly Cleaning and Inspecting the Skateboard

Being ground-level equipment, electric skateboards often accumulate dirt, dust, and residues on their wheels, trucks, and decks. When you decide to put them on the wall, you need to clean each component thoroughly to make sure they keep their aesthetic elements intact.

Use a soft cloth to clean away loose debris, or you may need to reach for mild solutions to wipe off stubborn stains. Do whatever works for you, but don’t choose harsh chemicals, as they would remove all the graphics and make them look very ugly.

While you’re on the route to cleaning, inspect whether all the components are in good working order. By this, we mean examining your skateboards for any signs of damage, dents, and delamination. If any of them appear, replace the part before you wall-mount them.

Deciding on the Mounting Hardware

The success of your skateboard wall mounting struggle depends on the type of hardware you choose. Typically, a sturdy one with the capability of holding your skateboard weight would go well in such instances. You may also ask skateboard suppliers to get you the skateboard racks made explicitly for this purpose.

Examine Your Preference For Display Orientation.

The way you style your skateboard on the wall also really matters. Putting them in a vertical or horizontal position would dictate further procedures such as rack selection, hanger need, and wall space you will work on. A vertical display is suitable in most instances, as graphics on most skateboards are displayed this way.

Decision On Whether To Display With Or Without Wheels.

This is crucial for decorators as both display styles have distinct appeal and utility.  The skateboards with wheels offer a dynamic and ready-to-ride appearance and depict the functional aspect of skateboards as more of a transportation mode and less of a decorative piece.

This allows riders easy retrieval and a seamless transition from display to use. Displaying them in a complete form can be more satisfying for enthusiasts to appreciate the overall aesthetics.

Showcasing the skateboards without wheels is a good idea when you want to direct everyone to focus on its artwork or graphics. An artist or a stylist would use them as inspirations for different wall decor purposes. This even fits in closely so a more cohesive look can be achieved, providing more flexibility in arranging the display.

Materials Needed for Hanging a Skateboard

The materials needed for the mounting process depend on the type of wall you’re working on and the kind of skateboards you’re going to hang. However, you can have a clue of some of the basic materials for carefully hanging.

  1. Mounting Hardware: This includes wall mounts, racks, displaying hooks, or other hardware designed for hanging the skateboards.
  1. Number of screws:This will secure the skateboard with the wall. It may vary according to the type of wall, such as concrete, drywall, wood, etc.
  1. Wall anchors:This is required when you can’t find a stud in drywall and use anchors for additional support. You can have plastic anchors, Screw-in anchors, or toggle bolts, whatever suits you best. This would really help distribute the skateboard weight and prevent them from pulling over.
  1. Screwdriver or Drills:This ensures a successful and quick installation of mounting hardware and, finally, a secure attachment of the skateboard to the wall.
  1. Pencil or Marker:For more accuracy and better visual display, a marker or pencil can easily help achieve those optimal spots.


A General Guide On Choosing The Right Tools For Different Wall Types

Know that not every wall is the same. For wall-mounting skateboards, you need to keep an eye on the type of wall you’re dealing with, as this would decide the right acquisition of tools. So whether it’s a drywall, brick, concrete, or wood wall, gather these tools accordingly.

1. Drywalls

Stud finder: You may need a stud finder to locate the wooden studs behind the drywall. It provides a more secure attachment point for you to begin with.

Screws: Use Long Coarse-threaded screws for better grip.

2. Concrete Wall & Brick Blocks

Hammer Drill: It is needed for that added force to penetrate hard surfaces such as concrete or cement blocks.

Mansory Drill bit: These go well into concrete walls with a carbide tip.

3. Wood Paneling

Wood screw: Choose the long ones that securely dig into the thick wood surfaces.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging the Skateboard

Hanging a skateboard on the wall is a straightforward process. You just need to begin with marking your favorite spot all the way to finally hanging them securely. Though each step is crucial, the mounting hardware, tools, and a little bit of your technical capability would turn your skateboards into a statement piece.

Step 1: Choose A Right Spot On The Wall

The secret to a good wall location is typically the one that has wide visibility, easy accessibility, and aesthetic potential.  This one is important if you plan to hang not one but a lot of your electric skateboards. First, analyze the wall size and the number of skateboards that can fit in. The distance between each skateboard display should have enough space so that the aesthetics aren’t ruined.

Step 2: Calculate The Distance Between Two Truck Holes

The second step is to know how much distance is between the two trucks' holes of your electric skateboards so that you can figure out the center point. Use a pencil or a marker and mark a point on the wall. Meanwhile, ensure all your marked positions are level and symmetrical.

Step 3: Use A Tool/Drill To Attach The Mounting Hardware To The Wall

It’s better to consult the manufacturer's instructions for your chosen hardware. Use respective tools or screws to attach the mount, hooks, and racks on the wall. When dealing with drywall, use appropriate wall anchors for added stability.

Step 4: Hang Your Skateboard Onto The Mount

Carefully place our electric skateboards onto the installed mounting hardware. The deck faces upward or downward for vertical mounts, and for horizontal mounts, the deck faces outward.


Maintenance and Care

Like all other home decor, cleaning is paramount; treating your wall-mount skateboards with care is good for their longevity and preserves their functionality and aesthetic allure. What are those maintenance practices with displayed skateboards? Let us define them in this section.

Conduct Regular Inspection

Hanging electric Skateboards is not just about a one-time process and you’re done; it’s more about how well the mounting hardware remains stable and secured to the wall. This would require you to periodically inspect them for any sign of damage, loose screws, cracks, or chips.

Clean Thoroughly

It’s pretty evident that hung skateboards could potentially attract more dirt, dust, and debris than the ones stored in boxes. It makes sense to gently wipe them off with a soft cloth before each use; otherwise, they could damage the components if left for too long.

Protect Them From Sunlight

If your skateboards are displayed in a setting most exposed to the sunlight, try rotating the deck in order to prevent uneven fading or discoloration of graphics.

Rotate Display Boards

If the wall has too many of your electric skateboards, try to change their placement so that you can distribute the wear evenly across the collection.

Choose the Wall Location Wisely

Be mindful of the skateboard wall mount locations to prevent accidental bumps and damage. Prefer low-traffic areas with less impact.

Adjusting Or Upgrade The Display

As your skateboard collection grows or the layout of your room changes, re-examine the placements of your skateboard on the wall. Consider adjusting the display to match the space settings to maintain a balanced and nice visual appearance.

Replace the Skateboard Parts.

Wheels trucks, grip tapes, bearings, and decks are sold individually on Veymax. For a safe and remarkable time skating, change a part that is likely to fall apart before it causes you to fall.


A collection of your favorite Skateboard decks hung on the wall is not just a practical storage solution but a feeling of great pride for passionate skateboarders, and those with good graphic designs can bring additional beauty to the living space.

Remember that when it comes to hanging your skateboards, the possibilities are endless. There are so many ways your best electric skateboard can revamp your space into wall art, so don’t be afraid to explore all those creative mounting options available in the market.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can get quick access to the one you need for skateboarding. At the same time, you don’t just save the space but infuse your living space with the energy and enthusiasm of your skateboarding spirit. 

Just by carefully selecting the suitable wall mount, considering the room's layout, ensuring proper placement, and appreciating the unique design of your skateboard, you can showcase your prized possession and add a distinctive touch to any space.

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