Types of ESK8

Types of Electric Skateboards: Which Ones You Should Choose ?

Types of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards, also known as esk8 or e-skate, have become increasingly popular and are a lot of fun to ride. They have motors built into the wheels and removable batteries embedded in the deck. Decks range from ultra-rigid platforms to highly flexible platforms. They are made of wood, plastic, or both and installed with tape.

The most advanced e-skateboards are sleek, smooth and aerodynamic. In this article, we will discuss the different types of electric skateboards and which ones you should choose based on your personal preferences and needs.

Many types of skateboards, how should you choose?

There are many types of skateboards, and many people own different types of skateboards. Similarly, there are many types of electric skateboards. We can choose the electric skateboard that suits us according to our different needs, such as usage scenarios, road conditions, commuting distance, and riding skills.Below we introduce the characteristics of different electric skateboards. Riders can choose the appropriate electric skateboard according to their actual situation.

Shortboard Electric Skateboards

Shortboards are the most common type of Electric Skateboard and are great for cruising around town. As the name suggests, they are shorter than traditional longboards, making them easier to maneuver and easier to carry. Shortboards typically have smaller wheels, which means they are less stable at high speeds or on rough terrain.

Our product Veymax Nano weighs only 5.6 kg, making it very lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel companion. Unlike other e-boards, the Nano can be easily carried on a plane or train, making it a good choice for students and young people who often go out.

veymax nano electric skateboard mini

Longboard Electric Skateboards

Longboards are the opposite of shortboards in that they are longer and more stable. They're perfect for long rides or high-speed cruising. Electric longboards typically have larger wheels to handle rough terrain and provide a smoother ride.

Currently, VEYMAX has released 2 electric longboards: Veymax Roadster X4 Series and Veymax Cejour Series. The appearance and configuration of these two electric longboards are different. The X4 series is equipped with four large 105mm wheels, which are suitable for a variety of terrains and can also be used off-road. The Cejour series adds a handle design to the board and is equipped with 90*60mm PU wheels, which is more suitable for riders to commute in the city.

Veymax Roadster X4 Electric Skateboard

Veymax Cejour Electric Skateboard

Off-road Electric Skateboards

Off-road skateboards, also known as all-terrain skateboards, are designed to tackle rough terrain. They have large wheels with deep treads that grip dirt, gravel, and other surfaces. Off-road skateboards are great for exploring trails, getting off the beaten path, and having fun in the great outdoors.

Electric Penny Boards

Penny boards are small, lightweight and easy to carry. They're great for short rides or cruising around town. Electric penny boards usually have a plastic deck and small wheels, which makes them less stable than other types of e boards. However, they are still fun and great for beginners.

Overall, the type of electric skateboard you choose will depend on your riding style and the type of terrain you plan to ride. If you're not sure which type of skateboard is right for you, consider renting or borrowing one to try out before buying.

In addition to the different types of electric skateboards, there are various features and components to consider when choosing a skateboard. These include motor power, battery life, deck material, wheel size and price range. We will cover these factors in more detail in the next section.

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