How to Prolong the Service Life of Electric Surfboard?

Making Electric Surfboards Last

Electric Surfboards don't come cheap. So, as a newbie to the sport, when buying your first surfboard, you might be concerned about its longevity.

Well, accurately calculating the lifespan of an Electric Surfboard is not an easy task. The lifespan of an Electric Powered Surfboard depends on its engine power and battery life. Also, the lifespan of a surfboard depends on various factors such as sunlight, water, storage and how you like to surf. All of these factors combined will determine the lifespan of your Electric Surfboard.

Many factors can affect the lifespan of an Electric Surfboard. In this article I'm going to cover the ins and outs of what a surfboard user needs to know. Hopefully, surfboard users will be able to avoid mistakes and extend the life of their Electric Surfboard after reading this article.

Wrong Way to Use Electric Surfboard.

Surfers tend to make avoidable mistakes that they don't realize. These mistakes include exposure to heat and proper brine washing. Additionally, aggressive surfing styles and improper storage of the board can shorten the life of the board and engine battery somewhat.

Surf style: For aggressive surfers, a better quality, lighter eFoil Electric Surfboard is the better choice. That's because they rely on high performance and faster board speeds to ride the waves faster. Less aggressive surfers tend to change boards less often because they are not based on high-performance riding, so the boards are more durable.

Storage: Storage is crucial as it greatly affects the lifespan of your surfboard. Surfboards tend to expand when exposed to heat, which is why I recommend keeping them in a cool place. It's also wise to keep them in a spacious place where they won't overheat. Keeping it in a safe place will ensure that other elements do not cause corrosion to the surface of your Electric Surfboard.

Sun: In most cases, the heat from the sun will cause the surfboard to swell. If the foam inside the Electric Powered Surfboard expands, the Electric Surfboard will become bumpy and uncomfortable to use. Thick extension plates can be uncomfortable for the user and affect the overall surfing experience. So it's crucial to keep your surfboard out of the heat as much as possible to preserve its lifespan.

Water: Modern surfboards are made of fiberglass or epoxy-covered foam, which has some problems. These problems can occur when people don't fix their surfboards, even if they have cracks or dents. If they keep not patching the crack/dent then it could flood the Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard. It can cause speed reduction and even cause corrosion in salt water.

Maintenance Method for Electric Surfboard

You can easily extend the life of your Electric Surfboard if you maintain certain protocols. Covering it properly, keeping your surfboard in a safe place, safety instructions for maintaining your Electric Surfboard battery, and regular maintenance and care are some of the factors that contribute to longevity.

Timely maintenance.

It is necessary to quickly repair small dents and dents on the board. Also, if someone is surfing in salt water, they should wash the boat with fresh water and rinse off the salt water.

Salt water is corrosive and can damage Electric Surfboards in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse the Electric Powered Surfboard regularly so that no traces of corrosive substances are left on the Electric Surfboard. If possible, you can purchase a surfboard repair kit. Some dents and dents are so small that it's difficult to take them permanently to a repair shop. These small dents can be repaired quickly with the help of a repair kit.

Check the battery regularly.

I recommend following some basic instructions to maintain good battery life. The first is to store the battery at 15-20% charge. The greater the amount of charge remaining during storage, the greater the risk. Also make sure not to apply shock to the battery as it may cause sudden damage to the battery

Further care should be taken to avoid battery overheating issues. This shortens the service life. Removing the battery pack is also very dangerous as the battery can easily catch fire then.

Stores in the surfboard bag.

The boards on Electric Surfboards are usually made of similar materials to standard surfboards (except for the highest quality ones). As a result, heat and unnecessary elements can cause E-Surfboards to become uneven, lumpy, and uncomfortable to use. To avoid this from happening, a surfboard bag is essential.

These bags act as covers, protecting the Electric Surfboard from the elements that can cause damage to the board and battery.

For example, it protects it from heat, dust and even unwanted scratches.

Store in a safe place.

It is crucial to keep your Electric Surfboard in a safe place. Generally, Electric Powered Surfboards are more expensive than regular surfboards and you need to be extra careful.

In addition to storing your Electric Surfboard in a safer place, you also need to store your battery-powered engine safely so it doesn't get damaged. You can also damage your surfboard while transporting it from one place to another. Therefore, it should be ensured that the transportation method is suitable and will not cause damage to the Electric Surfboard.

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