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Understanding Water Resistance in Electric Skateboards

Water Resistance in E-boards

Compact, efficient, eco-friendly electric skateboards are jumping out of their shiny boxes and straight onto roads and bike lanes worldwide.

They're more portable than e-bikes and much cheaper than cars; it's easy to see why e-skateboards are fast becoming a popular transportation choice for commuters, students, and pretty much anyone.

However, if you want to ride your e-skateboard in the rain, you'll need to choose a model with a good water resistance rating to protect the components and ensure it lasts.

IP ratings can be a real head-scratcher if you're new to e-skateboards, but have no fear, we're here to give you the lowdown on water resistance and why it's essential for your motorized skateboard.

What is water resistance?

Water resistance is an essential feature of an Electric Skateboard, which allows riders to use them in wet conditions, preventing water from seeping into the skateboard and damaging the electrical components.

Generally speaking, most electric longboards have some form of protection against water damage built into their design, including seals, covers, and special insulation layers that prevent short circuits.

Some e-skateboards also incorporate software-based protections that detect when the skateboard is exposed to moisture and automatically shut down the power supply, ensuring the rider can stay safe in wet conditions.

However, while some skateboards offer superior water resistance, others will protect your skateboard against light rain only.

E-skating by the beach

Why is water resistance important for electric skateboards?

When you think of all the components in an e-skateboard, it's easy to see why water resistance is essential. The battery, motor, and internal components will be sensitive to moisture, and even the outside frame can rust over if exposed to water.

Here are some reasons why water-resistant e boards are a must.

Protection against water damage

As with all electrical items, exposure to water can seriously harm your electric skateboard and even render it inoperable. When you have water-resistant components, you can reduce the risks of damage and still use your skateboard to commute.


Water damage can affect the longevity of an electric skateboard. A skateboard with good water resistance will likely have a longer lifespan. Commuters and urban riders need to prioritize IP ratings because replacing a skateboard is expensive.


If water enters your motorized skateboard, it can damage the electrical components and cause a short circuit. This can cause electric shocks or fires, which compromise your safety.

Usability in different weather conditions

Certain weather conditions mean you should avoid using your skateboard - especially in torrential rain and snow. However, mild rain or a few puddles don't need to get in the way of your experience - as long as you choose a skateboard that can perform well in certain conditions.

How water resistance works in Veymax electric skateboards?

Water resistance plays an integral role in e skateboards, and understanding how it works can help you make informed decisions about which product to buy. In simple terms, water resistance measures a skateboard's ability to repel or withstand water and other liquids.

Riding veymax e-longboards

E-skateboards with higher IP ratings offer more protection but can also require extensive maintenance to ensure they stay in top condition. But, skateboards with the highest ratings offer the most protection but often cost more money. Some people find the level of care too time-consuming and choose a skateboard that suits their needs.

Electric skateboards with an IP55 rating are perfect for city riding and commuting.

The standard water resistance rating with e-skateboards is IP55, which protects the skateboard from water splashes and dust particles.

Veymax electronic boards with an IP55 rating are ideal for commuters, as they not only provide protection, but are compact enough to take anywhere without breaking your budget. If you buy the Veymax Roadster X4 now, you'll get a $100 discount, making it just $499.

In short, when shopping for an e-skateboard, it's always worth checking its IP rating - those with higher ratings will offer enhanced protection against rain and liquid splashes.

Electric longboards are ideal if portability, efficiency, and cost-effectivity are top of your transportation priorities, and they've come a long way in terms of sustainability and public perception.

Unfortunately, water and moisture can still be a source of damage and breakdowns, but understanding water resistance in motorized skateboards ensures you can maintain your model correctly and prolong its lifespan.

Once you know your skateboard's limitations, you can take steps to protect the skateboard and enjoy everything these convenient and ultra-stylish modes of transportation offer.

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