What is the difference between flowboarding and ocean surfing?

Indoor Surfing and E-surfing

Flowboarding, also known as flowriding and indoor surfing, is a new sport that simulates surfing on the sea. As the name suggests, indoor surfing is a surfing sport that can also be carried out indoors. Using giant jet facilities to create strong water flow, combined with the angle of the air cushion, to imitate real waves, the water level in skateboard surfing is not high, so even if it is overturned by the waves, you will not drown, and the waves are extremely stable, and you can also adjust according to your personal situation Adjust the water flow rate. The key is very safe, which is especially suitable for beginners and people who don't have time to go to the beach to play electric powered surfboards.

And because the activity is indoors, there is no need to worry about being afraid of the sun, but it is better to wear a long-sleeved swimsuit. Of course, if you want to surf in a bikini is also possible.

The playing methods of the two are different: as long as flowboarding can learn to get into the pool by itself, or push into the pool from the side, it is relatively easy to stand on it and rush. While surfing in the waves, it is easy to enter the sea, but whether the Electric Surfboard can be rushed depends on the skill level of the surfer. In terms of movement, the center of gravity of indoor surfing should be placed on the back foot, but if it is in the sea, the center of gravity needs to be placed on the front foot, and the center of gravity needs to be placed on the back foot to brake.

The waves and waves are different: indoor surfing is a water flow created by a machine, and the rise and fall of the waves are regular, while the waves in the waves are waves, which have no rules to follow and have considerable uncertainty.

It is different from the influence of the outside world: flowboarding is a sport that allows people to surf freely on the water indoors, without being affected by temperature and current. When surfing on the sea, people often encounter backflow. If they are not careful, they will be taken to the deep sea by the backflow, which is more dangerous.

If you are a novice surfing at the beach, you will feel a little scared. If you fall, you will fall directly into the sea. When a wave hits you, you will feel very at a loss. And flowriding will feel safe psychologically first, and there will be very professional and caring coaches to guide you.

What kind of geographical environment is suitable for sea surfing?

In the past, surfing was powered by waves, and it had to be carried out on the beach with wind and waves. The height of the waves should be about 1 meter, and the minimum should be no less than 30 centimeters. The Hawaiian Islands have waves suitable for surfing all year round, especially in winter or spring from the North Pacific Ocean. The waves are as high as 4 meters, which can enable athletes to slide over 800 meters. And now, if you ride an electric surfboard, you can surf even on a calm lake!

Novices who come into contact with surfing for the first time should practice paddling first, learn to lie on the surfboard on the shore, find out their center of gravity on the board, and practice paddling with their hands. This is the starting skill for surfing learning, because it is necessary to be able to make a large hand stroke to make the surfboard move forward or turn quickly. Therefore, before you learn how to paddle well, don't try to stand up and ride. You must lie on the wave board and practice paddling out to sea.

Breaking waves is also called surfing, which refers to the skill of crossing waves. It must be coordinated with the action of hand strokes so that the surfboard can smoothly row to the open sea to enjoy the fun of surfing when returning.

Players who are exposed to electric surfboards for the first time must overcome several obstacles if they want to quickly learn how to use efoil. First, you need to adjust your riding position so that your shoulders rotate forward. This will give them better control over the roll axis of the foil. Second, they have to adjust to their tendency to get on the back foot as the board accelerates. More often than not, surfers instinctively lean back on the board as they pop their stance to keep their noses from pearling on the descent. If they do that on an electric surfboard, they'll quickly learn that's not going to work. Finally, surfers need to learn not to "fall". Surfers want to get the most out of the waves, especially if there's a long queue.

What are the benefits of surfing?

In any case, if you want to compare high-rise buildings and commercial centers, the sea and the beach are definitely natural places to relieve stress. Otherwise, why do people choose the seaside for vacation? Let yourself walk barefoot on the beach, you can fully relax your mind and body. When the tide rises and falls, when soaking in the sea or surfing, the waves will have a massage effect on the body. Surfing can eliminate the fat on the abdomen, legs and arms and get rid of excess fat, which has a weight loss effect.

When on an electric surfboard, you need to keep looking up and turning your head, and skiing with both arms. These actions have a very good effect on the neck, shoulders, and waist, and are very helpful for the recovery of damaged parts. When surfing, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the muscles are tensed, so that the muscles of the back and abdomen will be exercised. Constantly looking for a balanced position, thus exercising the thigh muscles.

Is Surfing more difficult than FlowRider?

Indoor surfing isn't exactly surfing. Real surfing is definitely easier than with the FlowRider. Because, it is difficult to find your balance than surfing, especially when the water is flowing at high speed under your feet.

So, it's like starting everything from scratch.

Forget about your surfing skills. You may be an advanced or professional surfer and still struggle with standing waves.

The FlowRider is definitely more like skis and skateboards than surfing. If you're a beginner or advanced surfer, you can pretty much just ride the waves.

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