Should You Buy an Electric Skateboard with Removable Battery?

E-boards with Removable Batteries

Electric skateboards with removable batteries are a much more recent addition to the skateboard world. They have several key benefits and special use cases that make them suitable for a specific subset of skateboard riders.

We will delve into the specific benefits these useful skateboards provide, and then explore whether a skateboard like this might be the right choice for you.

Genres of removable batteries in electric skateboards

The sentence "removable battery" can mean two things when it comes to e-skateboards.

Primarily, it means that the skateboard's battery can be removed from the Electric Skateboard itself. But also, it can represent that the skateboard can support a plus battery to extend its autonomy, which is also removable. The latter is also often called an attachable or detachable battery.

Some skateboards only have a removable battery, others have a standard main battery that is impossible to remove but can accept an added battery pack as an upgrade, and finally a smaller number of models have a removable main battery and can accept a battery pack.

Advantages of electric skateboards with removable batteries

The greatest advantage of motorized skateboards with removable batteries is that you can practically increase the range of the skateboard multiple times. In fact, you can increase it by one aspect of any number of backup batteries you purchase. If you have, for example, 3 separate batteries, you can swap them all out, put one in the skateboard and 2 in a backpack with you, and simply replace them when they run down.

Another essential virtue is that you should not carry the entire skateboard inside to recharge it. Simply take the battery with you, store your skateboard outside, charge the battery, and plug it back in when you're off to offer your next ride. We can easily argue that usually the portability of the skateboard becomes almost unimportant; You just might not ever need to take your skateboard inside for example.

Skateboards with removable batteries are also not good targets for thieves. Stealing a skateboard without a battery is simply not worth it. Right now, they probably don't know that the skateboard is missing the battery when it gets stolen, and you should still get a strong lock for the skateboard, but if they know the model, they might think twice and change their model. opinion.

Lastly, for e-skateboards that accept a second battery, the main optimization will be in the arrival of the skateboard, but overall performance will also be improved. Speed, climbing ability, and weight capacity can be increased if you add the extra battery.

Disadvantages of electric skateboards with removable batteries

There really aren't many downsides to electric longboards with removable batteries.

We could argue that the removable battery adds extra weight to the skateboard, but this is how batteries in electronic devices generally work - the more battery life you want, the more weight you have to support.

On top of this, there is the opportunity for a greater risk of defects thanks to the removal feature, as being able to remove the battery adds another clever moving section to the skateboard. Fortunately, defects related to auxiliary batteries are very rare.

The value of an add-on battery for your electric skateboard will vary depending on the skateboard model, battery manufacturer, and battery size.

An added battery will add between 3 lbs and 6.5 lbs of weight to your skateboard, depending on its size and capacity. Some of that weight will come from the added battery rack, and the battery without the rack will be around 1lb much lighter than the full setup for the added battery.

Should you get an electric skateboard with a removable battery?

I believe that the ability of a skateboard to have a removable battery as well as the ability to accept an added battery are key advantages.

Keep in mind that most motorized skateboards with removable batteries are not true range e-skateboards. If you really need a lot of range from your skateboard, just choose some completed e-boards which has the best long range.

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