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It can be said that electric skateboards and hoverboards have 2 very different purposes.

The e-skateboard is one of the most fun, fun to use and interesting of this time. Truly, there is no way not to see that boy on the streets, who has some magical ability. How do they handle the strange little thing with wheels under their feet?

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

The e-skateboard is a four-wheeled vehicle based on a traditional skateboard with an electric kit. The current electric longboards are generally divided into two main driving modes: two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive, and the main power source is a lithium battery pack.

Generally, the mainstream control method of e-skateboards is wireless remote control to control the acceleration and braking of motorized longboards, and the way to control the turning is the same as that of traditional skateboards. The wheel frame is shifted and tilted by human force and balance transfer. turn.

What Is A Hoverboard?

The hoverboard is actually a skateboard based on attitude control. The biggest difference from other common four-wheeled e-boards is that it can be separated from the remote control and only achieve somatosensory control by changing the center of gravity of the human body. It is similar to a balance car, but more Simpler.

The difference of electric skateboard and hoverboard

But I know enough about the two technologies to compare them. If you are thinking about getting an e-longboard or a hoverboard, it is essential that you know their similarities, their differences, and when you should consider each.

For transportation, a Veymax Skateboard is far superior to a hoverboard. Electric longboards are much safer, easier to use, faster, have more range, climb better, and are more suitable for heavier adults. They have been around much longer and are considerably more tried and tested technology. Only consider a hoverboard over an e-skateboard if you're curious to try a fun new ride.

How serious and reliable are hoverboards? How exactly do they compare to motorized longboards in terms of performance, safety, ease of use, and price? We will cover each and every one of those issues now.


Is a hoverboard more expensive than an e-skateboard? The answer is not entirely certain. Usually, the price of these two depends on the materials used and the features offered by the brand. And there are multiple makes and models of e-boards and hoverboards on the market today, making it difficult to determine which of the two is more affordable.

Overall, hoverboards are generally more expensive than e-boards because they are more versatile, more powerful, and have a longer wheelbase. From the perspective of use, hoverboards are used for leisure, while electric skateboards are often purchased by skateboarders who are keen on skating.

From this analysis, you may notice that there will be more demand for hoverboards than e-skateboards, making hoverboards more expensive.


While it's really hard to know for sure, I think hoverboards are the least safe on the market. One thing that makes hoverboards safe is that they are not able to develop huge speeds. Thus, the opportunity for very serious injury has limits.

E-longboards can go quite fast. The faster motorized skateboards can go so fast that the aftermath can be dire. But the vast majority of people are never going to travel in space anywhere near those speeds.

Most of the time electric longboards and hoverboards are driven at comparable speeds. E-skateboards are half a level much faster.

What makes hoverboards unsafe is that it relies entirely on somatosensory control.

And, hoverboards just have two wheels, making it extremely challenging for new riders to learn and adopt. You may think that learning to walk on a hoverboard is not that difficult, but it is actually much more difficult than walking on a skateboard. Throughout the study period, and even after that, you are much more likely to fall on a hoverboard.

Motorized longboards need some balance on the part of the rider. But moving them is very simple. Acceleration and steering are done with the remote. Driving development is considerably simpler. That makes e-boards quite safe compared to hoverboards.


Electric skateboards have been around for over a decade, much more than hoverboards. Moreover, various brands have e-longboards specifically for commuting, and the public has recognized them as real means of transportation for short trips.

The rivalry between the manufacturers and developers of motorized skateboards is gigantic. Therefore, the race to build reliable electric longboards, which will serve their owners for years without fail, is on full swing.

That has resulted in e-skateboards becoming much more reliable year after year. It is quite possible that they will continue to do so.

Hoverboards still have the status that motorized longboards had some 5-7 years ago. For many, they're fun toys for young people, but they're far from reliable transportation devices.

There are some very serious manufacturers out there making great high quality hoverboards (often the same ones that make e-boards).

In addition to this, the hoverboard, although smaller in size, is a much more complicated piece of machinery.

For the most part electric skateboards and hoverboards supply many of the same major electronics and parts. They both have a battery, and the battery provides power to a motor.

Hoverboards, however, have an added layer of difficulty. That is the sensors they use to speed, move and turn.

E-longboards have a remote, which is much easier, and a much more proven electronic system.

When it comes to being a reliable means of transportation, differences like this can be fundamental. Unlike hoverboards, motorized skateboards are very reliable and there are many reliable models.

Easy to use

Neither hoverboards nor electric longboards are difficult to control. However, hoverboards are much more difficult than e-skateboards.

The motorized longboard has each and every one of the elements of a vehicle and a normal skateboard. It has a remote which has an accelerator button, a brake, and you can turn easily like riding a normal skateboard.

Studying to ride an e-board is a matter of minutes. In truth, I am yet to understand someone who has not learned to walk on an electric skateboard in less than five minutes.

The hoverboard is much more of a futuristic sci-fi contraption than a vehicle. Speeding up, slowing down, and turning are all done using your body. Some shifting and spatial awareness are required to feel comfortable riding it.

Stumbling, losing stability or collapsing is much more possible. For that reason you don't see many mature seniors riding these things.


In terms of portability, hoverboards and e-longboards are almost the same. On average, they weigh almost the same.

The average hoverboard weighs about 26 lbs. Only a few models weigh more than 33 lbs. Riders have a hard time keeping them in their packs. As mentioned, they are quite bulky, especially for someone who needs to go where hoverboards are prohibited.

The average weight of a motorized skateboard is 15 to 28 lbs, and there may be some electric longboards that are lighter than hoverboards, but there are also models that weigh twice as much as hoverboards. For example, some off-road e-skateboards can even weigh more than 50 lbs.


The maximum speed of even the fastest hoverboards will not be more than 15mph. They just aren't designed for fast rides.

Almost all motorized longboards will be able to achieve speeds in excess of 15mph. A large number of models of e-boards will be able to go much faster, some even at much more than 35mph.

As we stated before, those kinds of speeds are going to be out of reach for most people. But still, most of the time, it's going to be useful to be able to go 18-22 mph. This is especially so for much longer trips with huge swaths of clear road.

Speeds like that are common on electric skateboards and not on hoverboards.


E-longboards are going to be a lot better for climbing than hoverboards. This is mostly about the wild power of the motor, and to some extent battery charging and voltage, as skateboard batteries increase in power from year to year.

Motorized skateboards tend to have much more powerful motors on average. That allows them to be able to climb higher angles. And they are able to climb angles of around 22 degrees and more. Some skateboards that specialize in climbing even claim crazy numbers over 60 degrees of climb angles!

Hoverboards that can climb hills with more than a 20 degree incline are rare. Its mass may be less, but its engines are considerably less powerful, even in the off-road category.

Besides this, have you tried climbing a much steeper hill on a hoverboard? The only word that comes to mind to describe the experience is “strange”. You just have to lean so far forward that you don't feel safe.

Knowing all of that, we can safely say that electric longboards are great for climbing, and we can't say the same for hoverboards. They are the perfect mode of transportation favored for mountainous areas and uneven terrain.

Long distances

If you want to travel relatively long distances with a ride-on, an e-skateboard will be the clear decision. Even the motorized longboards with the shortest range will have longer range than most hoverboards.

The range of e-boards varies a lot, fluctuating between 15 and 40 miles. Even so, most electric skateboards for adults will have a range greater than 16 miles.

In truth, the average arrival time for e-longboards in all models currently stands at 18 miles. Also, some of the more powerful skateboards will have a lot more than that. For hoverboards, the typical range is between 9 and 16 miles on just one charge.

Hoverboards are also making steady progress. There are some models that have much larger range than that. Even so, most hoverboards have slightly less range than motorized skateboards.

There is no hoverboard yet that has much more than 40 miles of range. On the other hand, there are dozens and dozens of models of electric longboards that can achieve those range.

E-skateboards are a clear winner when it comes to range.


Motorized longboards have come a long way in the last decade, becoming one of the popular modes of transportation in many large cities. That was possible mainly because their engines get a lot more powerful.

Hoverboards with motor powers greater than 500W are marketed as off-roaders. Essentially, there are no hoverboards with motors much more powerful than 1000W.

E-boards with that kind of capability, on the other hand, are plentiful. Even today's average electric skateboards have motors over 500 watts. The more powerful e-longboards have multi-watt motors.

The reason why hoverboards have much weaker motors is quite simple. Hoverboards cannot go as fast as skateboards. That is not its purpose. Hence, they do not require super powerful motors.


We could say that this will depend to a large extent on the person who owns it. Many people will only have fun if the journey is not too difficult and you do not need to regularly maintain stability and be alert.

However, while both the motorized skateboard and the hoverboard are very new inventions, the hoverboard came a bit later. Or it became general later at least.

The electric longboard has now been consolidated as a possible means of transportation in cities. Many of those people became real enthusiasts and became owners. The e-skateboard is already a device that a large part of the population has. Very often, people use them for only transportation and travel. The demographics of motorized longboard users are very diverse. Quite a few people over the age of 30 have one.

The hoverboard, on the other hand, is an entirely different story for the most part. It is not as widespread as the e-board.

For that aura of fun and joy, this point must be given to hoverboards. Even if skateboards can be a lot more fun for some people due to increased safety and ease of use, hoverboards are just enough fun for a lot of people.

When to get a hoverboard instead of an electric skateboard?

There are only a handful of levels where a hoverboard would be better than an e-longboard. That is when your primary motivation is fun, news, or curiosity.

As we've seen, hoverboards tend to be a minor form of transportation at various points. The one advantage they can have over motorized skateboards is that they are much newer and therefore can be a lot more fun for a lot of people.

However, keep in mind that motivations like this can be a part of the marketing plan of some manufacturers. While in most cases there's nothing wrong with getting a product you enjoy, you might not be as excited about it a few months after purchasing it. It will only collect dust in your parking lot.

If you're curious, try borrowing one from someone to try it out. Only get one if you're convinced you won't be wasting your money on something that isn't going to entertain you in a week.

When to get an electric skateboard instead of a hoverboard?

In most cases, there is no problem between choosing an e-skateboard or a hoverboard. Unless you're completely determined that hoverboarding will still be fun for you in three months.

If you need a transportation vehicle to get to work or the last mile, choosing a motorized longboard is a no-brainer. Thousands of individuals around the world now use e-boards to get to and from work. There's a reason multi-billion dollar companies lease electric skateboards instead of hoverboards.

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