How to Avoid Buying An Electric Skateboard That Makes You Regret it?

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Portable electric transport is developing and improving in all directions. Quite recently, a new type of portable equipment has appeared - an electric skateboard. It allows you to move at a solid speed, overcoming long distances, and does not require any effort from the raider.

E-boards are so popular that many people got one, and love it. Also, some people were regret to buy one.

How to choose a suitable electric skateboard?

A motorized skateboard or electric longboard is a board with an electric motor that expands the rider's capabilities. The electric board to a certain extent combines the technique of electric traction and the inertial modification of the skateboard.

The electric skateboard is characterized by the presence of two important components:

  • Motor
  • Brakes

The engine accelerates the skateboard, and the braking system allows you to quickly stop without consequences. Also, such skateboards often put enlarged wheels. Therefore, if you want to choose a good electric skateboard, you should pay more attention to the motor, so as to increase the level of comfort at the time of operation of the model, to reduce shaking and increase cross-country ability. And we will combine the best performance and the best technology to manufacture Veymax Skateboard that can bring you ultimate enjoyment.

So, how to properly choose this fashionable device, so you do not regret the purchase:

  1. Decide for what purpose you will buy it.
  2. Consider how often you will use it.
  3. Consider where you will ride it.
  4. Consider the dimensions and weight.

Remember that it is much easier and simpler to ride an electric skateboard than a normal board. If you plan to travel long distances, then the electric drive is the best option. In this case, the key parameter will be the power of the equipment, and not its cost.

Attention to detail

The first key characteristic that you need to pay attention to is the power of the motor. This is true in the case of any type of electric transport.

Engine power directly determines the equipment's potential speed, throughput, and carrying capacity. The greater the power potential, the higher the cost of the motor and, consequently, the electric skateboard itself. By the way, our product Veymax X3 with a motor power of 2*500 watts is the best choice for commuters and electric skateboard beginners.

When studying the power parameters of an electric motor, experts advise focusing on such indicators:

  • 700 W: for novice riders
  • 1000-1500 W: for skateboarders with experience and certain skills.

The second important parameter is the slope level. This parameter directly characterizes the ability of an electric skateboard to go uphil and downhill. Often, manufacturers indicate several options for the angle of inclination of the vehicle at once. Everything will depend on what load the device receives. On average, for people weighing up to 150 lb, the angle is 30 °. As the weight load on the tool increases, the level of inclination also begins to decrease.

Performance affecting operation and comfort

Any electric skateboard can also be used as a non-motorized skateboard. If the battery power is completely used up, nothing interferes with the usual kicking off with legs. However, it is still worth paying attention to such a parameter as power reserve. This is the distance that the electric skateboard can cover when fully charged.

A good device is able to overcome 15 - 20 miles. The mark of 10 - 12 miles is typical for children's and teenage modifications of these vehicles. Extreme versions and powerful models for adult riders have a solid range, starting from the mark of 20 - 25 miles.


A good skateboard should be equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride. Since this is a progressive type of vehicle, and the equipment of the device must correspond to its status. Many manufacturers produce fully equipped modifications.

However, many buyers prefer to complete the device to their taste and discretion. Do not forget that this also affects the price of the unit. So, what can and should be supplemented with an electric skateboard: parking lights (indispensable when driving in the evening and at night).

Some skateboards with an electric motor allow you to change the board based on the individual preferences of the user . Riders leave positive feedback about this functionality.

Always wear a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protection when operating. Do not ignore the rules of the road when traveling on an electric skateboard. And one more valuable advice that should not be ignored: use the device taking into account the permissible temperature regime (from -10 to + 40 ° C).

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