Introducing Jetsurf: Why Suggest You Get a Veymax Electric Surfboard?

Experience Veymax E-surfboard

A jet surf is a motorized surfboard. You can ride it in any body of water, in any weather, without waves and wind at all. Veymax is the official distributor of jet surfers in the United States. Therefore, when buying a jet surf from us, you get full support and a guarantee.

From two models of Electric Surfboard you can choose the most suitable for your riding. If you have any doubts, our consultants will help you with the right choice.

Advantages of Veymax E-surfboard

  1. More powerful injection power, up to 20KW
  2. Acceleration peaks in three seconds
  3. Accelerate without lag
  4. Three gear speed adjustable
  5. The speed can be switched at will to protect the speed of novices

The Veymax Raven 2's channel design provides a sturdier build. In addition, the indents are carefully designed to make it more sturdy and durable.

Jet surfing was invented in 2008 by Czech Martin Sula. Martin is a leading engineer who has been developing engines and spare parts for AUDI, BMW, KTM, SKODA for many years. After going on vacation to Hawaii, he decided to go surfing. After spending several days paddling over the wave for long hours, only to hold onto it for a few minutes later, Martin decided to improve the process. He began to develop a mechanical surf with a motor that would allow you to be on the crest of a wave in just a few seconds.

After that, it turned out that jet surfing is also perfect for smooth water - you can do high jumps on it - up to 2-3 meters, ride a wave from a wake boat, overcome slalom distances, go on long trips along picturesque rivers and lakes.

None of the technical means for movement on water invented to date by man allows you to carry and transport it alone, both in a car and in a yacht, boat, or plane. Not a single product can be launched so quickly and begin to relax or play sports on the water.

A jet ski, powerboat or dinghy takes the time and effort of several people to launch. Windsurfing, kiting, surfing - requires certain weather conditions - wind or waves. Jet surfing has created a new way to move around the water. At the same time, it is incredibly mobile - on an airplane, a jet surf, weighing only 15 kg, is transported to anywhere in the world and, in a few hours, Hawaiian waves, the beaches of Mauritius or the islands of the Canary archipelago are equally accessible to you.

The electric surfboard market is continuously expanding, with various manufacturers introducing their own unique models that cater to different riding styles and preferences. From lightweight and easy-to-handle boards perfect for beginners to high-performance models designed for experienced riders seeking an adrenaline rush, there is an electric surfboard out there for everyone.

In conclusion, the electric surfboard combines the best elements of both jetboards and electric surfboards to deliver an electrifying water sports experience. With its versatility, impressive battery life, safety features, and environmental friendliness, it's no wonder that the electric surfboard is gaining popularity among water sport enthusiasts worldwide. So, strap on your electric surfboard, feel the rush of adrenaline as you glide effortlessly across the water's surface, and get ready to experience the future of water sports.

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