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What You Need to Know About Electric Skateboard Bearings?

Bearings for Electric Skateboards

What is a bearing?

Skateboard bearings are round metal pieces that fit inside the wheel and are used to attach the wheel to the axle. All skateboard bearings are the same size regardless of wheel size and will fit any skateboard wheel sold by Veymax Skateboards. Common sizes for bearings are 8mm (core), 22mm (outside diameter) and 7mm (width).

Most bearings are measured by ABEC ratings. The higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate and precise the bearing. The rating system includes levels 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. ABEC ratings do not specify many critical factors such as load handling capability, ball accuracy, material, Rockwell hardness of material, ball and raceway finish, noise, vibration, and lubricants. Due to these factors, ABEC class 3 bearings may perform better than ABEC class 7 bearings.

  • ABEC 1 skateboard bearings tend to be the cheapest, roughest and least accurate. The quality of the steel is not very high.
  • ABEC 3 skateboard bearings are usually cheap and don't roll as smooth or as fast.
  • ABEC 5 skateboard bearings are standard on most types of skateboards. This rating gets you fast speeds at an affordable cost.
  • ABEC 7 skateboard bearings are very fast and smooth, but cost a little more.
  • ABEC 9+ Skateboard Bearings are blazing fast! They're great for downhill skating and skaters who want to move fast.

There are also a small number of companies that do not use the ABEC rating scale and use their own rating system.

What is the bearing of the Motorized Skateboard shaft?

Skateboard bearings may be small, but they are very complex. When you first order Electric Motorized Longboard bearings, you might think they are part of your Electric Skateboard. It's not until you need to do maintenance on the bearings that you need to take them apart and find out what's inside. A Skateboard bearing is made up of seven smaller parts:

C-Ring: A thin ring that fits into a groove on the outside of the bearing to lock the guard in place.

Bearing Guard: A medium-sized ring on the side of the bearing that keeps dirt out of the ball bearings.

Outer Ring: The circular metal case in which all other components are housed.

Inner Ring: A smaller metal ring that fits inside the outer ring. The inner race is what the axle goes through when you slide the bearing/wheel assembly onto the axle.

Steel Balls: A set of 6 or 7 steel or ceramic balls placed in a ball holder. These are arguably the most important parts of the bearing as they allow the bearing housing to rotate around them.

Ball Retainers: Also known as Delrin Crowns, ball retainers hold the individual ball bearings in place while still allowing the housing to rotate around them.

Rubber Seal: A soft rubber ring on the outside of the bearing that helps protect the inside of the bearing from dirt and debris.

Motorized E-Skateboard bearings perform best when each of the different parts are working properly. You definitely need to clean the bearings regularly, as the buildup will eventually stop the bearings and therefore the wheels will not turn. If you're street skating, you need to clean your bearings twice as often. Check out Bearing Maintenance 101 for cleaning and lubricating bearings.

What are the load-bearing materials for skateboards?

Steel Bearings: Most Skateboard bearings are made of steel. In the case of steel bearings, the overall quality of the steel, seals, and internal ball bearings varies by brand. The rule of thumb tends to be that the more expensive the E-Longboard bearing, the higher the quality. Cheaper bearings tend to be made from cheaper materials, more expensive Skateboard bearings contain better seals, more internal ball bearings, and higher quality metal. You'll really feel the difference when you come to a sudden stop on your skateboard, your skateboard wheels may squeal or stiffen due to cheap bearings that are more likely to rust and stain. Spending a few extra dollars for some higher quality steel bearings is definitely a good investment.

Ceramic Bearings: Several companies now offer ceramic E-Skateboard bearings, which are very smooth, produce very little friction, and don't expand with heat. They are slightly more expensive than standard metal bearings, but are considered to be very high quality and do not require as much maintenance.

Ever since ceramic bearings hit the market, the skateboarding community has been debating whether they're actually superior. They're definitely more expensive, usually between $70 and $100. While it’s true that skateboards are worth the money, does the more expensive ceramic material really lead to better-performing Skateboard bearings?

Perhaps, ceramic bearings have ceramic balls and there are more of them, but all other parts are still made of steel. However, the steel and seals in ceramic bearings also tend to be of higher quality. Essentially, the reduced friction and smoother ride of ceramic bearings is due in part to the ceramic balls inside, but also to the higher-quality steel on the outside. This combination of materials is why ceramic bearings tend to be more expensive. In other words, ceramic bearings perform better partly because of the ceramic and partly because of the higher quality steel. The balls in ceramic bearings have a superhard exterior but are filled with ceramic powder inside. The advantage is that it is lightweight, but if the outside of the ball is damaged it will almost fall apart (although this is extremely rare).

Skaters who stick to ceramic bearings love not only the precise performance they get, but also that they require far less maintenance. Ceramics do not rust and therefore do not need to be replaced nearly as often as steel bearings.

How to maintain the bearings of Motorized Longboards?

After the skateboard has been skating for a period of time, dust will accumulate inside the bearing, which will reduce the bearing speed and increase the chance of shaft explosion. Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning of the bearing is also necessary. Electric Motorized Skateboard bearings are not as precise as those of the yo-yo, because there are eight bearings and four middle locks on one board, it is best to replace all eight bearings, no matter which shaft explodes first, it is necessary to do so.

Bearing cleaning: The cleaning of Skateboard bearings is very simple. Remove the bearings from the board, wipe off the oil and stains on the bearings with paper towels, and wipe off the inner walls of the wheels. Changing the wheels from left to right and front to back is beneficial to the smoothness of the bearings. benefit. Clean it about once a week. When using the board, the high temperature generated by the rotation of the bearing will make the glue of the wheel stick to the bearing wall, which will cause inconvenience when changing the wheel or bearing. To avoid trouble, the bearings can be cleaned at the same time.

Bearing oiling: Remember to oil the bearings after cleaning. There are a wide range of oils, including cooking oil, but some people say that the bearings bought back are soaked in gasoline for a week, which is a waste of gasoline. The bought ones will take a week. It doesn't matter if you oil it when you clean it afterward. The bearings you just bought have lubricating oil, which is used to store the oil to prevent the bearings from rusting. When you use the plate, you can send the oil out of the bearings. Dropping, oiling, these oils have no lubricating effect, just like the measuring cylinder can't be heated and can only measure the liquid, it can only prevent rust, but the commonly used plate bearings are difficult to rust.

Bearing rust: The bearing will rust when it touches water. If you want to continue sliding after passing through the water, the water in the wheel will evaporate very quickly, and the water will evaporate after about 10 meters of sliding.

The knowledge about Motorized E-Longboard bearings will be mentioned here first today. If you still don’t know how to choose bearings after reading it, I suggest you ask your friends who are skateboarding together and ask them to recommend them, and then choose according to your needs.

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