5 Surprising Facts About Electric Longboards That Will Impress You

Advantages of Veymax Electric Longboards

You almost can't walk down the street in a major city these days and NOT see someone glide by on their electric longboard, and it isn't hard to understand why: They're fun!

They make getting from Point A to Point B kind of an adventure.

With so many things being said about these boards, let's pause and break things down - you just might find yourself pretty impressed with all the amazing things these boards can do!

Easier to balance…and great for beginners!

You might not think so, but it's true. You're probably picturing yourself hitting the throttle on the hand-held remote and being ejected off the board as it takes off at top speed. But as long as you keep your knees bent and eyes forward, you should be golden.

Because you aren't taking your feet off to push and constantly repositioning yourself to keep balance, you can focus solely on steering. This also makes it a great introductory board for anyone seeking to jump into the Electric Skateboard scene but doesn't quite have a pushing/steering technique down pat yet.

They make for great alternative personal transportation!

Tired of taking an Uber from the train station to work? Tired of showing up to your next class slightly sweaty? Electric longboards are the perfect solution to that last mile transportation. Get wherever you need to go and have a BLAST along the way!

riding veymax electric longboards

The board itself is extremely flexible, and therefore makes for great steering!

Most electric longboards (including ours) are surprisingly pliable and can carve and take fast turns extremely smoothly. If you need to make a quick turn or pop a U-turn, all you have to do is lean into the board and it will respond within seconds.

These boards are environmentally friendly!

Are you always trying to think of ways to lower your carbon footprint, or looking for personal transportation modes with zero to low emissions? With Earth Day coming up, we all have to consider our best options to help keep our one earth a happy place to live in.

That's where electric longboards make a great solution to eco-friendly transportation! Because they come with lithium-ion batteries, they have no emissions. You also won't be throwing out old batteries constantly, because ours come with rechargeable batteries. Speaking of charging…

Riding an electric longboard doesn't make you lazy - if anything, it's helping make you smarter!

Okay, well, smarter is vague. It's not going to boost your GPA or help you ace your next big test.

However, a study conducted by cognitive psychologist Lawrence W. Barsalou shows that riding your electric longboard can give your brain a good workout!

When you're riding your electric longboard to work or school or your favorite sushi joint, you're taking new routes, mapping them out in your head, experiencing new sights and sounds, as well as reacting in real-time to obstacles, and utilizing your problem-solving skills. This means you're beefing up sections of your brain that improve perception, memory, and motor skills.

And there you have it! You are now armed with some pretty fun and obscure electric longboard facts that could stump your friends. You're pretty much ready to hit the road with yours.

Are you ready to take the plunge and get one? Veymax Skateboard offers two top quality electric skateboards - the smaller and savvy mini e-boards with responsive steering, and our longer and sleek longboards.

Oh! And don't forget before you hit the streets with your board - slap on your pads and helmet…please!

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