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Best Electric Skateboards for College Commuting

best e-boards for college commuting

Electric skateboards have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They provide a fun and efficient way to get around town, and are especially beneficial for college students who often have to navigate large campuses and busy streets. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages of electric longboards for college students, the main features to consider when choosing a motorized skateboard, and some of the best electric skateboards on the market right now.

Pros of Electric Skateboards for University Commuting

Efficient: Electric skate boards are much faster than traditional skateboards, which can help you reach your destination faster. They're also more energy efficient than cars and bikes, which means you'll save on fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Portable: Electric longboards are usually lightweight and easy to carry, which is a good option for college students who may need to take an e-skateboard on public transportation or store it in a small dorm. Currently, Veymax is also launching a portable electric skateboard with a handle - the Veymax Cejour Series, which is especially suitable for people who need to climb stairs or cross the road, and it is more convenient for people to lift the skateboard and go.

portable e-board veymax cejour

Cost-effective: Motorized skateboards are usually less expensive than cars and bikes, and require far less maintenance. This makes them an excellent choice for college students who may not have a lot of money to spend on transportation.

Ease of use: Electric skateboards are relatively simple to use, and most models come with a remote that lets you adjust speed and direction. This makes them a great choice for beginners without much skateboarding experience.

Fun: Electric longboards are fun to ride and can make taking classes or exploring a city a more enjoyable experience.

Main Features of Electric Skateboard

Cruising range: The cruising range of a motorized skateboard refers to how far it can travel on a single charge. This is an important consideration for college students who may need to make long trips between classes or across town. Look for a board with a range of at least 10 miles, or even more if possible.

Speed: The speed of an electric skateboard is another important consideration. Look for a board with a top speed of at least 15 mph, which should be fast enough to get you where you want to go quickly without being too dangerous.

Size and Weight: The size and weight of electric skate boards can vary greatly depending on the model. Look for a skateboard that is lightweight and easy to carry, especially if you plan to take it on public transport or store it in a small dorm.

Braking system: The braking system on an electric longboard is another important consideration. Look for a skateboard with a reliable braking system that will bring you to a quick and safe stop.

Battery Life: The battery life of an Electric Skateboard is also an important consideration. Look for a board with a battery that lasts at least an hour, and more if possible.

veymax e-boards for commuting

Best electric skateboard for college

E-boards are a great option for college students who want a fun and efficient way to get around town. When choosing an electric skateboard, it is important to consider range, speed, size and weight, braking system, and battery life.

For students in college, portability may be a key consideration, and a light and portable electric skateboard will save a lot of trouble.In addition, the quality and youthful and fashionable appearance of skateboards are factors that many students consider. After all, a stylish electric skateboard will get you lots of wows around campus.

No matter which electric skateboard you choose, be sure to wear a helmet and practice safe riding habits to ensure a fun and safe experience.

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