How to maintain your Veymax roadster x4?

Maintain Tips for Veymax X4

Today, the number of young people riding electric skateboards is increasing, especially in urban areas. In addition to being used for entertainment, it is also used as a different form of transportation. There is no doubt that using an electric longboard for transportation increases efficiency and comfort, as you do not have to stop in heavy traffic.

However, as a rider, you need to put in the effort in cleaning and maintenance to maintain its optimal quality. By doing this, the entire system does not lose durability and longevity but rather improves.

You may understand how wonderful it is when your board of directors responds perfectly to your proposal. Your entire skating experience and appearance will be affected by a dirty electric skateboard. Additionally, dirty anti-skid straps can cause you to slip and lose balance while riding, while dirt and mud in electric skateboard bearings can prevent the wheels from turning.

Therefore, knowing how to clean your skateboard grip tape, steering rack, wheels, and bearings is critical to your safety and aesthetics. Read on to learn how to properly clean and maintain your Veymax X4 electric skateboard!

7 tips for maintain the veymax skateboard

Tip 1: Clean

We recommend cleaning your electric skateboard after every ride, especially when you ride your Veymax Roadster X4 Series in the wild. Use a slightly damp or microfiber cloth to clean your skateboard deck, cleats, and any smooth surface areas to remove dirt and dust from your skateboard. But make sure there isn't any water or dirt inside the electronic parts. Once you're done, just wipe the motorized skateboard with a dry cloth.

Tip 2: Clean Bearings

When you ride any electric skateboard, the board is bound to get dirty. If left in this state for a long time, it will affect the riding quality of the skateboard. It may even degrade your skateboard's battery performance and lead to potential bearing failure. Therefore, it is important to clean the bearings regularly so that your skateboard wheels roll easily and you experience the smoothest ride possible.

In addition, please make sure to keep the bearings dry after cleaning, otherwise the bearings will rust and affect the wheel rotation.

Tip 3: Spin the wheel

Because the drive wheels on electric longboards are always in contact with the ground, they are likely to wear out the fastest. Therefore, it's a good idea to spin the wheels once in a while, especially when you're not using your skateboard.

Tip 4: Check and clean the motor

Make sure to clean your motor regularly for better performance and longevity. If you enjoy riding in rough conditions or terrain, we recommend cleaning the engine after each ride. Check your engine before and after every ride. Make sure the engine isn't making strange noises and is free of dust and debris.

In addition, if the motor overheats while riding, please wait for a while for the motor to cool down before continuing to ride.

Tip 5: Check screws and nuts

It is important to make sure that all screws and nuts throughout the electric skateboard are in place and tightened. This includes wheel nuts, truck nuts, and more.

Tip 6: Protect batteries

Make sure not to overcharge the battery. Do not leave your motorized skateboard charged for an extended period of time, as this will overcharge the battery, damaging it and shortening its life.

We also recommend connecting the charger to your Electric Skateboard before plugging it into an outlet when charging. If you won't be using your skateboard for a while, it's important to charge the battery at least once a month.

Tip 7: Safe storage

Always store your motorized skateboard at room temperature and in a dry place. Lithium batteries are not resistant to high temperatures, so make sure you never leave them in a hot place - such as in the sun or in a hot car. It's best to do this in a dark place like a garage or closet.

If you do not use your board frequently and want to store it, you should charge the battery to 40-50% capacity before storing it. Remember to keep it in a place that is always room temperature!

Follow these tips and you'll be sure to have a Roadster X4 that performs optimally and lasts for years to come!

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