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Can I Bring an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

Bring an Electric Skateboard on a airPlane

Bulk production of skateboards has grown since its adoption by a massive population graph from young individuals to adults. With the rising inflation, students find it hard to manage their transportation expenses to different areas of the city. This is where electric skateboards come into play. These devices provide a convenient method of commute without breaking a sweat.


Whether it is rough terrain or winding roads, electric skateboards offer the speed and the stability to travel longer distances with time efficiency. This is also convenient If the skateboard is purchased from a reliable brand such as Veymax. This firm is equipped to manufacture some of the most sturdy and portable skateboards in the market.


Their Roadster X4 takes the lead with its 8-ply Canadian Maple construction that withstands all obstacles without wear and tear. The global market of electric skateboards has reached over USD 30 million in 2023 according to recent statistics. This elaborates on how users of modern times think it is an efficient tool for conveyance and entertainment.


However, with all the perks of having an electric skateboard, it comes with some travel restrictions that should be understood beforehand. Airlines have different rules when it comes to taking an electric skateboard on a plane. This can be due to different factors such as battery specifications, loose parts, and improper packing.


To better understand all these regulations required to safely take an electric skateboard with you on a plane refer to our all-inclusive article below.Can I Bring an Electric Skateboard on a Plane

Understanding Airline Policies

Before diving into details, it's important to comprehend which rules you might face before taking an electric skiboard while boarding a flight. Different countries have different rules regarding battery-powered devices but some general policies apply across all platforms.


Pre-approval and specific documents are required to carry some devices exceeding the standard limit set by the airline. Battery-related incidents have happened in the past due to unchecked batteries which have resulted in fires and explosions. This has led to airlines creating specific restrictions and practicing them strictly.


Malfunctioning devices and overheating issues of any electronic gadgets are required to be pre-informed to the flight crew. It is so they can put safety precautions in place. Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are the aviation authorities that generally put restrictions on electrical batteries and regulate their transport.


It is also important to check the rules of different flights as they may vary. If not adhered to by them may cause inconvenience in the future. If we look at some of the examples where major airlines have set specific rules for electric skateboards then these are as follows.

American Airlines

According to this airline, If the batteries are removed and placed in an appropriate container, they may be checked as luggage. Batteries with a capacity of more than 100 Wh must have prior authorization. Each passenger is limited to a maximum of 2 skateboards per flight.

Southwest Airlines

The airline states that the electric skateboard fulfills airline luggage restrictions when batteries are removed and stored in an approved container. Any battery size over 160 Wh needs a separate permit.

Battery Regulations

An aspect that is important to discuss in this article is the battery regulations applied on a plane. As lithium-ion batteries are a common and important aspect of electric skateboards for their working, these cannot be left behind.


veymax x4 roadster battery

The regulations state that most airline allows a maximum Lihtium-Ion Battery limit of 100 Wh per battery. Veymax’s Nano Mini Electric Skateboard is an excellent choice to take you with on a place. The reason is that it has a battery power of 90.72 Wh which is well within the battery limitations of any flight.


There is also another specification that needs to be met which is battery type. Lithium-ion batteries that have more than 2 grams of lithium content are banned from being taken on a plane due to their explosive characteristics.


Passenger safety is primary for most airlines. Passengers are often required to follow specific guidelines regarding their skateboards such as these needing to be switched off during flight hours. The crew might require disabling the motor of the electric skateboard before it is taken off a flight as a safety measure.

Packing and Checking Your Electric Skateboard

Careful planning, preparation, and adhering to the rules pre-placed by the airline are just to take an electric skateboard on a plane. But you also need to know how to properly pack the skateboard for secure traveling for the flight. Here’s a guide to understanding all the details.

Disassembling Skateboard

Remove any loose parts or parts that are add-ons. These include motors, wheels, grip tape, and batteries. Disconnect the battery carefully so it can be attached easily later on.

Pack Battery Securely

Take a hard-shell case that is specifically designed to store Lithium-ion batteries according to the airline's instructions. Cover both the terminals of the battery with tape. Last but not least, label the battery and keep it in fragile things to avoid any short circuits. Charge the battery partially before boarding the flight to prevent it from overheating.

Secure Skateboard

secure your electric skateboard veymax

Buy a sturdy case and fill it with bubble wrap to help cushion the electric skateboard during travel. Keep all disassembled parts in this container to avoid any damage during the flight. If possible, buy travel insurance for your electric skateboard in case of any damage incurred during transit.

Security Screening and Airport Procedures

Once you have packed your skateboard carefully, there might be a few protocols you need to follow and possible questions asked by the security personnel regarding it before the flight.


  • It is important to inform the security inspectors about having an electric skateboard in your possession.
  • During X-ray screening If the battery is seen connected to the skateboard, it is rejected for traveling, so detach it for security purposes.
  • Your electric skateboard might be physically inspected further by the security personnel to ensure all instructions are followed.
  • Weight and size restrictions set by the airline for the skateboard should be met.
  • Have any documentation for prior approval ready for the security to go through?

International Travel Considerations

AS different countries have different regulations, some countries require special visas or documentation to travel with certain electric skateboards. There may be some applicable import duties and taxes on the skateboards during international flights. Be ready to submit these as soon as possible.


Also, take into account that the documentation of the skateboard is translated into the official language of the country you are traveling to avoid any concerns. Veymax’s skateboards Cejour electric skateboards such as generally pass all these regulations and can be easily traveled with,

Alternatives to Flying with Your Electric Skateboard

It could be hard to travel with an electric skateboard because of airline restrictions and the risk of damage while in transit. Fortunately, there are a few more options that will let you enjoy your electric skateboard wherever you go:


  • A professional shipping service is an option for you. Pick a dependable shipping company that has experience moving lithium-ion batteries. This reduces the possibility of damage or delays by guaranteeing correct packing and paperwork.
  • Use a personal shipping courier service, such as FedEx or UPS, to package and send your electric skateboard. Make sure you follow all of their rules regarding the shipment and packing of batteries.
  • Renting electric skateboards is a common service at many tourist spots. Without having to worry about carrying along your board, you may now test with multiple options


Samll electric skateboards are considered a portable device for commute and is widely popular due to their small size and ease of use. Different countries apply several rules If a person is traveling with an electric skateboard. As long as the person has packed the electric skateboard, detached its components, and has the necessary documentation ready for the skateboard, they are good to go. We hope this article elaborates all the details about taking an electric skateboard with you on a plane effectively.

electric skateboard in the airplane


Is there any fee for transporting my electric skateboard through a plane?

There is a minimal fee to carry an electric skateboard on a plane. However, for specialized cases, some airlines charge additionally to handle and carry the electric skateboard, especially the one with bigger batteries.

What kind of insurance should I opt for my electric skateboard?

Travel insurance that covers breakage, loss, and theft should be bought before boarding a flight.

What is the procedure If I damage my electric skateboard during the flight?

You must report the damage to the authorities. Keep all receipts with you and have proof of damage to your electric skateboard, Contact your travel insurance provider. They can help you file a claim to get compensation for the damage.  



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