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How to Choose Among Types of Skateboard Wheels for Your Riding Style?

How to Choose Among Types of Skateboard Wheels for Your Riding Style?

Veymax electric skateboard wheels selection

With the popularity of types of skateboards tournaments users are getting more cautious with the quality and durability of the skateboards they want to participate in. With the Skateboarding Street World Championship 2023, Street League skateboarding and many other events recently happening, enthusiasts are constantly in search of skateboards to enhance performance.


Whether it's for skateboarding competitions or everyday commutes skateboard wheels are a majority part that influences the whole experience. High-quality wheels can significantly improve the skating experience tackling rough terrains and muddy areas without hindrance. From premium construction to the build of the wheels, both should be top-notch to facilitate movement and balance.


Several wheel types also affect the working, speed, longevity, and efficiency of the skateboard. Choosing the right skateboard wheels from a reputable manufacturer can eternally change the skateboarding game for you. Veymax is a reliable provider in this regard, with their esk8 wheels that have ultimate shock-absorbing qualities along with a warranty.


To fully understand which wheels to choose and how their making can affect the riding style of the individual, we have discussed all its aspects in our article below.

Understanding Skateboard Wheel Basics

First and foremost we need to sort out the fundamental construction concerns of different wheels for skateboards. Let’s look at all aspects here.

1. Composition

Most skateboard wheels are made of urethane which has excellent elasticity and is resistant to wear and tear. It can absorb shocks easily and offers varying levels of grip to the rider of the skateboard depending on the quality used. Veymax employs urethane in its skateboard wheels for different skating styles. One such example is its Roadster X4 electric skateboard, with wheels that can go up to high speeds as well without rupturing.

2. Size

The diameter of a skateboard's wheels directly affects the acceleration of the skateboard. Smaller wheels have a rotational inertia which is lesser than the bigger ones. Thus, smaller wheels help in accelerating quickly for street skating and facing tight turns.

 Veymax electric skateboard wheels selection

3. Hardness

The hardness of the wheel determined by the durometer is also a defining factor for proper functioning. The higher the number while testing the wheels on the duroeter, indicates high endurance. Soft wheels show a hardness of 78A-90A which is ideal for superior grip and smooth rides. Hard wheels show a hardness of 99A and above which is ideal for more speed and precise controls.

4. Shape

Now coming to the last point, the shape of the wheel of a skateboard determines the maneuverability and grip of the skateboard during rides.



  • Wheels with sharper profiles and narrower diameters are more responsive and have a smaller contact patch. This makes them easier to maneuver.
  • Wheels with a broader profile and a bigger contact patch provide superior traction because of the enhanced stability and contact area.
  • Carving and turning are both made easier with a larger raised edge of the wheels, but sliding and grinding are smoother with smaller ones.

Analyzing Riding Styles and Corresponding Wheel Types

After finding out what the built of the skateboard wheels do, let's observe their effects on various riding styles and which wheel types are recommended for them.

Street Skating

There are pavements, road types, and tricks involved in street skating. Wheel size of 52mm-54mm is recommended for this type and conical or round wheels should be adopted. These offer a great balance between grip and stability.

Park/Ramp Skating

Next, we have ramp skateboarding which requires more speed, a specific flow, and many technical tricks. To maintain momentum on ramps a wheel size of 55mm-61mm is recommended. A round shape with a durometer hardness of 97A-101A is suggested. Skill level should also be considered before choosing the wheels for skateboarding.


Another riding style is cruising, which is mostly also used for long-distance skateboarding. Softer Urethane wheels with a size of 60mm or above are preferred to cover long distances easily.

Downhill Racing

To optimize performance downhill racing requires large skateboard wheels probably 70mm or above in size. Veymax’s Cejour Electric skateboard wheels are ideal in this regard, as they offer premium grip along with high acceleration. Hardest wheels are preferred in this case. Conical wheels are ideal as they have high stability at high velocities.

Specialty Wheels and Their Uses

Wheels types are also important and discussing different wheel kinds will help you gain more perspective.

Longboard Wheels

These are generally used for downhill racing, cruising, or freestyle skateboarding. Large wheels above 60mm are preferred here. For smooth surfaces, harder wheels should be used while for rough terrains soft wheels are used. Longboard wheels are generally versatile and provide high rotational speed as well.

Off-Road Wheels

Veymax electric skateboard wheels selection

To handle the obstacles of rough terrains these wheels are designed. They have a large diameter of over 60mm, a large contact patch, and a low harness on the durometer. They provide superior traction to tackle, dirt and muddy areas. From parks, trails, and off-road paths, these are ideal.

LED Wheels

Their LED adds a unique visual element to them attracting young riders. These wheels are ideal for nighttime skateboarding. The lights increase visibility These are heavier and can affect the accelerating speed. They are smaller in size and can be used for smooth surfaces usually. Freestyle skateboarding and cruising is facilitated by this.

Brands and Quality Considerations

When considering buying wheels for your skateboard, some brands stand out in the marketplace due to their reputation and provisions. We have discussed some popular brands as follows.


Veymax electric skateboard wheels selection

When talking about experience and quality products, Veyamx offers the best electric skateboard. Their Urethane wheels for electric skateboards such as the Nano Mini electric skateboard are ideal. The firm makes sure to comply with safety standards and provides the best possible prices for its products. Their wheels are the best value as they are long-lasting as well as lightweight to ensure optimal performance. The brand is known for its reputation for providing skateboards to many individuals and containing a long line of satisfied customers.


The next brand we want to mention is Element known for its premium wheels for street skateboarding. They make high-functioning wheels of qulaity for young adults, Their wheels are of many types. They provide skateboard wheels to take part in competitions.

Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Wheels

Different diameters, durometers, and forms of skateboard wheels affect riding style. Wheel selection depends on riding style, terrain, and preferences. Some practical skateboard wheel tips are as follows:

Style of Riding

The method of riding the skateboard determines which sort of wheels you can use. For street style choose 95A+ hard wheels for speed, durability, and slideability. while for cruising large, soft wheels (78A-87A) make lengthy trips pleasant and smooth. Choose 99A+ wheels for speed and stability at high speeds for downhill skateboarding. Choose tiny, hard wheels (93A+) for technical maneuverability for Freestyle/Slides.

Select Size

Different wheel sizes affect performance. Wheels 60mm+ are faster, more stable, and easier to roll over uneven terrain. .Medium wheels (55 mm-59 mm) blend speed and maneuverability. For freestyle and technical maneuvers, 54mm wheels are more flexible and responsive.

Choose a Durometer Hardness

Softer wheels (78A-87A) are suitable for difficult terrain and cruising. These medium-hardness wheels (88A-92A) balance grip and speed for freeride, dancing, and pumping. Harder wheels (93A+) are faster and slide better for downhill and difficult maneuvers.


Apart from this, there are additional tips as follows.


  • Choose bigger, softer wheels with dynamic tread patterns for difficult terrain and smaller, tougher wheels for smooth areas.
  • To find your ideal size, durometer, and form, explore.
  • Assess your skills and preferences: Select wheels that fit your riding style and goals.
  • Keep your wheels clean and rotated to maximize performance, and replace old wheels immediately.


Skateboarding is a hobby adopted by individuals worldwide with skateboards of various styles and kinds prevailing in the market. However, the wheels of a skateboard provide traction and speed on different terrains. Opting for high-quality brands determines the riding style and skateboarding performance of an individual. We hope that this article elaborates on all types and specialties of skateboarding wheels so you can make an informed buying decision.

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