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Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024: Unleash the Excitement!

Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024


The turn of the year to 2024 is more than just a change in the calendar; it's an opportunity to explore ways to let your skateboard passion turn into a professional challenge!


Are you ready to take your electric skateboards to a competition where you can showcase your creativity and tricks? Mark these upcoming electric skateboard events, and don’t forget to register your names before they run out.

I. The Journey of Electric Skateboards

It's no wonder these electric skateboards are taking the world by storm. It’s something that stands out as a blend of innovation, convenience, and sheer fun. Skateboards with the convenience of electric propulsion are a transportation revolution that allows riders to conquer any route with ease.

 Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024

They're fast, convenient, and oh-so-fun tools to ride and cruise around town, enjoying the wind in your hair and the pavement beneath your feet. And with top makers like Veymax, offering some pretty epic features, offer an unrivaled feeling of freedom and independence that will leave you wanting more.


- The Surge In Popularity Of Electric Skateboarding.

Electric cars, electric bikes, and then electric skateboards, the electric transit seems to be a new transportation revolution that is going to be the wave of the future. From only niche gadgets to essential modes of transportation for commuters, enthusiasts, and adventurers, they represent not just a moving tool but a movement towards a more sustainable and exhilarating way of living.


We’ve all watched with pride how riders can move Veymax Boards gracefully through busy streets and cruise off-road and uphill on their eskateboard without breaking a sweat. As of recently, electric skateboards have made their way into city streets, college campuses, and just about every other urban location you can think of.

 Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024

With its combination of benefits, including faster commute time, eco-friendliness, and easy maneuverability, it’s a unique and thrilling experience that attracts every consumer demographic.


On top of it, their safety brakes are like the cherry on top–riders don’t have to panic about losing control of their board.


Besides all these cool benefits, the price is much lower than driving your car on these routes. Generally, the running cost of electric skateboards is approximately $100-$1500, which isn’t bad at all compared to the associated costs of car rides.


With that said, electric boards are something that gives riders to experience the freedom of a smooth ride–be it to those adrenaline junkies craving off-road adventures to those designed for the urbanite zipping through city streets.


- A Glimpse Into The Thrilling Events Of 2024.

 Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024



2. Electrify Expo


3. . Red Bull Skateboarding at Dallas


4. . The Boardr Series at St Pete, Florida

II.  2024's Key Events

1. ESK8CON: April 5th- 7th, 2024

Hurry up, electric skateboarders! It’s time to join the open track skateboard race and a chance to highlight your skateboarding skills to the maximum at Nevada Las Vegas on April 5th-7th.


It is an exhilarating event that brings together electric enthusiasts from around the globe to celebrate the fun, gather experience, and cheer up the riders.


This is a full two-day event with lots of electrifying racing, freestyle competitions, group rides, and some incredibly fun times. Gear up your helmets, charge your batteries, and get ready to cruise around the track and bowl with a winning mind.


2. Electrify Expo: 16th-17th March, 2024


Orlando is hosting the North American Electric Vehicles Festival in 2024, including the exciting World Skateboard competitions.


The event is a thrilling celebration of adrenaline-fueled excitement, community, and innovation, and the dates are scheduled for March 16th and 17th.


These competitions are a golden opportunity for electric skateboarders to showcase their performances and also a platform for tech-savvy attendees to experience the joy of thrilling adventures.

 Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024

It’s not just an event but a vibrant gathering that propels electric skateboarding forward and explores the possibilities of what can be carried out on these four wheels powered by electricity.


3. Red Bull Skateboarding at Dallas- January 27, 2024

A squad vs. squad competition for Skateboarders aged 16 and above is happening in Texas–an opportunity for skateboarders to show their skills and compete for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to the Red Bull Terminal Takeover in New Orleans.


The Red Bull Contest is happening on January 27 at Alliance Skatepark in New Orleans— a career opportunity for athletes to shine and take their skateboarding skills to new levels.


The skateboarders are judged by the speed and height of the tricks they perform during jumps and their capacity to use the entire surface and all obstacles. They serve three 30‑second runs, with the best of three teams as their final round score.



  • Minimum 3 -5 skaters maximum in each crew, with 30 seconds for each skater to perform their jam.
  • Each skateboarder will be scored individually.
  • A $1000 cash price on men's and women's tricks and stunts.


4. The Boardr Series- February 3, 2024


An all-ages skateboarding contest series will take place on February 3 in Florida for a fun and mesmerizing experience for all participants.


In this competition, top skaters go trick-for-trick for a chance to win awards for scouring high in each street division.


The top 3 skaters can qualify for the finals, and two formats will be taken: Street jam and Bowl jam.


III. Community and Culture

Veymax Electric Skateboarding Events in 2024

- The Community's Role In Electric Skateboard Events.

The Community surrounding these events is crucial for the vibrancy and success of the electric skateboard events. They have the power to foster a culture of safety and influence new riders and professionals to actively participate in such sports as part of their recreational activity.


Let's get deeper into knowing how community contribution can make these events successful.


Promoting And Spreading Awareness

They are crucial in creating awareness and boosting word-of-mouth to the surrounding communities. The high-profile people in the community can encourage everyone to know about these incredible events and get involved.


Leveraging social media platforms and sharing highlights, posts, and pictures can create buzz and connect more enthusiasts to join. Community enthusiasm and recommendations on social media platforms and other forums can help bring other fans to gather and cheer up the participants' performance.


Skill Sharing and Expert Guidance

For the event's successful operation, professionals and expert riders within the community can be a great source of guidance for beginners and enthusiasts. Riders can take these professional tips as a guide in order to reach those pro ranks as skateboarders. Through workshops, training sessions, and informal meetups, they can act as mentors for efficient performances.


Advocate safety

Advocate groups and communities continue to lobby for more inclusive laws that allow for the safe use of these motorized vehicles in these events. Encouraging participants to wear protective gear and allowing those who can handle these devices efficiently help ensure a safer environment throughout the event.


Volunteering Service

Event organizers rely on volunteers to seek assistance for various event tasks such as registration, facilitation, and event coordination. In this regard, community people can contribute their time and skills to the efficient functioning of the event.

Sponsorship and Support

Partnering with local businesses and securing sponsorship from brands can turn out to be your biggest support, adding to the resources of the event. These individuals serve as a networking platform and provide equitable opportunities for all involved. The community can either be a middle party to connect to these sponsors or be the support themselves.

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity

Community fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment by allowing riders of all genders, backgrounds, and skill levels to participate in such sports helps create a welcoming atmosphere and facilitates the growth of the skateboarders.


This initiative helps create a sense of belonging and empowers countless individuals to embrace the joy of skating. This way, organizers and communities, together, make the skating world a more diverse and welcoming place for all.

Feedback and Improvement

As community collaboration is essential for event support and encouragement, they can be a good source of valuable feedback to event organizers. Their feedback will give you insights about what worked well and what further improvements needed to be done to ensure future events tailored to the preferences of the community.


- Cultural Impact Of Electric Skateboarding.

Notably, electric skateboarding has a powerful impact, influencing various aspects of the community, recreational, and transportation segments.


It has redefined the urban transportation system by providing a compact, cost-effective, and enjoyable alternative to traditional modes of commuting. Imagine someone who drives by car or public vehicle daily and endures heavy traffic, he would end up being so frustrated.


Electric skateboards, with their easy maneuverability, appeal to many. They offer you great flexibility to navigate congested spaces and help you reach your destinations in less time and with less carbon footprint.


Also, Traditional skateboarding was only perceived as an exclusive sport dominated by subculture and accessible only to those with exceptional skills. This proposition is offset by electric skateboards that extend the playing field and include all people from diverse backgrounds, genders, and colors.


The interdisciplinary engagement between tech enthusiasts, fitness communities, and environmental activists builds a diverse and dynamic cultural landscape.


Moreover, integrating electronic components in skateboards and technology in the form of enhanced battery life, mobile app connectivity, regenerative braking, and various speed controls introduced new dimensions to the skateboard culture. These options attract tech-savvy individuals or those who look for innovative modes of commuting.


Above all, these motorized skateboard commuting devices align with the growing cultural emphasis on sustainability. By this, we mean no carbon emission or damage to the surroundings, unlike cars or other land transport. Electric skateboard is a viable option for greener living.

IV. Safety and Preparation


- Essential Tips For Participants And Spectators.

Engaging in electric skateboard events is such a great opportunity for participants to make the most of their day and perform their skills to the best. However, some life-saving bits of advice below can make their involvement more safe and sound.


1. Pre-Check The Event Rules

It’s very important for participants to assess the race-specific rules and regulations before they go. This may include the race format, the safety equipment obligation, judging criteria or any other requirement of the organizers.


2. Examine The Status Of Your Equipment

The excitement of participating in electric skateboard events is beyond imaginable, but if your equipment fails to underperform, all your efforts will go in vain. Check and maintain your electric skateboards and see if the brakes, wheels, and batteries are in good working condition.


3. Don’t Forget To Charge Your Battery

The main component of an electric skateboard is the battery. So, don’t forget to charge it completely so you won’t have to run out of the battery in the middle of the race.


4. Safety comes first

Injuries and accidents are common while performing dangerous stunts and tricks with electric skateboards. Taking safety steps to control the risk factors is a smart alternative for professional skaters and everyone wanting to enjoy the sport.


Don’t forget to pack yourself with safety gear such as helmets, gloves, and knee and elbow pads so that you can able to enjoy a thrilling adventure out of these skateboards.

5. Assess the Skill level.

Not all electric skateboard events are meant for you. Before you put your name for the race, check the status of your riding level. If you’re a beginner and the event includes advanced riding sports, it makes no sense to participate. It’s essential to know your abilities and choose the ones that align with your experience.

6. Keep Practicing

It’s well said that “Practice makes a man perfect.” No matter how professional you are and how much experience you’ve, practicing will definitely make you win the sport on the main day. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel and the more tricks you will be able to execute.


Assign a couple of hours each day for intentionally practicing your skateboarding and make it part of your daily routine.


This may also include warming up your body and getting into light physical exercises so your body can effectively respond during the race.


7. Follow The Event Etiquette

No doubt, electric skateboard events are a great way to connect with your fellow participants, audiences, and staff members, but to make this networking fruitful, you should respect the etiquette of all these people and maintain good sportsmanship throughout the event.


8. Stay Hydrated

Skateboarding can be physically demanding. Showing stunts on your electric skateboards will going to be so much fun and memorable, but this will only be possible when the body is well-hydrated and maintained. Bring your water bottle with you especially when it's warm season.


9. Have Maximum Fun

The end purpose of these events is to have fun and fulfill your passion for electric skateboarding. Being watched and cheered by the crowd is both an exhilarating and nerve-wracking situation, so take time to appreciate the experience and don’t get caught up in the competition.



- Emphasizing Safety In Electric Skateboarding.

Let's face it- electric skateboarding is more than a transportation evolution; it’s an amazing recreational activity of the century that has put everyone into the circle. With that said, There have been a few significant concerns– all related to the safety and proper execution.


Safety elements are not just a necessity but a collective step towards the idea that the joy of electric skateboarding can be experienced sustainably and responsibly for generations to come.


Wearing helmets, gloves, and pads is your primary line of defense to protect your head and other body parts from scrapes, fractures, and other possible injuries, but safety goes far beyond just gear—it's also about education and mindfulness.


Comprehending each aspect of the system – how to operate your board, take turns, navigate through obstacles in a safe environment, and braking practice calls for mindfulness and thorough consciousness.


Additionally, being aware of your surroundings, traffic laws, pedestrian rights, and the flow of vehicles ensures you're not just protecting yourself but also respecting and protecting those around you.


Adopting these measures can let people continue their thrilling adventures and be more comfortable with having them around.


So that with each daring move, you become the master of your riding, fearlessly carving out your path through the world. Whether you prefer Roadster X4 or Cejour, riding Veymax electric skateboards allows you to break free from the monotony of daily routines.


V. Conclusion

Wrapping things up, skateboard events are transforming the skateboarding landscape and providing platforms for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and adventurers to reach new limits, perform thrilling stunts, connect with like-minded people, celebrate shared passion, and showcase their tricks more enjoyably.


However, the physics of driving electric boards can be unforgiving; some high-performance skateboards can reach 35-42 MPH and cause severe injury. However, these could have been mitigated or avoided with proper safety gear and best practices.


Community, organizers, and event managers play their crucial part in making these events successful and memorable.

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