How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard

How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard

The thrill of gliding on different terrains with a self-built electric skateboard is a liberating experience for adrenaline seekers. With the electric skateboard market reaching a record high of over $300 Million, individuals seek high-performing skateboards for their skateboarding adventures.

 How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard Veymax

Electric skateboards of superior quality are in great demand among both sports fans and everyday users who want to practice tricks or use them for the commute. A leading manufacturer in this regard is Veymax which provides some of the latest, most durable electric skateboard models for different demographics.


These offer the best value as they come with long-lasting batteries and sturdy built. Not only that, but the firm offers a great advantage in providing accessories like wheels, bearings, controller ESC, bumper strip crash pad, etc, to DIY the electric skateboard according to the consumer’s usage and preference.


Electric skateboards of various sizes and types are the rage as they are adopted by youngsters and adults alike. However, assembling your skateboard can be tricky. For our reader's convenience, this article covers everything from putting together an electric skateboard and how Veymax products and accessories can be used to optimize its performance and safety in the best way possible.

Getting to Know Veymax Products

The popularity of Veymax products has seen a tremendous rise with their durable, long-range electric skateboards. Some high-quality products they offer are the Veymax Roadster X4 with its Dual 550 W Hub Motors making it the fastest in its class, and a wide deck for optimum support.

 How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard Veymax

Another one of their prominent products is their Cejour Electric Skateboard, which comes with 288Wh battery capacity and high ortability for skateboarders on the go. If we talk about the top-notch components they offer then their Esk8 wheels are top-of-the-line. These wheels easily fit many standard electric skateboards with industry-level certified materials. Their jelly wheel design is all-terrain and gives optimum stability to the rider.


The next product they offer is tail lights with 6 impressive light modes. These and many other products such as Veymax electric skateboard remote control and T tool, can be used to easily DIY any skateboard of your choice.

Planning Your Build

Creating an electric skateboard that speaks about your style and preference requires meticulously choosing the right components. Consider your skill level as beginners prioritize comfort and range with long decks. While for pro-riders focusing on maneuverability and responsiveness shorter decks are the way to go.


The pre-wired Veymax ESC is optimum for customizing your electric skateboard as it is compatible with many skateboards. Apart from this, for cruising, street skateboarding, or hill climbing, the dual hub motorized skateboard provided by Veymax provides the desired performance. For expert skateboarders, grip and traction are key, and Veymax 105mm Black Jelly Wheels enhance on-road and off-road skateboarding abilities.

Assembling Your Electric Skateboard

Now we need to know how to accurately assemble an electric skateboard that can last a long time and is efficient. Keep everything you'll need on hand, such as the motors, trucks, electronic speed controller, batteries, deck, wheels, enclosures, hardware, etc. Gather all the necessary tools, including a power drill, screwdrivers, soldering iron, etc. To prevent injury, always use protective gear, including eyewear.

Assembly Steps

Step 1: Choosing the Right Deck

Riding style and performance are critical factors when it comes to choosing the right deck for the electric skateboard. The composition of the deck should be considered as different woods have different properties and material resistance. Maple wood is the top choice when it comes to choosing an electric skateboard that will last you a long time because of its strong build and weather resistance.

 How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard Veymax

Veyamx has different options for skateboard decks on their website which are pre-assembled and otherwise. Ensure that the electric skateboard has holes to mount the trucks and wheels on it. Otherwise, use the right hardware to make holes in the specific areas. Place the trucks on the lower side of the deck and drill holes in the areas that align with the attachment areas of the deck.

Step 2: Connecting Trucks and Wheels

Before attaching trucks, make sure that they are compatible with the deck and the wheel size of the respective skateboard. The trucks offered by Veymax are preferred as they are the most premium quality and ensure water resistance as well as resistance to other external elements. You can get a smooth skateboarding experience through these.


To attach them, position the trucks on the rear side of the skateboard. Ensure that they are aligned with the deck. Choose wider trucks for more stability. Adjust and attach the trucks using nuts, bolts, washers, etc, with the skateboard. After this, wheel attachment is important. Soft jelly wheels available at the Veymax e-shop are excellent as they provide better grip and high rolling resistance. The belts should be fastened before connecting the wheels.

Step 3: Installation of Motor and ESC

Fitting the mount to its designated position can be carried out according to the instructions offered in the manual. Veymax has several motors with different motor powers and they all come with separate installation instructions. Belt tension should be checked before attaching the motor. The motor should be mounted to the rear truck and ensure that it is secured in place with appropriate nuts and bolts properly.

 How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard Veymax

ESC is the second component that needs to be connected when attaching the motor. Determine the sensors and actuators before this. As ESC manages power delivery as well as braking it should be joined with the motor, battery, and receiver. The ESC comes with a Veymax manual which should be followed as per the color-coded wires for proper functioning. The ESC should be programmed according to its software and the connecting remote control interface.

Step 4: Attaching Battery

The next step is the battery connection which determines the range of the electrical skateboard. To install the battery, first consider the voltage that goes along with the build of the skateboard’s deck. Veymax offers a diverse range of batteries, some offer medium, while others offer a long-range at affordable prices.

 How to Build a DIY Electric Skateboard Veymax

Once the other components of the skateboard are in place, mount the battery underneath the deck of the skateboard. This increases deck space for feet and connects the wires carefully using a proper connector. Make sure that the battery is connected to the ESC and trucks for smooth functioning.

Step 5: Connecting and Checking Wires

The last step is the calibrate the remote control with the ESC on the battery. Check that all wires are securely in their place and no joint is exposed. Heat shrink tubing or insulating material should be used to seal these properly. Fine-tune the skateboard’s components by activating it slowly. Solder the wires where needed to build a secure connection. Also, observe that the polarity is right before turning the skateboard on.

Safety Protocols

  • Do not overcharge the battery of the electrical skateboard, which might cause fire or electrical hazards.
  • During assembly of the electrical skateboard, make sure all its components are turned off to avoid sparks and other risks.
  • Check and maintain your skateboard regularly. Secure any loose connections when possible and replace any components that are worn out.
  • Start the electrical skateboard at a slow speed and increase speed once certified that the components are aligned and working properly.

Optimizing Performance

While DIY an electrical skateboard some people neglect performance while it is a major element to consider. Choosing the right parts determines the performance metrics of the skateboard once used. Individuals opt for low-grade motors, which can be easy to assemble at first but become useless in a few weeks.


To combat hills and rough terrains Veymax offers its Dual-Hub motors which are equipped to get skateboarders to maintain high acceleration. Another factor that is neglected is the weight of the skateboard. People usually think hard and heavier wheels will provide more stability, however, the 105mm soft jeely wheels offered by Veymax should be preferred. They are not only lightweight but help the rider in improving acceleration and traction.


The blue jelly wheels the platform provides are also similar in functionality but are ideal for skateboards that want to add to the aesthetic appeal of the skateboard. It makes their skateboard look more attractive and stand out. The tool kit present on the website of Veymax brings with it several options which include bearings, trucks, grip tape, and ESCs.


Through their ESC settings, you can adjust loose or delayed brakes as well. The braking force can be adjusted accordingly. This optimizes performance and helps you maintain speed and agility. Lubricating and regularly cleaning the electrical skateboard is essential to enhance its performance. Also, to address issues and enhance performance, Veymax provides firmware upgrades regularly. Please visit their website to be informed of any developments.

Safety and Maintenance with Veymax

Proper care and maintenance of electric skateboards are important to keep them functioning for longer durations.


  • Make sure your e-skate has the right tire pressure, no loose connections, and no worn components before each ride.
  • Never keep the battery fully charged for long periods, and don't let it drain entirely either. For the longest possible battery life, be sure to follow Veymax's maintenance recommendations.
  • Verify the motor connections and ESC settings regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Electrical components are susceptible to harm while riding in damp conditions. It is recommended to stay away from puddles and strong rain if you can.
  • As a first step in maintenance, always remove any dirt or debris from the deck, wheels, and other parts.
  • To keep bearings from wearing out and to keep rolling smoothly, lubricate them often.
  • Keep vibrations and loose parts away by routinely checking and tightening all screws and nuts.
  • It is important to store your electric skate in a dry, cool area while it is not in use.

Community and Support

Veymax takes customer support as their priority and offers guidance to DIY enthusiasts regarding troubleshooting issues and any queries from customers. The company provides its clients with an online forum to discuss electric skateboard builds, along with offering tips to create a high-efficiency skateboard.


Their online help centre has problem-solving representatives who answer FAQs and provide user manuals and warranty information as required. Their live chat feature is prominent and leads to the solution of technical issues quickly.


You can also contact Veymax through the mail for complex queries. You may see diagnostic fault codes for several Veymax components on their displays. To learn what each code means and how to fix common issues, see the manual they provide.


Their highly responsive team helps users solve these issues quickly. - Sharing stories or examples of successful DIY projects using Veymax products. Give a detailed description of the problem, your setup, and the measures you've taken to fix it when you ask for assistance from their website.


Skateboarding has been taken as a hobby as well as a sports profession by several individuals globally. Electric skateboards in this regard, reduce commute time and reduce the lament of tiredness from the person riding it. Although many options are available in the market, many users want to DIY several components to their electric skateboards and Veymax provides the optimum parts.


Their wheels, bearings, motors, and other accessories are durable and have high functionality. By adding the required parts to the skateboard the consumers can get an electric skateboard that aligns with their skill level. We hope this article helped you understand how to assemble an electric skateboard effectively.



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