How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

veymax electric skateboard cost


veymax electric skateboard how much cost

Electric skateboards use electric motors and operate on them. In the 2000s, engineers brought some changes to traditional skateboards and developed power-operated skateboards. It wasn’t very popular back then. As technology starts evolving, engineers have brought massive development in the efficiency and technology of electric motors and batteries. This automatically increases the demand for skateboards. The electric skateboards provide a very fun, convenient, and speedy transportation from one place to another in a very unique manner.

Electric skateboarding has been becoming the favorite transportation method globally among youngsters because of its unique, modern style. Its highly eco-friendly mode of transportation is also the reason for its high demand in the market.

The advancement in its super high tech, advanced batteries, improved efficiency, and connectivity features are changing the current market and luring customers to buy electric skateboards in an instant. In this modern world, electric skateboards have become more than a means of transportation.It has now become a separate community of youngsters which keeps growing with time.

As the demand for electric skateboards is significantly increasing, everyone wants to buy it. However, not everyone can buy it and may look for an affordable option. Electric skateboards are available in the market at a variety of prices offering diverse features. However, the price of each skateboard varies on several factors including the quality, efficiency, brand, features, and tech.

In this article, Veymax will guide you about the diverse factors affecting the price of skateboards on different levels, the different price ranges of electric skateboards with unique features, and some practical tips to help you better choose an electric skateboard that not only fulfills your needs but also at an affordable price.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Electric Skateboards

Following is some factor that typically affects the overall cost of an electric skateboard.

1. Material quality and type

Generally, high-quality materials used in the manufacturing of skateboards play a significant role in the performance, durability, and cost of an electric skateboard. An electric skateboard has a material base called a deck. Engineers use carbon fiber, maple, and bamboo as the most used deck materials because of their unique features and cost-effectiveness.

Both maple and bamboo have a flexible nature. The decks made of these materials offer a very smooth ride on a sturdy road. Moreover, both come at an affordable price. Whereas, decks made up of carbon fiber come in more durable and rigid form. Although it costs much higher but offers great stability even at high speeds.

Just like the quality of deck material is important in the performance of a skateboard, the quality of electric skateboard wheels is also essential. High-quality wheels and trucks enhance the stability of the skateboard and offer a sturdy free riding experience. Therefore, it also increases the price of the skateboard.

2. Motor Specifications

The features of the motor also significantly affect the price of the overall electric skateboard. Each electric skateboard comes with a single or dual setup motor. Both configuration methods offer different advantages and disadvantages. For beginners and normal riders, a single motorized skateboard is enough. It also comes at an affordable price, making it a cost-effective solution. Whereas, dual motors are considered the best option for professionals. As it gives high speed, better stability, and improved turning ability. This ultimately leads to higher prices. High-powered and highly efficient motors significantly enhance the cost of an overall skateboard because of its improved speed, performance, and quality of material, offering a smooth riding experience.

3. Battery Life And Type

veymax electric skateboard how much cost

The battery plays a significant role in the overall performance of an electric skateboard. Battery is typically responsible for measuring the running time of a skateboard. Batteries that have higher capacity ensure a longer run of skateboard and often cost high as compared to batteries with less capacity.

Apart from the capacity of the battery, other factors like the availability of battery replacement, replacement cost, and market availability also significantly increase the overall price of the best electric skateboard. Premium models of electric skateboards use proprietary batteries, ultimately increasing the price of replacement.

Price Ranges And What To Expect

1. Entry-Level Skateboards

Entry-level best electric skateboards offer basic features and typically come at low prices. The price of these electric skateboards ranges between $200 to $500. These electric skateboards are designed with bamboo or maple material, a motor with low power, and a battery with shorter life. Not all low-cost electric skateboards perform low. Several entry-level electric skateboards offer high quality and performance at an affordable price. These boards are considered perfect for skaters looking for high-performance but cost-effective options.

2. Mid-Range Electric Skateboards

Mid-range electric skateboards come with better features than entry-level electric skateboards. They have improved performance, enhanced battery capacitance, and high durability. These skateboards also offer additional features like customization and mobile connectivity options. The price range of these skateboards is $1,000 to $500. These electric skateboards are an ideal option for skaters looking for high-quality and better-performance electric skateboards within a normal price range.

3. High-End Electric Skateboards

High-end electric skateboards come with advanced level features like premium quality material, greater battery capacitance, motors with high power, high-quality wheels, and trucks. These skateboards have high-level stability and durability options. These highly efficient, durable, and innovative custom-designed electric skateboards are ideal for people who love to invest in high-quality skateboards.

Additional Cost To Consider

1. Maintenance And Repairs

veymax electric skateboard how much cost

Electric skateboards operate on components like motors, batteries, wheels, and trucks. All of these need repairing or replacement after some time. Some replacing tasks include replacing old batteries, worn-out trucks, or wheels. The cost of maintenance depends on the brand and availability of the components and electric skateboard parts. Because sometimes it is hard to find the exact part of the same quality. Therefore, it's safe to say that you should always look for deals and ask for extra parts while purchasing a skateboard. This ensures to have a backup so that you won’t have to search for them later and buy at a high price.

2. Insurance And Warranty

Purchasing an electric skateboard with a warranty saves you from the additional cost of repair and replacement. Various electric skateboard companies and brands offer warranty and cover the cost of defective and damaged components. However, warranty guidelines and validity are different from each other. Therefore, make sure to read the warranty rules carefully and then make a decision accordingly. Insurance is another factor that saves you from the additional cost of repairing or replacement after cases like robbery or accident. Different insurance companies offer diverse insurance options depending on various factors.

3. Accessories And Upgrades

The attractive ability of the electric skateboard is that it allows you to upgrade it with advanced features as per your liking and demands. You can change its battery for longer rides, install new electric skateboard wheels for a safe route, or incorporate new motors for better performance. You can also add extra gear like electric skateboard lights, pads, and helmets. However, the addition of new features ensures better performance and a safe riding experience but it increases the overall cost of the electric skateboard.

Cost Vs. Value: Best electric skateboard under 500

1. Evaluate The Value For Money

It is important to evaluate the money value. Electric skateboards come in different price ranges depending on the performance, features, durability, and quality of the board and its components.  High price skateboards do offer the best skateboard but you can’t just buy any skateboard that has a high price. Therefore, ensure to consider some factors to assess money’s value. These factors include the material type and quality, motor specification, battery life, availability and affordability of the electric skateboard parts, customer feedback, and brand reputation help in evaluating whether you are making an informed decision or not.

2. Budget Consideration

Skateboards come in different ranges with diverse and innovative features. However, it is best to purchase an electric skateboard that not only meets your primary needs but also comes in your budget. A few factors help you in purchasing the right electric skateboard tailored to your needs. First of all, consider why you need an electric skateboard. Whether it is just for a fun ride or for competing in a race. Look for different brands and companies and research their skateboard’s features. Review feedback of the chosen companies. Lastly, look for discounts or sales options. When you consider all these factors, you will know which skateboard to buy and from where. This helps in saving money and making informed decisions.

3. Comparing Long-Term Costs and Benefits

A one-time investment is worth taking then spending fortunes later. High-quality skateboards come with efficient motors, high-performance batteries, and good wheels, and trucks which ensures durability. these skateboards may cost high but they reduce the additional cost of repair and replacement. Whereas, low-cost eskate does not last long and demands more repair and replacement. This could cost you more than a one-time investment. Therefore, always consider long-term and better options instead of being stuck on short-term investments and facing consequences later.

Tips For Buying An Electric Skateboard

veymax electric skateboard how much cost

1. Consider Your Needs

Understanding your needs is an important step to making the right purchase. Firstly consider why you need a skateboard. Whether you are buying it to satisfy your hobby or you need it for a professional level. Considering your budget is also essential. Because there are several types of skateboards offering diverse features at different prices. Once you find out your needs, you will be able to find a perfect electric skateboard that not only accompanies you on your hard path but also comes in an affordable range.

2. Warranty Option

When you are investing a fortune in purchasing an electric skateboard, don’t you think you need some sort of warranty?  The warranty ensures that you won’t face any loss if the skateboard is damaged and stops working after just one ride. Hence, it is important to look for a manufacturer that gives warranty options. Otherwise, won’t buy it. Because most of the time, it becomes difficult to buy electric skateboard parts that suit your skateboard's quality and version. Also, most of the repairing needs expertise. Therefore, it is safe if you have a repair shop of the company near you.

3. Online Vs. In-Person Purchase

We are living in an e-commerce world where you can shop for everything at any time from anywhere. Several online stores are available offering cost-effective solutions for electric skateboard buyers. However, online shopping will never surpass physical shopping. Why? Because in-person shopping allows you to test the performance and material yourself with your own eyes and encourages you to decide. Whereas, in online shopping, there is a high chance you won’t get what you saw. Well, not all online stores are a bad option. You can also buy electric skateboards online if the brand has experience of years serving quality products.


We are living in an era where people look for environmental and efficient options in almost everything. Technology is changing, and so is the lifestyle. People are moving toward eco-friendly transportation. The electric skateboard has become a popular transportation means for today’s generation. It provides a very smooth and fun riding experience. Multiple options of skateboards are available in the market with innovative and diverse features at a wide range of costs. Several factors like the type and quality of material, advanced batteries, life options, and innovative motor capabilities affect the overall cost of an electric skateboard.

You can easily choose an electric skateboard that suits your needs and budget from Veymax. Before purchasing a eskate, you need to consider some factors like what type of features you need in a skateboard, which type of path you will ride on, how long the distance will be, and most importantly why you wanna buy an electric skateboard. Also, how much budget do you have? All these questions help you make a wise decision and help you choose an electric skateboard that not only meets your demands but also aligns with your budget.

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