How to install electric skateboard lights?

e-skateboard lights install

Want to bring back that old-school feel of your youth? Maybe you just want to experience the acceleration and sense of freedom that a motorcycle gives you, but in a more portable form and in pure silence as you head down the river. There are many different brands and types of Motorized Skate boards and longboards on the market, so making a purchasing decision without much experience can be a little daunting.

Veymax Skateboards are exactly what they sound like. A piece of wood with four wheels underneath but on steroids... now they have electric electronics under the wheels that drive them and connect to a wireless bluetooth remote while you put your weight on the front, towards you Drive in the direction you want to go. If you want to ride at night, you can also install lights on the bridge frame of the skateboard or on the hard hat. This article will tell you about the benefits of installing lights on Electric Long boards and where the lights can be installed.

When riding a Electric Skateboard at night, it is important to have good lighting and use your own light to see the road ahead. veymax offers a variety of light mounting solutions such as helmet mounts and skateboard lighting options. However, I have found that there are gloves that can also be fitted with headlights. Mounting the light on the glove creates a dynamic lighting environment that provides maximum visibility, flexibility and safety for my night rides.

So, is there any benefit to having lights on your glove? First, the lighting has flexibility, you can point the lights on your hands anywhere, go omnidirectional, and use your lights as needed for nighttime riding adventures. Whether you're pointing out potholes and obstacles to your riding buddies, or looking for signposts in the dark, your lighting will be versatile, easy to use, and out of your way! Also, it makes night riding safer. The light hovers over your hand and you can see and be seen by others.

You can add a curved sticky mount to the helmet, which is very convenient for adding a light to the helmet. Mounting them on the side is a popular choice for an understated look, and you can add a light to either side of the helmet. The side buttons are always within reach, so you can easily adjust brightness and light modes, or avoid blinding other riders. Side mount lights are also best for full face helmets with visors, so you can still open and close the visor without removing the light. There are also curved brackets available if you prefer to mount the light in the middle of the helmet.

By attaching a bracket to each side of the helmet, you can quickly switch from two forward facing lights that cast more light forward, to one forward facing light and one rear facing light that can be seen from both directions. You can also adjust the angle of the stand to change how far or how far the light hits. If you want to keep the brackets attached and only need to mount the lights each time, then VHB tape is the way to go. This will handle the most vibrations and provide super durable support. If you decide to remove the bracket, the VHB tape can be scraped off completely without leaving any residue, so your helmet looks exactly like it did before the bracket was installed.

You can also get creative with your night rides by projecting a glow under your board. With a board like the veymax X2, the rear skateboard mount has to be mounted on top of the deck, we see a lot of riders using adhesive mounts to mount all lights below the deck. You only need a 3"x1" flat space to place the stand, we recommend cleaning the surface before installing the stand. Since skateboards vibrate a lot while riding, VHB tape is the best adhesive to install under the board for the longest lasting support.

If you are looking for a simple and flexible solution to the lighting difficulties of riding a Veymax Skate board at night, you should really consider the above three methods of installing lights. You'll love the safety and visibility of the lights, and you'll love that your hands are still free to access your riding gear and tools all night long.

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