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Staying Fit with E-boards

6 Must-Know Tips for Staying Fit with an Electric Skateboard

Although some naysayers may object. That said, riding an electric skateboard can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and fitness levels....
Veymax Electric Skateboard Remote

How to use an electric skateboard remote control: remote guide

Electric skateboards are very easy to use. You stand on it just like you would on a traditional skateboard. The...
Start on Veymax X4

How to ride the Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboard?

Whether you're cruising around town or looking for a last-mile solution from the subway to work. The Veymax Roadster X4...
Riding on Veymax Roadster X4

Veymax Roadster X4 Series Guide: Start your thrilling journey now!

Welcome to the exciting world of electric skateboarding, where the wind blows through your hair and the streets become your...
Battery Range of Veymax Skateboards

How to optimize the cruising range of electric skateboard batteries?

Electric skateboards are a great form of transportation that is as fun as it is practical. They are fast, efficient...
Buying Guide for Electric Skateboards

The Ultimate Electric Skateboards Buying Guide by Age

Electric skateboarding is a rapidly growing sport across the world. In an age of technology, it's always good to find...
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What Is The Best Electric Skateboard For College In 2023?

What Is The Best Electric Skateboard For College In 2023?

Introduction Electric Skateboards have been a centre of attraction for college students for many years....
Black Friday Madness is Here! Don't Miss Out!

Black Friday Madness is Here! Don't Miss Out!

Hey there, skateboard enthusiasts and bargain hunters! Are you ready for the...
Riding E-boards at Favorite Spot

Take Your Electric Skateboard to Your Next Favorite Spot

Southern California is not known for seasons other than winter or even...
Eco-friendly Veymax ESK8

Will you ride an electric skateboard as cars in short-travel?

In recent years, electric skateboards have become increasingly popular as a means...
Veymax Roadster X4S Unboxing

Veymax Roadster X4S Unboxing and First Look

At present, most electric skateboards cost thousands of dollars, which discourages riders...
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