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Why Does My Skateboard Slow Down So Fast?


Speeding through winding roads and terrains on a skateboard is a common practice of skateboarders at all skill levels. The adrenaline rush that riding a skateboard brings is incomparable to any other experience for skateboarding enthusiasts. 

However, there is a certain issue that is prevalent in the skateboarding community, that is skateboarding decelerating quickly. The lifeblood of a truly enjoyable skateboard riding experience is maintaining continuous momentum. Constantly pushing the skateboard can hinder linking different skateboarding tricks and lack the effortlessness. 

It can also become tiring and cause the rhythm to beak. Controlling the carve and going on any skateboard ramp requires sustained momentum. Skateboards that slow down to a regular pace are a normal occurrence, but declaration faster than the usual rate can be a result of several factors. 

Some of these include stuck debris, issues with the wheels, or truck adjustments. Using a low-quality skateboard with poor equipment installed can also be one key element that slows down a skateboard quickly. 

For this purpose, we suggest Veymax best electric skateboard that are made from the most premium quality materials and offer a long battery life for uninterrupted skateboard time. To better understand all the major reasons why skateboards decelerate at a quick rate along with viable solutions to eradicate this concern, we have crafted an extensive article below.

Skateboarding Mechanics and Speed

Before we get into the knit grits of why skateboards show declaration, it’s crucial to understand the mechanics of skateboarding concerning speed. Speed retention is the basic goal when it comes to practicing skateboarding tricks or riding through long routes. 

Within the skateboard dynamics, wheels, bearings, and the deck work together to retain speed. The wheels are the part of the skateboard that resists friction from the ground. These support the wheels If they are well-lubricated and allow heels to spin freely. 

The next part is the deck, lightweight and flexible deck material, and construction allow the streamlined motion of the skateboard against wind force. When the rider pushes the skateboard forward, kinetic friction is generated, which transfers the energy from the deck to the wheels. 

Clean lubricated bearings, transfer the energy, and allow smooth rotation of wheels. With just the right amount of wheel hardness, rolling friction is generated, which allows them to grip the ground properly while propelling the skateboard forward with minimal resistance. 

While friction is a considerable element that needs to be kept in mind to maintain speed, air resistance also plays a role in it. The faster the motorized skateboard is, the more air resistance it has to move against. Tuck positions can help reduce air resistance by the rider for this.


Identifying the Speed Bumps - Factors Slowing Your Skateboard

Now let’s get into the particulars of analyzing all the relevant factors of why skateboards tend to slow down faster. These are elaborated below.

Bearing Quality and Maintenance

The first and foremost factor that slackens skateboards is the bearings used. Poor quality bearings don't allow smooth motion of the wheels. These cannot work against friction well and cause the skateboard to drag. 

Getting the most premium quality bearings offered by Veymax can provide an uninterrupted riding experience. No lubrication can additionally resist the rotational motion of wheels and cause them to get stuck in the bearing case.

Wheel Selection Matters

Harder wheels allow skateboards to glide more quickly on flat surfaces because of the reduced rolling resistance. But they slow down when they slide owing to their lack of grip. Softer wheels increase rolling resistance yet provide more grip and control. 

Even on level terrain, they are more difficult to push and, maintain speed. More frequent pushes are necessary for smaller wheels because of their size. The time it takes to push the skateboard is reduced with larger wheels, so that's an advantage. 

Wheel quality is also a big factor that affects the reduction in the speed of the skateboard. We recommend getting the esk8 wheels from Veymax which are made of the most premium material in the market.

Truck Adjustment for Optimal Performance

Next, we have the trucks that should be perfectly configured to allow for smooth rolling of the skateboard. Tight trucks are done for proper control If the rider uses the skateboard at high speeds, this can indirectly slow down the skateboard. If the trucks are adjusted loosely, it allows for more speed and quicker turns.

Deck Dynamics

A concave deck improves foot placement and control, allowing for faster, more precise cuts and tighter turns.

In addition to making it easier to pump the skateboard and generate speed without pushing, features like a kick tail and nose make it easier to do tricks and maneuvers. The decks of Veymax skateboards such as the deck of the Roadster X4 electric skateboard are the perfect shape to maintain momentum.

External Elements Impacting Skateboard Velocity

Additionally, environmental components play a vital role in maintaining the speed of the skateboard. Some of them are discussed here.

The Right Surface

Rolling resistance is a factor that cannot be avoided when understanding the physics of maintaining skateboard speed. It is majorly affected by the terrain the rider is opting for. Uneven payment having cracks and mumps directly increases rolling resistance. 

This causes the skateboard to slow down significantly. Similarly, uphill terrains decorate the momentum of the skateboard as well. Asphalt concrete surfaces that are smooth and allow higher speed of skateboards.

Battling the Elements

Similarly, weather-like headwinds slow down the speed of an eskateboard. The air resistance caused by them is enough to drag the skateboarder. Make sure that the rider chooses tailwinds that are in the direction of the skateboarder to maintain speed. 

Another factor is wet weather and pavements. Water resistance is created as a result of this, which slows down the skateboards. Avoid rainy days and practice skateboard tricks in dry weather. 

Last but not least, hot weather can soften wheels as asphalt pavements and roads can retain high temperatures from the environment. Cold weather can also make the lubrication in the bearings become hard, which slows down the skateboard. Riding in moderate temperatures is ideal to keep up the velocity of the skateboard.

Skill and Technique

To maintain proper speed, necessary skills are also required that can be maintained only through keeping an ideal skating form. Practice effective push-off techniques, where the rider knows the appropriate force that will keep the skateboard moving for a considerable time. Alongside this, continuing with balance and poster reduces air resistance as well, which keeps the speed of the skateboard sustained.

Keeping your Skateboard at Peak Performance

To have the skateboard be in optimum condition, the rider needs to focus on its overall care and maintenance to ensure o roadblocks in tricks and maneuvers.

Skateboard Care 101

Now that we know how to keep the skateboard accelerating, the next step is to find out how to keep it in pristine condition. A well-kept skateboard allows for higher velocity and reduces its lack of speed.


Clean Bearings

Get a bearing cleaner or rubbing alcohol, a container, paper towels, and lubrication to clean the Veymax bearings of a skateboard. Remove the wheels from the trucks using a tool kit, then remove the bearings with the axle or a bearing removal tool. Put the bearings in the cleaning solution. 

For a few minutes, soak to dissolve dirt and grime. Gently scrub each bearing with a toothbrush or bearing cleaning kit to remove dirt. Dry with paper towels thoroughly to avoid corrosion. Use a few drops of bearing oil or grease to lubricate each bearing for smooth spinning. Reinstall the bearings in the wheels and trucks.

Wheel Maintenance

If you are using the Veymax Jelly wheels, then keeping them in good condition can allow for optimal speed during skateboarding. Examine the wheels for wear and tear, flat areas, and uneven wear. Change the new wheels with the Veymax jelly wheels for better performance.

Regularly change wheels on vehicles for equal wear. Wipe wheels with a moist cloth to remove dirt and debris that might hinder performance. Secure the wheels to the trucks using tools that should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Equipment Selection Guide

Another point we want to mention here is how selecting the right electric skateboard parts and equipment can better  a person’s skateboarding style and reduce the slowing down of skateboarding. 

  • Veymax bearings are a deal for a skateboard as they are made of high-quality aluminum which is flexible and durable. It allows smooth movement of wheels.
  • Next, we want to mention the Veymax jelly wheels or esk8 wheelsmade of Polyurethane come with a 6-month warranty. They have high shock absorbance and resistance against external materials, making them a perfect choice.
  • Lastly, the decks that come with Veymax skateboards are composed of the most premium quality Maple wood. This has high durability and stays intact for longer periods. Choosing this for the skateboard can be a viable investment, helping  a skateboarder to learn any tricks for years without breaking or chipping it.

Technique Mastery

Since technique also plays a significant role in skateboarding, here are a few practice strategies riders can employ to maintain skateboard speed.

  • Bending the knees slightly lowers the center of gravity for stability and power. This allows us to maintain speed.
  • Leaning slightly forward minimizes wind resistance and converts pushing force into forward motion. Avoid slouching since it makes the skateboard unstable.
  • Fast, forceful strokes are better than slow pushes.
  • Practice ghost pushes regularly to improve form and muscle memory. Focus on smooth, powerful strokes and proper weight transfer.
  • Rocking forward and backward while bending knees compresses and releases the deck, providing movement without pushing.
  • Learn how to accelerate on modest inclines to maintain and develop speed without pushing.


With skateboarding adopted by every demographic around the globe, it has become a convenient mode of transport and method of entertainment for many. However, skateboarding slowing down quickly is a common complaint and can be due to many reasons.

Some of these include stuck debris, wheels not being the right size, and truck adjustments. By learning the proper technique and making maintaining the skateboard, a rider can keep the momentum of a skateboard intact. We hope this article was of maximum help to you.

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