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Electric Skateboard Wobble Causes And How To Prevent


The “death” wobble on an electric skateboard is definitely dangerous and the most lethal. The main reason is that the rear wheel loses lateral stability while driving.

What is the cause of the jitter?

  • The speed wobbles, or "death swings," are often caused by the instability of the skateboard at high speeds.
  • Loose trucks can allow excessive side-to-side movement.
  • Irregular or rough road surfaces can cause the skateboard to lose traction or encounter sudden bumps, leading to instability.
  • The wheel size and hardness of the wheels can affect how the skateboard responds to high speeds.
  • Ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on the board. Leaning too far forward or backward can lead to instability.

How to avoid wobbles

  • Posture and foot position, the front foot is slightly flexed, the center of gravity is in the front, do not open the feet too wide, and the rear foot should be moved forward appropriately to reduce the weight of the rear wheel.
  • By adjusting the tightness of the PU, the center of gravity of the rear wheel will not shift due to high-speed bumps. Do not tighten it too tightly. After tightening, the steering of the skateboard will become inflexible, but the rocking situation will be significantly improved.
  • The best and most long-term solution to preventing speed shakes is speed, practice, and always accessorizing with protective gear.


When encountering wobbles, what actions can we take to resolve the crisis?

If you are a beginner, first relax yourself, release the accelerator, and shift your body weight to the front of the board. As the speed slows down, the wobbling will gradually decrease.

If you are an experienced rider, we can use Carving to adjust the direction and center of gravity, allowing the skateboard to make a smooth, curved turn while moving. When the skateboard wobbles from side to side, you can use more force to tilt the board in one direction to stop the oscillation.


In skateboarding, encountering wobbles can make people feel scared and uneasy, but mastering some simple techniques and actions can help us safely resolve this dangerous situation. Remember, staying calm and relaxed is the key to problem-solving, and continuously practicing and honing your skills is also very important. I hope everyone can enjoy the fun of skateboarding and stay safe!

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