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Nighttime Skateboarding Guide

Guide to Skateboarding At Night

What do you do when the sun is already setting but you're itching to skate? You can just say "not...
the cost of e skateboards

How Much Should I Spend on an Electric Skateboard?

The answer here depends on a variety of aspects, so let’s list them out before giving you a good estimate...
Price of E Skateboards

How Much is an Electric Skateboard?

The cost of an electric longboard can vary greatly, depending on many factors. Ideally, the average electric skateboard will cost...
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Girl Riding an Eskte

Attention to Using Electric Skateboards on Rainy Days

Electric Long boards are equipped with precision parts, so they are basically...
Eskate for Short Travel

Attentions of Taking Electric Skateboards by Airplane

Because of such inventions and discoveries, skateboarding used to be called "sidewalk...
Electric Skateboard Riding Tips

Precautions of Using Electric Skateboards in Different Terrains

The world of skateboarding has changed dramatically in the past decade or...
Veymax Skateboard Riding

When Riding an Electric Skateboard on Urban Roads You Should...

In general, busy and congested urban roads are not suitable for using...
Why an Motorized Skateboard

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Skateboard

Longboards and skateboards are popular with kids. You may not be able...
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