Veymax Carbon Electric Surfboard Raven 2

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Electric Surf Board

Raven 2

Powerful Motor

Powerful Motor

(3 Seconds to Reach Top Speed)

Carbon fiber body

Carbon fiber body

(high-strength and impact-resistant while still being lightweight)

Intuitive Control

Intuitive Control

(The ergonomic handheld)

Advanced lithium-ion battery

Advanced lithium-ion battery

(90 mins of fun)

Electric Skateboard Design

Efficient Fluid Design

The Veymax Raven 2 has the lowest buoyancy of all the Veymax Boards. This means that it's a lot easier to push down into the water when carving, giving way for the carving rails to do their job.

Fully upgraded Motorized Surfboard

Fully upgraded

More powerful jet power up to 20KW
Accelerate to peak in three seconds
Acceleration No Lag
Three gear speed adjustable
The speed can be switched at will to protect the speed of novices
The channel design of the Veymax Raven 2 provides a stronger construction. In addition, there are strategically placed indentations to make it even more rigid and robust.
E Surfboard Streamlined body

Streamlined body

The Veymax Raven 2 has a channel-shaped hull that creates protruding rails (carving rails) on the edges. These rails give amazing stability and grip in deep carves.

Veymax Electric Skateboard expect

What to expect

Carbon brazing dimensional aviation material body build
Waterproof design
Prevent damage to the remote control handle caused by water ingress 1
Three seconds to replace the battery
4 kWh large battery capacity can last for one hour
Battery chip protection system
Automatic power off. Double protection system
high-quality Motorized Surfboards

Agility for quick turns

The Veymax Raven 2 is for riders who enjoy cruising and racing. The narrow tail combined with the dynamic rocker, and a new weight balance allows sharp turns and carving with superior stability.