Veymax Carbon Electric Surfboard Jetboard Skyline

All-purpose board made for beginners and pros alike
Ideal for any water and riding conditions
Designed with layers of glass and carbon fiber for a high-end feel

Sale price$8,799.00
Version: Skyline electric surfboard
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Solidly Built

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Power Display Function


Auxiliary Handle


Waterproof Battery


Safety Magnetic Switch


Foot Binding




Added side fins for more stable handling

Smooth and Stable - The Skyline is built to provide a smooth and stable ride, thanks to its streamlined design and advanced stabilizing technology. Like an motorized skateboard, The board's low center of gravity and enhanced balance control ensure that riders can maintain stability even in challenging conditions.

Battery capacity 80AH,lasting 90 minutes

Efficient and Sustainable - The Skyline is powered by an advanced electric motor and battery system, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly option for surfers. The board's high-efficiency motor delivers powerful performance while reducing noise and emissions, making it a responsible choice for riders who care about the environment.

Responsive and Agile

The Skyline is highly responsive and agile, making it perfect for riders who want to perform tricks and maneuvers. With its high-speed motor and precise control system, the Skyline can quickly accelerate and turn, allowing riders to explore the water in new and exciting ways.