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I believe that in recent years, on the urban roads with sound urban planning, there are many young people who use skateboards instead of transportation. Compared with shared bicycles, skateboards have the advantages of being more private, more convenient, no need to look for them, clearer about the quality, and easier to carry.

Of course, the way of electric skateboards is a test of our own proficiency in this tool. Compared with shared bicycles, it is more difficult to get started, and the risk factor is also greater. So today, I would like to explain to my friends who are planning to buy best electric skateboards for transportation. If you really plan to use skateboards for transportation, what kind of operating skills do you have at least to be able to go on the road.

If you use an Electric Skateboard as a means of transportation, the most basic thing is to use it on the sidewalk or on a relatively wide bicycle lane. In fact, the bicycle lanes are not very safe, because the steering of electric skateboards will be more erratic. This requires our skaters to have skilled turning skills first. Facing some roads that are not particularly straight, the skill of being able to slightly deflect turns in one's own lane field is very necessary. At the same time, the speed of taxiing must be under the condition that you can control it, which is a relatively safe situation.

Then we have some relatively large curves. If you use a skateboard instead of a motor vehicle or a bicycle, you can turn directly with a steering wheel. Coupled with the inertial push with speed, we must also master the skills of maintaining body balance. Or some advanced skills, such as swinging. The swinging skills of ordinary skateboards can play the role of braking and sharp turns in many cases.

The prerequisite for electric skateboard transportation is definitely not only to know how to turn. There are still many things to understand, such as traffic regulations, and how to use skateboards correctly if there is no flat road. They also need to be taken into consideration, so skateboards are used for short distances and the road conditions are determined. Under certain circumstances, there is still a greater advantage than shared bicycles, and vice versa, everyone has to judge by themselves.

Are electric skateboards good for commuting?

For most workers, the quality of the morning commute has a significant impact on overall well-being. With the best e-skateboards, you can shuttle back and forth on your way to work, carving hills and having fun. It's no secret that commuting is one of the dreaded parts of the workday. The obvious benefit of skateboard commuting can greatly increase your job satisfaction and happiness.

Unlike other motor vehicles, electric skateboards aren’t as easily stopped by traffic on the roads. Some boards on the market today can reach incredible speeds of 25 miles per hour or more. Especially if you live in a city with a lot of commuters. With a versatile, maneuverable skateboard, you may be able to fly without a care in the heavy traffic. For many riders, that means a little extra sleep in the morning. For others, it dosen't need to take the guesswork of daily traffic anymore. In any case, a solid electric skateboard in the hands of a competent rider can make commutes more durable and easier.

One oft-underestimated benefit of electric skateboarding is that it can help you expand your circle and make new friends. Electric skateboarders are bonded by a common passion. And perhaps even more important to your work environment, commuting on an electric skateboard is a great conversation starter.

The vast amount of gasoline consumed by most motor vehicles. The burning of fossil fuels is gradually releasing more and more CO2 into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change and environmental damage. These problems persist even if you just use public transport. However, electric skateboards can help reduce fossil fuel consumption.

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