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What to Wear When Skateboarding


When it comes to clothing requirements, skateboarding is notably more relaxed than other forms of sports. This sport grants you the freedom to choose apparel based on your personal preference and style rather than strict regulations and uniformity.

Though the sport is primarily physical—cruising down the streets and performing those jaw-dropping tricks at skateparks— a more comfortable and durable outfit seems like a good choice.

And.. who doesn’t love easy functionality, proper protection, and freedom of movement while riding? Well, the right type of clothing does that. Not only will it make you perform at your best, but it will also help you stay confident and look stylish as you ride. 

Here's a rundown of the must-have items for your skate wardrobe – some gears and other bits that are as crucial as your deck when it comes to getting the most from your electric skateboard session.

Skateboarding Essentials: What & Why to Gear Up For the Ride! 

Over the years, skateboarding has embarked on the evolving journey from a mere niche sports activity all the way to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. What’s being perceived as a skill limited to experts and professionals has now embedded into rebellious subcultures transcending all ages, genders, and backgrounds. 

Amidst these adrenaline-fueled tricks and gravity-defying stunts, one thing often gets overlooked: What to wear. In the path of electric skateboarding, the importance of attire isn’t just about reflecting your sense of fashion but more than providing a source of protection, comfort, and, above all, safety. 

Imagine you cruising down the street with a rush of excitement in your veins and a wind blowing your hair. Suddenly, you hit a pebble and before you even know it, you just fall off the ground. 

It’s moments like this where the right kind of outfit plays its crucial role because electric skateboards are inherently risky, with spills and falls being an unavoidable part of the experience.

When choosing attire, the first significant thing is comfort. Whether you’re out there doing kickflips or shredding ramps at the skateparks, some baggy pants, a loose-fitted shirt, and comfortable sneakers become staples of skate style, providing you with the freedom and agility you need to execute the tasks.

That being said, Durability is another major essential. As Skateboarding can put your clothing to rigorous tests, it's imperative to choose high-quality and durable gear that can meet the demands of the sport. Sturdy fabrics, reinforced stitching, and abrasion-resistant materials are essential features to look at while you choose to be on the deck.

Then, obviously comes the shoes in the list with grippy soles and ample ankle support that further enhance your performance and moveability.

Lastly, and above all, is the safety that should never be compromised. No doubt, electric skateboarding is exhilarating, but the potential for injury is hiding around every corner. That calls for the assured need to be equipped with protective gear–helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards– so you can push every limit on the electric skateboard wheels without any hassle.

List of Clothing Choices While Skateboarding

When it comes to choosing clothes for your skateboards, the choices are as diverse as the skaters themselves. From classic baggy jeans and comfortable shoes to helmets on your head and some protective guards surrounding your knees and wrists, nothing can stop you from craving your own path of adventure.

A good rule of thumb is anything that provides you comfort and flexibility will work. If you've just gotten started, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

1. Top Clothing for Skateboarding

When it’s about landing tricks, every detail matters–even what you wear on your body. Something that offers comfort, flexibility, and style is the secret to unlocking the full potential of the motorized skateboard.

Loose-fitted T-shirts and tank tops made of breathable materials like cotton and blends are staples that allow for maximum movement while at the same time it keeps you cool when things heat up.

Long-sleeved shirts serve as added protection against scrapes and abrasion and become your cozy friend during extremely cold temperatures or when you’re landing more advanced tricks.

Aside from the practicality, graphic tees with images of your favorite sportsman or brand are an effective way to show your style of individuality while embracing the unique sense of fashion.

2. Suitable Bottom Apparel For Skateboarding

This section opens you up with some good, simple options. A pair of loose-fitting, comfortable pants that allow you to move your legs freely to pull those sick maneuvers will go a long way. 

Comfort is the key here–because the restrictive and uncomfortable ones can likely make for a bad and frustrating skate session.

So whether you go for your shorts or pants, pick something loose enough to allow free movement but not so loose that they fall down, or get in the way. Remember, skateboarding can be rough on your clothes, so prioritize durability with materials like denim or sturdy cotton to withstand the inevitable falls and scrapes.


3. Appropriate Set of Footwear

The part of your electric skateboard outfit that enhances the overall experience is primarily your skate shoes, which provide superior grip on the board. Unlike regular sneakers, these are specifically designed to be tailored to the rigorous needs of this activity.

So, investing in appropriate footwear means you’re ready to perform quality and comfortable footwork. Also, it’s another way of protecting the feet from potential injury.

While you go out to shop for them, consider these main areas as your point of focus. 

  • For the part of the sole, opt for the flat ones that offer you maximum contact with the board. This flat profile sole provides more stability and control; hence, you enjoy precise foot movements as you go. 
  • If you’re into high-impact skating style or technical skating, Go for a cupsole shoe as your shoe option because it has a more intuitive fit and additional cushioning, especially at the heel, resulting in enhanced impact protection and stability. 
  • For the exteriors, always look for quality suede or leather, with reinforced areas in high-wear areas, such as the toe cap and ollie area, to withstand the rigors of skateboarding. These are the two materials best preferred by most skateboarders because of their classic look and durability. 
  • If you need to travel long-haul sessions with your electric skateboards, check if your shoes have ample cushioning in the collar and tongue to provide comfort and support during the play.
  • Lastly, your footwear needs to be as unrestrictive as your top and bottom clothes. They have to be flexible to your feet’ movements so that your ankles experience little to no sprain. Also, having a pair of elastic skating sneakers may improve the pair’s life. 

4. Protective Gear

The items listed in this section are more protective rather than highlighting the aesthetic appeal. So, Let’s get into these skateboarding attire additions. 


The role of helmets in skateboarding is one non-negotiable element of skateboarding safety, especially when falls and collisions are common occurrences. Having it on isn’t about you following the rules but defines your commitment to protecting your most important part, your brain, from life-altering injuries. 

You may avoid its full-face variant, but be sure it's protecting the back of your head. With a helmet on, you’re protected from possible collisions with other riders or objects and from potential falls that could cause head or face injuries. In addition, it helps you stay safe without obscuring your vision or spoiling the fun.

 Knee and Elbow Pads

Among other gear lists, your knee and elbow pads are your major skateboarding bodyguards, protecting you from scrapes, bruises, and injuries when you take the tumble. They act as a protective barrier against hard surfaces and vulnerable joints, absorbing all impacts and minimizes the chance of cuts, abrasions, and fractures. 

While you pick out these pads, make sure they’re comfy enough to wear all day and effective enough to keep you safe on the tracks. Look for ones with tough outer shells and cushioning interiors to give the best of comfort and protection. 

And don’t forget to adjust those straps for a better fit so they won’t ruin your style. With all these in place, you can carve every path with confidence, knowing your most delicate parts are all covered, literally.

 Wrist Guards

Considering the nature of the sport, it’s no surprise that wrist injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence in skateboarding. When you cruise on the board, putting your hands to break the fall is such a natural behavior, but this could cause you sprains, fractures, and even worse. 

In an effort to prevent this painful mishap, wrist guards are your best friend. This gear offers essential protection and shields your wrists from the brunt of a fall. Before you put them on, ensure they’ve sturdy and flexible construction and provide ample support.  

Additional Considerations


Another very crucial aspect of skateboarding safety is avoiding loose, dangling accessories such as your lanyards, necklaces, and loose belts, which can pose some serious risks. These seemingly harmless adornments can turn into a real-time hazard on your board in no time.

Imagine if your necklace catches the edge of the electric longboard, and in an instant, you just throw off the balance and get into a painful fall or severe injuries. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare scenario?

With that said, your long dangling accessories can easily get tangled into the wheels and trucks of your big wheel electric skateboards, posing a significant threat to safety and distracting you from maintaining concentration and focus, further increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Sun Protection

Skateboarding is all about exposing yourself outdoors to harmful UV rays for an extended period of time. When hitting your electric skateboards on a sunny day, sun protection becomes another essential gear to consider.

Wear Sunscreens and sunglasses as they’re vital in reducing the risk of long-term skin damage and skin cancer. Moreover, sunglasses help you maintain clear vision during the ride as well as prevent your eye from severe eye strain.

Adapting to Weather Conditions

The clothing choice for an electric skateboarder mainly relies on the circumstances in which the sport is being performed. The change in weather conditions is one impacting factor that asks you to dress up in a way that ensures maximum comfort, mobility, and protection against the elements. 

  • If the weather is hot out, your choice of clothing should lean towards lighter-weight fabrics that will help you stay cool. Make sure they’re made of breathable fabrics such as cotton and polyester to help you stay fresh and relaxed during the session.


  • If you find the weather too cold, layering is key to staying warm while maintaining the flow of the ride. Choose layers that will keep you warm without making you too bulky to skate comfortably. Begin with a moisture-absorbing base layer followed by fleece and skateboard hoodie to trap the heat. If needed, put on another layer to shield against harsh elements. Thermal leggings, beanies, and scarves can also help you stay safe against those cold temperatures.


While stepping on the eskateboard, especially for those night owl riders or those cruising in the evening, visibility becomes absolutely paramount. The type of clothing you choose to wear in such situations can greatly impact your visibility and, therefore, your safety. 

Here are some electrifying tips to make sure you’re seen and safe out there. 

Wear Bright-Colored Clothing

Take out those bright-colored clothes from your wardrobe that stand out against the darkness. Something like neon color, fluorescent green that pops and helps you maintain your visibility to motorists and pedestrians alike.

Glow Up With Reflective Gear

Invest in clothing or accessories that can let you shine like a diamond and won't make you blend in. From jackets with reflective strips to shoes that light up the pavement, ensure you're catching those headlights and turning heads.


Illuminate Your Board

Turn your board into a rolling light show by adding some LED lights or reflective tape on your skateboard for that extra dose of style and visibility. This will make your board look cool and help nearby riders feel your existence. 

Veymax electric skateboards with six modes illuminated features offer an electrifying experience, ensuring each rider stands out and feels safe even in low-light conditions, setting a whole new standard for night-time eskating adventures. 

Roll With Your Crew

Everything feels so amazing with your friends. Right? Skateboarding on a Roadster with your friends aside not only amps up the fun factor but also boosts safety. What’s better than a night with a squad of skaters illuminating the streets with Roadster longboard?  

Safety and Style Go Hand in Hand With Veymax Electric Skateboard

Skateboarding comes with its fair share of risks, especially when it’s about maintaining the balance.  It’s all too easy to knock over or find yourself nursing some bruises or, in a worst-case scenario, paying a visit to the hospital room.  And let’s not forget the potential danger of colliding with the car or severe head injuries. 

Such worse circumstances call for thoughtful safety precautions in the form of protective gear so your fun skateboarding activity will not be ruined—especially for beginners and kids who may be more susceptible to harm. 

Keeping this safety aspect in mind, Veymax encourages skaters to gear up with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards that not only protect but also complement their style. Its high-quality electric skateboards with a remote ensure that every skateboarding adventure ends with a smile, not a frown. 

The electric skateboard lights features in Cejour further enhance your safety and illuminate the streets with a dazzling array of lighting options, adding both to the style and the visibility, no matter whether it's a nighttime or daytime cruising of your choice.

Choose Veymax for Your Skateboarding Needs

Alongside the right kind of clothing that helps you keep the maximum flow of the ride, getting your hands on the best electric skateboard actually completes the equation.

Explore our exclusive range of electric skateboards to find your perfect match. Whether you’re cruising the city streets or performing tricks at the skatepark, Veymax offers the ideal motorized skateboard to enhance your ride. So, let's find out what we’ve.

1. Roadster X4 Electric Skateboard

Our best-seller, Roadster X4, is a pinnacle of modern technology and exhilarating adventure. This motorized longboard that’s engineered for skill seekers and urban commuters combines the traditional skateboarding experience with the power of electric technology.

From its design perspective, it offers a sleek, aerodynamic structure that’s well-suited for optimal performance and style. The durability is fabulous, ensuring excellent maneuverability while withstanding the rigors of everyday use.

Equipped with a 550W dual Hub motor and 288Wh battery capacity, it offers you a ride like no other. With a simple push of a button on a remote control, you can effortlessly reach an accelerated speed of 46KMH.

Say goodbye to the hassle of pushing your boards through crazy paths and terrains because Roadster X4 does all the work for you, So just maintain your focus on the road and have a fun ride!

2. Merlin Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

For all passionate riders who want nothing but the best, our premium standard Merlin Electric Skateboard is meticulously crafted for those. It redefines the standard of quality performance, innovation, and style. 

From its sleek and sophisticated design to cutting-edge battery technology, every aspect of it exudes perfection. The durable built material and precision engineering boasts a level of craftsmanship that just makes you say Wow! 

Technically speaking, the 345Wh 8Ah battery capacity can cover the 22-mile range and maintain a 48KMH top speed, which is quite impressive. 

Aside from the luxury appeal, this model features six modes of illumination so nighttime riders can reach the full potential of this adventure like no other. 

3. Anchoret Carbon All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Here comes our ultimate adventure champion that’s built for experts and professional thrill seekers, boasting a rugged board to conquer every terrain with ease, from city streets to off-road rails. 

With the reinforced frame and all-terrain wheels, this model offers unmatched traction and stability, giving you the experience of rolling over any surface like a pro. 

The 3500W powerful motor delivers unstoppable performance, allowing you to tackle hills, gravel roads, and dirt paths with confidence. What’s more impressive is that the adjustable speed setting and responsive control let you customize it the way you want, enhancing your overall experience.

Skateboard Clothing FAQs

  1. What Should You Wear When Skating In The Rain?

Skateboarding in the rain can often be uncomfortable unless you prepare yourself with the right protective gear. This may include waterproof clothing or a water-resistant jacket that repels all those water coming in.  Also, closed-toe shoes, dry bags, eye protection, gloves, and layered clothing, especially those that won't restrict your movement, all these can really help your skateboarding activity turn into fun during the rain.

  1. Is It Better To Skate In Pants or Shorts?

There’s no definitive answer to what one should wear between the two. It depends on how the rider likes it to be and the circumstances in which the skateboarding is performed. Pants give you the advantage of protecting you from bruises and scratches, while shorts ensure easy manoeuvrability.

Shorts provide sufficient flexibility on your legs, and the rider gets to play well in the skatepark and bowls. On the other hand, pants in chinos and denim guarantee you durable bottom apparel.


Performing all those stunts and landing on tricks is so amazing to the sight but it’s totally not worth it sacrificing your own well-being in the process.

Trust us, safety and comfort are two major concerns, and your choice of clothing can help you stay on this safety track. From your protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow and wrist guards to clothing that’s flexible, comfortable, and yet durable, every piece plays a crucial role in performance and protection.

Also, Dressing appropriately for skateboarding enhances both your safety and your enjoyment of the sport.     Remember to prioritize protective gear along with comfortable and functional attire. For those looking to elevate their skateboarding experience, Veymax provides top-quality skateboards that promise performance and style. So, Ride with confidence, Ride with Veymax.

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