Why Cheap Electric Skateboards Are Not Recommended to Buy?

Veymax Electric Skateboard

Would you recommend electric skateboards to your friends? Are the skateboards you are going to recommend expensive or cheap and cost-effective? Now, Electric Skate boards are expensive. Even if you buy the cheap version directly from overseas, the latest model will run you around $400.

The market price of a regular domestic sales model with acceptable performance is around US$800, and as of February 2023, even the most cost-effective Electric Skateboard is around US$750. Considering how hard it is to drive on public roads in some US cities, I think it took a lot of guts to buy it in the first place.

On the other hand, if you do a bit of searching online, you'll find plenty of Eskates for around $180.

It is estimated that many people choose these cheap E-Skateboards, thinking in their hearts "I won't speed anyway" or "it's okay to buy a cheaper Motorized Skate board for the first time".

But these cheap E-Longboards are really not recommended.

Why can't I recommend cheap Electric Skate boards?

Here are three reasons why our shop recommends avoiding cheap Motorized Long boards.

1. Bad Specification

2. Single Drive

3. Low Security

On the contrary, if the above problems do not exist, and it is still very cheap, I recommend you to buy it. However in fact...

1. Bad Specification

How fast do you think a normal non-Electric Longboard can go? Even a small cruiser like the Penny can hit 15km/h with ease once you learn how to skateboard and get really good at it. If the road conditions are good, for example, there is no heavy traffic, nor is it a rough mountain road, riding an E-Skate board on such a road is as easy as running water. With a little more effort, the speed can exceed 20 km/h, and if there is a slope, you can go further.

Taking this as a premise, cheap Motorized Skateboards are obviously unsatisfactory. Whether it is 15km/h or 20km/h top speed, at least in cruising, I think this is hardly an advantage in the Veymax Skateboard market.

Electric Skateboards, on the other hand, are not good for stunts because they have batteries and motors, so they are heavy.

When the speed of the skateboard exceeds 30km/h, the difference can be clearly seen. The difference is probably the same as the difference between ordinary skateboards and Motorized Skate boards.

2. Single Drive

Almost all cheap E-Skateboards use a single drive with only one motor.

The single-drive Electric Long board uses a motor to drive the left rear wheel or the right rear wheel to apply power to the skateboard. The advantage of a single drive is to effectively reduce the cost and weight of the skateboard. However, almost all high-spec Motorized Longboards use dual drive, that is, use two motors. Different from single drive, both rear wheels of dual drive Veymax Skate boards are driven by electric motors.

The high-standard Electric Skateboard with dual drives has great advantages in stability when driving in a straight line and turning, which is incomparable with a single drive. The single-drive Eskate only drives the left wheel or the right wheel, and it is inevitable that there will be a steering difference when turning.

For example, if only the right rear wheel is driven by a motor, when you want to turn while accelerating, you will find that it is easy to turn left, but it is more difficult to turn right. In addition, acceleration and deceleration are controlled by only one wheel, and its straight-line stability is much inferior to that of dual-drive E-Skateboards. And the dual-drive Motorized Veymaxboard has better braking ability. If you are a big person and want to stop faster, especially when riding at high speeds, it is very important to be able to brake in time.

3. Low Security

This is the biggest reason why I don't recommend cheap Motorized Longboards. The reason why even low-speed driving can cause safety problems is nothing more than poor handling and driving stability.

First of all, for beginners of Electric Skate boards, we recommend you to use long boards. A longer deck means a longer wheelbase for added straight-line stability, while the wide-wheelbase stance makes body balance easier. Additionally, electric longboards are more flexible than shortboards, even with batteries installed. However, most cheap Motorized Long boards are short boards. Up to 10km/h or so is fine, but beyond that, it takes some getting used to to maintain balance. Therefore, short-board Electric Longboards are only suitable for professional players who pursue excitement.

In addition, there is a time lag between remote control operation and acceleration and deceleration of some E-Skate boards, or the effect of acceleration and braking is too sudden, and it is difficult to ride even if the top speed is only 10km/h. Coupled with the poor balance caused by the single drive, people who can control these skateboards still find it difficult to use, let alone novices who are not familiar with Motorized Skateboards.

On the other hand, a high spec Veymax Long board is surprisingly stable and very smooth even when riding at 40km/h. Therefore, it should be noted that the Electric Skate board with a top speed of 20km/h is completely different from the one with a top speed of more than 40km/h when sliding at a speed of 20km/h.

Who is the cheap Motorized Skateboard recommended for?

For the above reasons, I would not choose a cheap Electric Long board, but depending on the needs of different people, it may be recommended. It is especially recommended for people who:

1. Don’t have an Motorized Longboard, and just want to buy one and try it out

2. Want a particularly lightweight tool for short commutes

3. Just want to enjoy Electric Skate boards at the skate park

But so far, Electric Skateboards under $200 are basically not recommended. I also can't recommend it at all because the risk of buying or selling is very high. However, if you are "not pursuing high quality and high experience", buying a cheap Eskate is also a good choice.

As a gift or children's toy

Well, for novices and children, it is recommended to buy an E-Skateboard with excellent operability, linear acceleration and deceleration, and better quality...

Even cheap Motorized Long boards have an advantage over high-spec E-Longboards, and that is light weight. So if portability is your number one priority when buying an Electric Skate board, low-spec cheap Motorized Longboards are well worth considering. So if you're considering cheap Electric Skateboards, choose carefully.

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