How E-Skateboards Can Be Your Alternative Urban Transport

Transport Electric Skateboards

Traffic jams, parking hassles—going from point A to point B in a city can be exhausting. Veymax believes buying a skateboard can make city travel easier and more fun.

We're not talking about normal skateboards. We bring you a wide range of electric skateboards.

Yes! With electric skateboards, endless rides are possible without the physical exertion. It can be used by tourists, commuters and anyone looking for a little fun.

Feel free to bring it to your classroom, office and on the bus. With an electric car weighing 28kg/61lbs, you'll change the way you think about cars.

So what is so magical about electric skateboards?

They are really fast. A top speed of 29Mph might not sound fast to a car driver, but it's plenty thrilling for a Electric Skateboard. It helps to complete household chores quickly.

In addition to being fast, electric skateboards are also a lot of fun. Enjoy a pleasant ride with your friends to the local park or museum without getting stuck in maddening traffic.

They give you a feeling like you are flying (very low). When you're walking around on a board, you're usually looking forward - meaning you can't see your feet. It's akin to sliding five inches off the sidewalk.

They are not bulky. You can meet a friend somewhere and put you in the trunk and drive somewhere else.

They are easy to control. With each electric skateboard, you receive a wireless remote control for acceleration and regenerative braking.

They are super easy to ride, even if you've never skateboarded before. In fact, electric skateboards are much easier than regular skateboards because both of your feet are on the deck.

Some of the brightest engineers at Veymax are solving the constant congestion and overgrowth that invades urban traffic. We provide remedies for population growth, car accidents, road repairs and other factors by launching an exciting range of electric skateboards to fit your needs and budget.

Walking or biking may reduce traffic and parking hassles, but it also creates other problems. No one wants to be up an hour early to walk or break a sweat before an eight-hour workday. Buying a skateboard on our online site is as easy as riding one. You can also buy skateboard parts online.

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