Now Shipping: Veymax X3 - Your First Choice for Personal Mobility!

New Launch of Veymax Board

Beginning today, Veymax is shipping the world-class electric skateboards to pre-order customers in the United States, and new orders will be filled immediately.

Our new Veymax X3 ($599) and Veymax X3 PRO ($659) e-boards are now shipping in the United States in two different decks:

X3: 8 ply Canadian maple + 1 ply fiberglass.
X3 PRO: 2 ply bamboo + 2 ply Canadian maple + 2 ply fiberglass.

Veymax Skateboard heralds a new era for commuters who simply want an ultra-lightweight, portable electric board built to the highest standards with superior design and durability as a prerequisite. Let our buyers realize the incredible benefits that owning a Veymax Board X3 can offer them in solving "The Last Mile".

One of the key highlights of Veymax board X3 is its focus on performance. With powerful motors and state-of-the-art battery technology, riders can experience electrifying speed and power that surpasses traditional skateboarding. The electric skateboard packs a punch, allowing riders to effortlessly reach their destination faster while enjoying a smoother ride. Say goodbye to sweaty and tiring rides and enjoy the comfort and thrill offered by the new creation from Veymax.

Safety is of the utmost importance to Veymax's customers, and our new electric skateboard has advanced features that ensure riders can enjoy their experience without compromising their safety. Equipped with reliable braking systems and improved stability, riders can hit the town without worry. Veymax cares about the safety of its customers and wants to make electric skateboarding a safe and enjoyable activity for everyone.

Designed with extreme precision and cutting-edge technology, the new electric skateboard promises to take riders to new heights of exhilaration. Whether you are an experienced skater or a beginner looking to try out a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation, Veymax has it all for you.

To celebrate this occasion, Veymax is offering a special promotion for the new product. Starting from July, you can take advantage of the special discount and save $100 when ordering X3 or X3 PRO.

New Launch of Veymax X3

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